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We are Making Progress–It Just looks Dysfunctional - Jun 23, 2014

All religious dogma created and controlled by humans–mainly males–are in their death throes. This period is closing out the old Piscean Age and prepares us for the new Aquarian Age. All religions created during the former are up for exposure and a reality check. From the beginning of the Piscean Age, approximately 2100 years ago, the following religions were created: Rabbinical Judaism, Christianity–all segments, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Mormons etc.–Islam, all phases Shiites, Sunni, Wahhabi, etc. Buddhism–all segments, Zen, Tibetan etc. Religions had a role to play to collect the masses, reduce Gods t

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Hotels versus houses–changing our economic focus - Jun 12, 2014

Whether we realize it or not, and most of us don’t, we are very connected to unseen forces that pull the strings of progress. I am not talking about behind-the-scene government or corporate forces. I am talking about planetary changes that affect life down here on earth. When people think that’s a bit of insanity talking, how about the affects of the sun and the moon on our little planet? Could you possibly include a few other constellations or planets? How about the planet Jupiter? We consider this to be a fortunate planet in mythology and we like to know where it sits in relation to our personal lives. Well, it is about to make a big shift in July, around the 14th to be exact, and it will definitely change the focus of the areas where money can be increased.

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The World’s Yang Energy - Jun 4, 2014

Looking at the current state of the world, you might think it has gone a bit mad. It seems as if there are upheavals everywhere. It is as if the world is a hammer and everything looks like a nail. It doesn’t seem that long ago that life was, perhaps, more forgiving. We had less polarization in societies–or so it seemed. It seemed that there was less fighting and dog-eat-dog behavior. Perhaps, I am misguided but it looks decidedly that they world has gone “yang”. What has happened to the yin? Have we gotten more dysfunctional, more out of control. I just read this morning where two 12 year old girls lured their friend to an isolated area and stabbed her 19 times. She lives. The girls blame it on the internet. Really!

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