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Chasing the Last Bus at Midnight - Aug 12, 2015

For those of you who have had the experience of chasing after or trying to get to the last bus stop of the evening, this Chasing The Bus should help you reminisce about the experience. It wasn’t fun but the reward of catching it was worth all the effort. Besides, nobody wants to be stranded late at night or have to walk all the way home. You can say today we have Uber or Lyft but for many of us, it was the last bus.

We put lots of effort into running to the bus stop or waving the driver or waiting in the cold. There is a hint of desperation in the effort. One thing is clear, all passion is wrapped around catching the last bus.

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Missing Letters in Your Name-What Does it Mean? - Aug 5, 2015

write and talk about how we put together our blueprint for our lives before we are born. It usually gets a nod of a head or free-numerology-tipsa raised eyebrow. Everything you need to know to help you navigate your new life is spelled out in your name and enclosed within your date of birth. When I speak about the missing letters in the name, the story is told of karmic imbalances, old issues to be dealt with and a group of indicators to help you work with your challenges. Most people don’t know and don’t care until they reach their late 40’s. By then, enough challenges have been experienced, doubts about what they are doing become larger and a general restlessness sets in. There must be something more than this. Many will take up intense exercise routines, leave marriages, get laid off, get

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