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Hotels versus houses–changing our economic focus

Whether we realize it or not, and most of us don’t, we are very connected to unseen forces that pull the strings of progress.  I am not talking about behind-the-scene government or corporate forces.  I am talking about planetary changes that affect life down here on earth.  When people think that’s a bit of insanity talking, how about the affects of the sun and the moon on our little planet?  Could you possibly include a few other constellations or planets?  How about the planet Jupiter?  We consider this to be a fortunate planet in mythology and we like to know where it sits in relation to our personal lives.  Well, it is about to make a big shift in July, around the 14th to be exact, and it will definitely change the focus of the areas where money can be increased.

For the past year, since June of 2013, we have been under a lovely Jupiter transit affecting the real estate markets and the stock market.  Both have done quite well but that is in the process of changing.  This is not to say that the price of your home will go off the cliff or that interest rates will rise so much that you can’t sell or purchase anyway.  It is to say that there will be less appreciation of the housing market over the next year.  Prices, in general, will rise slowly or creep up in speed.  Less investor properties to drive up the market and a continual tightening of mortgage lending.  It will be a general boring market compared to the last year.  The government may have to step in to make lending more attractive as our economy is very much tied to the housing market.  Unique markets like Beverly Hills or very high-end properties near the beach really won’t be affected as much.

The stock market, too, will take some corrections during this new time period-mid July 2014 through August 2015.  Be cautious and wise in purchasing and holding stocks.  The stock market is still very viable but its ability to do as well as the previous year could be in doubt.  Think sectors of interest that will fall into this new Jupiter period.  Here are some sectors that should do well: hotels, gaming/gambling, the travel industry,  high-end jewelry, the entertainment industry, restaurants, energy and certain military segments.  Do your homework and do not rely on rumor.

Remember, we are living through world-wide challenging times.  The whole world looks dysfunctional.   It can look at times as if all of civilization is falling apart.  How long does this period last and how can I get control of my own life?  It will last another 9 years and all the control and order behavior will start to end at the same time.  We still have to expose the mess and address our problems with our corporations and the government systems that run them and us.  Over the next 9 years, due to this exposure, many of our systems will crumble and new structures will be created.  It is appears as if the “Joker” has taken over the system.

All of it is temporary but upsetting.  It is transformational and gives us all kinds of innovations and technological advances but it is not easy and you may feel as if your life has been handed over to fate.  What you thought you would do or be, doesn’t work any more and this exposure gets very personal.  What areas are not working for you and what behavior must you change?

In the meantime, travel, stay in hotels, see some good entertainment, maybe gamble a little and don’t bet the farm on your house.  The housing market is going to take a nap.



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  1. Lisa Linke says:

    I want you to know just how insightful you are and I feel like I have been given the greatest gift. You! Who would have thought that week night in 1993, that I was going to be so blessed!
    Keep up the great work, you’re the best of the best!
    Big hugs!

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