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4% Unemployment Rate for College Graduates

Okay, you don’t believe this????  This is the latest unemployment figure from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

96% Employment of College Grads

Read it yourself in the August 29th issue of Barron’s (page 5).  For those with only a high school education but no graduation,  it is 14%.    How well do these statistics cover the stopped looking, under employed, working two jobs?  Those figure bring the numbers up some more.

Let’s just look at that 4% figure.  What if you who are now unemployed with a college degree decide to focus on the fact that 96% of you are working?  Does this create an attitude shift?  It can.  It is all in the eyes of the beholder.  I am not saying you are in the perfect job or having the best experience through your working environment.  You are, however, if you are working, in the flow.  The $8.50/hour job can bring you to the $20/hour job to the $100/hour job.  It is all about perspective.  Stop looking for perfection, take the job, do the best you can, get along with people and live beneath your means for the time being.  Everything is subject to change.

Short Sale to a longer life

I have several clients who have short sold their homes, are regrouping themselves, ruining their credit for a few years and have a 3 year plan to turn things around.  Is it easy, definitely not, but is it efficient and necessary, probably so.    I have heard of another person in the Bay area of No. California whose retail business deteriorated.  He was forced to sell their castle mansion in a short sale.  They did and very shortly thereafter was able to purchase in a wealthy enclave in the Silicon Valley area a lovely foreclosed townhouse.  Downsizing is relative.   Because the new area has better schools, the children are as happy as clams in  tight shells.


The month we just passed through, August, was just a bear of a month.  It pretty much drained people.  Things have moved ahead this week and should continue to chug along during the next few weeks.  It is as if the hurricane blew and washed away lots of negativity.  Mother Earth does clean get rid of the negativity here by fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis.

Negativity comes in so many forms but there is a simple way for you to get rid of much of it.  Manage yourself.  You cannot manage much else.  Stop listening to scary, nutty broadcasts–Kramer, Russ, Hannity, Chris, and the rest of mainstream talking heads.  They don’t know but they do get paid by being loud, repetitive and sensational.  On a personal level become more organized, efficient and economical.  This drumbeat of Organized, Efficient and Economical is Essential over the next 3 years.  Essential.

Stay Focused

Regarding all the presidential hoopla, stay above the theater as you focus on your own employment and plan.  Leave the candidates to their performances.  At this point all of it is pandering.  The Republicans will duke it out and forget who they work for, the democrats will try to hang on to what they think is their base.  We’ll get more serious about it in January.

In the meantime, manage the anxiety and fear.  You will eventually be put into a position to influence the government but it is not your first priority.  Now is the time to really  get your own plan together for a new identity in line with your new circumstances.  You can do it.  Do not allow yourself to be diverted from your good by the negativity of the news.  Did you know that Tiffany’s is having an excellent year and its revenue and earnings jumped more than 30% in its quarter ending July 31st?  How about the hotel industry?  The hotel industry booked more hotel rooms in June and July than in any other time.  There is a limited supply of new hotel rooms entering the market and the folks staying at the hotels are generally college-educated–higher employed customers.

If a door or doors have closed to you, find other doors, perhaps in other towns or countries.  Think outside the box and be brave, courageous and young at heart.  Lower your resistance to starting over and get rid of the people, places, jobs, clothes, hairstyles and handbags that promote lack, scarcity, poor, incompetency and just look bad.

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