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Firing Bill O’Reilly and the Fading of the Patriarchy - Apr 25, 2017

None of us should be surprised that Bill O’Reilly has been fired from FOX. From the sounds of it, the Murdoch younger male leadership (James and Lachlan) has taken over more authority in how the news corporation (Murdoch Enterprises) will be run. It isn’t cost effective to have the public threaten to boycott your advertisers. One by one they dropped off the show. The reason is usually a money trail versus ethics. Irregardless, it does demonstrate that something is going on out there in the population that bad behavior against women is increasingly being called out. Roger Ailes from the same FOX enterprise was also let go for similar reasons. Another candidate that falls in the same age bracket and gender is Donald Trump. He has been called out on it but due to the strength of his base, it hasn’t worked against him…yet.

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For Those Who Are Exhausted, Weary or Anxious - Apr 4, 2017

Blessing For One Who Is Exhausted –by John O’Donohue, syndicated from, Jun 02, 2014 When the rhythm of the heart becomes hectic, Time takes on the strain until it breaks; Then all the unattended stress falls in On the mind like an endless, increasing weight, The light in the mind becomes dim. Things you

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