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2019 Forward Look–A Number 3 Universal Year

What does a Universal Year mean?  It is simply the current year, 2019, reduced to the single digit by adding Individuals-Actionthe numbers together.  We are, therefore, in a number 3 universal year.  Goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019.  I do hope you have created some goals or plans for yourself.  Nothing that is too hard or ridiculous to achieve.  It can be helpful to write out a plan for the next 90 days.  Things work naturally in 3’s.

We can look forward to this universal year as a culmination of the last two years.  2017 was a number one universal year and 2018 was a number two universal year.  They unite in the universal three year.  We will, therefore, see the results of all the noise and clamor of the last two years.  Many things will come to a head.  It is as if the sperm (the one year) united with the egg (the two year) and created their offspring–the three year.

Things have been brewing and stewing over the last 24 months.  We will see the results of the Mueller investigation, the world contraction of the financial and economic sectors, the backlash of income inequality, the beginning of the crackdown on internet sharing of personal information, the larger rise in women’s power and many other programs and societal changes that began 24 months ago.  What also came to pass is more and more awareness of the monopolies and lack of competition in the corporate world and their markets.  I don’t think it will switch over to the rights of the individual before 2021, but it is getting ready.  The changes in sentencing of Federal prisoners is one of the items hatched during the last two years.  Pay attention to news feeds regarding greater awareness of police injustice.  The MeToo Movement and Black Lives Matter came into being over the last two years.  Watch these morph into more substantial justice movements.

Certainly the “blue wave” of getting the House into Democratic hands is the results of the last two years’ lack of check on the executive branch.  You can think of many other societal changes that have happened as a result of the combination of 2017 and 2018.  2019 is the year you reap what you have sowed over the last two years.  What seeds have been sown during these two years?  Up they come for better or worse to be cut down or fertilized for greater growth.  There has been much tribalism, lies and a lack of civility in day to day living.  We may have been tribal two years ago but we have taken it to the max in the last 24 months.

The year will begin with a “full steam ahead” attitude with sails unfurled, banners whipping in the wind.  But, March 5th begins the seas of change.  April is a set up month for years ahead of some very big changes.  I would say then that April begins the season of necessary changes to the global system.  You can almost see the wagons circling now.  Tariffs, environmental problems, climate changes, trade wars, food deserts, people on the move world wide to save their lives, populist governments, nationalist movements and leaders out of touch with their citizens.

The well-known geopolitical expert, George Friedman, writes that “The global system that many fear is dying is already dead.  The new one is yet to emerge.”  He also writes that we are in the “Decade of Fear” and that we cycle between complacency and fear.  When fear comes, we magnify the threat.  He asks “what has happened to us.  There is a sense that something has gone wrong with the world, with our nations, with our friends and even with ourselves.”

There are some major transits coming up ahead and these have not been experienced since 5073 BC or around the time Mesopotamia was settled.  It’s big and about to get bigger.  I have learned, though, that people generally don’t realize they are in the simmering pot as they have been in it for so long.  The signs and symbols are there.   I call it the birds before land syndrome.  If you are in the fog on your lost ship and birds land on your deck, you should probably assume land is not that far away.

The number three on its own, is a very creative number.  We like to think of the 30’s as an art deco period.  Yes, it was the start of the Great Depression, but it also had unique buildings, art and beauty.  It is a good year for the creative industries.  It is also a turning point year for the farm and land movements.  We will begin a 7 year period of how we grow our food and how we take care of the land.  This is just the beginning of the farming movement so do not expect overnight success.  It will evolve over the next seven years.

I could go out on a limb and throw out a what-if.  What if, the culmination of the last two years was a change in the Trump administration itself?  Will it go out during this period?  I have never been one for impeachment but strange and odd things can occur to complete his term ahead of schedule.  Three years just keep creating so we may not see outcomes of some of these areas until later in the year.  It definitely will be a culmination of many areas including some of the hubris.

I will keep you posted and up date you to the off spring of the last two years.  Be wise versus being smart and listen more than talk.  Pay attention to the evidence.  Evidence will eventually overcome “fake news”.  We are in a time that has similarities to 2007.  Do not get distracted by silly stuff such as who wore what or crazy tweets.  Pay attention to the evidence.  Distraction is seductive and we can easily be seduced.  The real bottom line on North Korea is they will not give up their nukes unless we make some change to our number of nukes no matter how many tweets, visits etc. occur.  The stock markets are reacting to several conditions and you need to ask yourself how much cash you need now and in the near future and whether you have the fortitude and knowledge to be trading what you own in the markets.  Be wise and look out for yourself.

Think of what you personally started two years ago and what you have reaped from the work.  What do you need to do now?  More updates to follow.

Remember, this is theater.  Never mistake it for the real world!




8 responses to “2019 Forward Look–A Number 3 Universal Year”

  1. Bev Back says:

    Gail: I attended one of your two classes here in Saddlebrooke, AZ. I wish I had more info to draw on, but am puzzled by the #3 which comes from 2019. Your answer tmo that might open some insight that I remembered from the class and help me understand some of the other numbers. I so hope you come back to AZ soon. I am very interested in your reports — you give me great comfort:) Thank you:) Bev WB

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Gail, Can you expand on your comments about the emergence in 2019 of growing food and land care and the 7 years ahead?…is there any further reading on this that you would recommend?…thanks for your help with this.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Thanks for writing Kayce. The second half of 2018 was like walking through molasses. We have moved on and things are beginning to change with more improvement around 2021. The 20’s will be very challenged but will bring in eventual turn-arounds.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Bravo to you John. The world’s hair in on fire but understandable as we close out an old way of behaving and thinking. I hope to do a tri-nation visit–Edinburgh, London and Dublin in another year and will be in touch. People are besides themselves so your help is needed more than ever. Much love to you and fellow Irish souls.

  5. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you for reading the post and for sending love. We all need it.

  6. Terry says:

    Thanks Gail! Love you.

  7. john kenny says:

    Delighted to see a covergence in our forecasts. We are opening our 15th room this month at The Healing House in Dublin. Such is the need for counselling at this time. All the best to you and yours Gail ..xx John

  8. Kayce says:

    Wow, these are life-changing statements and I am so happy to hear what you have posted I have been really down lately feeling as though movement is like wearing lead boots. Yes, I have much to appreciate and am grateful for so much but things I have been working on for the past 2 years seem stuck in the mud. I am happy to read that there will be changes, slow or fast does not matter right now just that there will be huge changes is heartening. Gives one hope that everything will not still be stuck in the mud in so many areas. Thank you for your hopeful post. And, yes the reminder that this is not the real world, we can only make changes from what is known as the unreal world of thought and creativity.

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