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13 More Years To Go–Will You Make It

Major Restrictive Transit

This Pluto in Capricorn transit that began back in 2008–seems like years ago–is barely getting up steam and I am already weary of it.  Aren’t you?  How is your standard of living doing?  Are you using more coupons to shop?  Has the local dollar store or .99 cent store become a store of choice?

We don ‘t seem to get the bigger picture of this challenging transit of conservation, conservative living, a lack of kindness to the poor and unemployed, money in the hands of the few and wide-spread military, diplomatic, government and corporate corruption.  The films “Too Big to Fail” on HBO, “Inside Job”, “Casino Jack” and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks are all part of the “unearthing” of this period.  More is coming–including the exposure of older, powerful men and younger women in the government and positions of power.  IMF French chairman and the sexual attack on the maid in the New York Hotel room is an example.

Not a Sweet Period

American Trend

It isn’t a sweet period.  It is a struggle between the wealthy, mainly entrenched males in power in corporate and government positions and the struggling middle class and the poor.  Pluto in Capricorn likes ambition and ladder climbing.  It doesn’t care about the poor, the unemployed or the underemployed.  The poor will NOT get much attention during this period.  There will be many scapegoats–one being school teachers.  One of the oddities of this period is that middle class families are limiting the number of children to only one child while richer families are having more children.

If you are waiting for a handout or hand up, it may be a long wait.  Everything turns around by late 2023 and 2024.  The US, its values and the world’s values will really change.  The United States’ citizens will get our constitution back.  In the meantime, get rid of your ignorance and fear.  Look at things really honestly.  What can you do to help yourself NOW?  What clarity is essential?  What is essential to your well being and safety? What is dragging you down?

Personal Networks Important

KEEP YOUR PERSONAL NETWORKS IN TACT.  Do not hibernate at this time.  Mix with “real” people rather than just “virtual”.  These will be your connections for creating income for yourself.  Also–anything that is home made or home grown is very well received–even if it has some imperfections.  People are very weary of computers.  They are wearing them out.  The trend towards home made or home grown is a revolt against  swiftly moving technology and its requirements.

Transits Affect What You Read

Slight of Hand

Remember that transits affect what you read on blogs and newspapers.  The stories during this period will pertain to special entrenched interests hanging on to power, older men behaving badly, bloated incomes of specific groups of government workers and politicians and corporate leaders, restrictions on resources of money for the middle class, banks and lending institutions almost destroying the credit and future opportunities of students who have high student loans and no job prospects.  Remember they cannot file bankruptcy on their debt as can homeowners and businesses. They are currently doomed to a life of debt with no hope of freedom.  This will certainly affect certain professions such as the law profession.  Students are graduating with $200,000 in debt and no jobs to pay the debt.

We can survive this period as long as we are willing to be remade, face our self-deceptions, change our dreams (many of which were only wishes, not plans) and get out of fear.  For the over 60 and 70 year old grouping, your personal blueprint was always longer than you thought.  Make plans for at least 30 more years.  Stop saying, I’ll be dead in xxx number of years.  You don’t know that and besides, the general blueprint is at least 120 years.  Get moving and get planning.  You will be surrendering some of your plans but you will also be making room for new ideas and possibilities.  These possibilities can help you live longer.


Future Female President

Prediction, when this period is over, (by 2024) many of the hopes, wishes and dreams for the United States will come to pass–including a female president–who will probably have a military background rather than a political background.

In the meantime, make those pies, bake those cookies, knit that sweater, paint those dishes, make those wooden toys, carve those wooden ducks and sculptures.  Find the “free” things to do, clip those coupons, go where the “caribou” are.  (Interpretation, find employment outside of your comfort zone).

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