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10 Years Ahead–America Transforms

As we look at the GDP and groan at the job losses, downsizing and the waiting workers, we need to remember that these

We are returning to our roots

We are returning to our roots

next 10 years are extremely important to transform America and her roles in the world.  This long transit that began in November of 2008 marches forward to its ending by 2024.  It has gotten our attention through exposure and pain.  Now we really begin the work of transformation.

Remember, first you have to make the patient aware of its chronic illness–excessive waste, spending, bloated bodies, unhealthy habits, government and corporate corruption and the big ones “self-delusion” and “self-deception”.  We have been like the battered wife who returns to the battering husband.  We kept doing it even though we knew it wasn’t right.  Co-dependency is a hard habit to break.  The country is in rehab from an addiction to self-indulgence.  Anyone who has been in rehab or has food, drug, alcohol or relationship addiction knows it takes time.

America has dual tracks.  She is reinventing her workforce from a manufacturing economy to a specialized knowledge economy.  The unemployment true picture is more like 11%–even higher for minorities and youth–and will remain high for several more years.  We will have to get used to a high unemployment picture.  The government continues to pull strange figures out of its ear regarding true unemployment.  It figures if it doesn’t count the people who stopped looking, it can present a rosier picture of employment.

It is extremely important to wean the citizens off of a welfare, entitlement scene.  This is not a pretty picture but it is very important to continue building America’s freedom, self-reliance and the ability to reinvent herself.  The more the government gives to you, the more it can control various aspects of society.  Charity becomes entitlement.  We do not want to copy a European model of benefits and entitlements.

While she reinvents her workforce, she must remember what made her great “the ancestral nature of our people–creative, inventive, original and inclusive” Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.  While she reinvents herself and her workforce, she must remember to keep her culture–inventive, original and inclusive.  Lee goes on to mention that what can destroy America is “multiculturalism”.  He uses multiculturalism in the sense of a lack of appreciation and a gradual surrender of the essential culture that has sustained America since its birth.  He describes the creativeness, hardiness and the political and economic conditions of America as its greatness.

America still has the advantage and will keep this advantage for several decades.  Stop going into fear about everything.  America is great because of its generosity, magnanimity and idealism.  We are the most benign of all the great powers.  We must, however, continue to attract and keep talented people as well as  keep our entrepreneurial quality.  America must see success and failure as part of a natural order of creation and not be afraid to fail.

We must get rid of goofy political figures whose whole vision is to stay in office.  We must begin to elect people who are not afraid to lose an election because of a special interest group threat.  Our political leaders are not great and that is what we miss.  We have sound-bite opportunists who stay in office for 30 -40 years and then tell us that there is life outside Congress when they know they cannot win elections anymore.  What kind of a leader is that?  Not great.  We want greatness.  We have clowns who are created by polls, media ads and managed by agents and who want a job loaded with perks.  Most have never made payrolls and too many use religion as a political tool (weapon).   They  have internal ethics committees that are supposed to monitor themselves.  That is like parents leaving the house to the teenagers and putting a teenager in charge of discipline.

Remember, this 16 year period of time from 2008 to 2024, is a revisit of America’s birth in 1776.  She is to examine herself.  What has she been doing for 240 years?  Where does she need to clean house?  What has she created during this time?  Is she keeping with the intentions of her birth?  What should she stop doing?  What should she start doing?  What has gotten out of balance?  Is it a sign of greatness to go around saying “we are number 1”?  Do we praise others with condescension?  We need to look at ourselves!


9 responses to “10 Years Ahead–America Transforms”

  1. Sheryl Sitts says:

    “Stop going into fear over everything.”

    Yes, money is a great teacher in our individual and collective growth and evolution. Thank you for this excellent article. Shared in gratitude and support.

  2. Mary says:

    A succinct analysis of what needs to be accomplished. Refreshing.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Gail, I am not only encouraged by your insightful post, but by the replies of your readers. Yay! Yes, we do need to return to our roots and what the founding fathers intended for this country. And yes, we certainly need some really great people in office who are willing to stand up for their beliefs and oppose the lobbyists. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

  4. GINA says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! How wonderful to not hear how we’re selling ourselves down … BUT actual suggested solutions!

    What about the monopoly money that we’re printing? China printed an even bigger percentage and has sneakily been buying all the gold mines with the highest yield and quality of ore.
    …AND then they send us lead laden toys, and bird flu; very substandard food supplies and POLYESTER!!! –
    If each and everyone reading this makes a concerted effort to read food and product labels and refuses to put anything in their cart made ANYWHERE other than in America – we will make a major dent in that which is deteriorating OUR economy.

    Will the American $ maintain some semblance of respect in the world market? Or should I start buying what gold and silver I can?

    Gail, with your BRILLIANCE, you should run for office – at least ONE TERM! xo

  5. Cheryl says:

    Encouraging, hopeful, and spot-on! The growing entrepreneurial spirit of individuality and freedom that is driving online and small businesses can only grow stronger as we support each other and lead the way. The younger generation will pick up the threads.

  6. Jan says:

    Yay, Gail….nicely done and, yes, refreshing. No political correctness….just correctness. I saw the piece about Yew’s comments in the Wall Street Journal and realized he understood more about what made America great than most people who live here. We have a lot of work to do. With people like you speaking the truth, all of us can be inspired to make contributions where we can. Thank you for your insight, Jan N.

  7. Dreama Kattenbraker says:

    What a refreshing post—you have noted that the emperor (our country) has no clothes! Our values and priorities have been the problem. Each time I hear that spending is down in the retail markets, I think—that is basically a good thing…We just might be learning not to be such greedy consumers and are being more mindful. The whole game needs changing as you describe and of course, if we do it correctly and honestly, it will take time. I think there may be some folks in Washington who are on the right track, but they are so outnumbered, and outshouted by the folks who talk louder and faster. I am not inclined to move them all out, nor do I think ” all people can be responsible for themselves”. There will always be folks who are more vulenerable and need help from others and helping them is not wrong. Being compassionate and also mindful is a great value. Thank you for shining the light of authenticity. ,,,,a faithful reader with gratitude, Dreama K.

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Gail,

    This post gives me hope too. How true. I was asking someone the other day if we can impeach our whole government because we really need a makeover. We have to stop all this entitlement nonsense, and let people be repsonsible for themselves. Let’s bring in the good and make and keep our country strong.

    Thank you so much,

  9. Sandra McClintock says:

    Hi Gail,

    Great post today! I”m so happy to hear you speak about getting back to self-reliance and getting out of the welfare state. I believe that great minds have said that when people find out they can vote themselves money and perks from the treasury, that’s the end of the democracy. Let’s hope we can vote most of the incumbents out during this time and go back to citizens serving in government for one term and then returning to their professions instead of turning into barnacle-like fixtures in the halls of congress. Your post gives me hope.

    Thanks and best regards,


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