The Minogue Times–April 2014

“A noble person is ashamed to let her words outrun her deeds.” Confucious


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Arkansas, Sunday, April 20th, Talk in Fayetteville–10:30 am–The Invisible Systems–How they work us!

For those of you in the Midwest or close to Arkansas, I will be at the ORI Conference.  You can learn more on their website  I would love to see you!  If you are audience, please come up and introduce yourself.

April the 4th month of the year!

Now that you really got going last month in March, this is the month to really work, be disciplined and be practical.  It is the 4th month and the number four always represents order, structure, discipline, productivity and limits.  We didn’t rain for 40 days and nights, pray for 40 days and nights, wander in the wilderness for 40 years and stay in captivity for 400 years without finally understanding that the number four is no nonsense.  Spring cleaning and taxes are significant representation of the number four.  You might as well use it to your advantage and get “stuff” done this month.  We always need a strong platform to launch so this month encourages you to build one.

Caution for this month.  There are two very harsh astrological transits this month.  Two eclipses and a Grand Cross April 20 –  23rd.  Hang on to your seat and pants and be smart.  We also have a Mars still in retrograde until May 17th so keep working, plugging along and expect energy to move easier after that date.  If things have been slow for you, there can be a turnaround when Mars starts moving on out.

View from the Freeway–shared economy grows

I just ordered Jeremy Rifkin’s new book. “The Zero Marginal Cost Society” (on sale April 1st).  As you may know, Rifkin is a futurist, has strong credentials and is able to read the days and recognize the trends.  He has been remarkable in his accuracy.  He has zeroed in on the “free” society.  He describes this as a new phenomenon in more areas of our economy.

We first saw this “Free” trend  in the music industry with Napster in 1999.   This music service developed when it allowed people to share music without paying the artists and producers.  It just about broke the music industry.  Then it started moving across the newspaper and publishing industry.  People began to share their information, make their own entertainment with videos, audio, blogs and text and basically bypass traditional media outlets.

It is now moving out into other industries.  We can now enroll online in massive free online courses.  For the most part there is zero costs in getting this information together.  This creeping zero costs is spreading into 3D printers where hobbyists are making their own products.  This bypasses the manufacturer.  The car-sharing services have now reached 1.7 million participants and growing.  “The number of vehicles owned by car sharing participants decreased by half after joining the service, with members preferring access over ownership.”  It is becoming a collaborative rather than a capitalistic approach.

Rifkin goes on to say that this “zero marginal cost” phenomenon will have greater impact in the work place with worker-less factories (more automatic equipment and robots) virtual retailing (we can even try on the clothes online) and automated logistics and transport networks.

Rifkin does address the life of capitalism and does believe that it will remain with us way into the future.  It will, however, be streamlined but survive as a niche player providing network services and solutions.  It will be giving us the opportunity to behave more interdependently and become more collaborative.  In light of our new Aquarian Age and the development of the individual with the collective, it is not surprising that we will adopt these qualities.  What the internet services can do along with thousands of apps is revolutionize our lives and our abilities to prosper.  People are trading just about everything online.

Keep your eye on the non-profits.  Non-profit revenues grew 41%–after adjusting for inflation–from 2000 to 2010 more than double our gross domestic product.  We are creating what Rifkin calls the “Internet of Things”.  This is a game changer and one to pay attention to.  Previously I wrote about the “shared economy”.  It is here folks.  At last!

Trends and Forecasts

The biggest trend is continuous high uncertainty.  Although the events in Crimea appear to be a return to the old “cold war”, it is actually new politics.  Look at the last 5 year trends, going back to December, 2008, and you will have an understanding of the next 30 years.  Pay attention to the last 8 months and its changes.

A world movement is being built as we move through time.  Changes to the banking system, the political system and the economic system are now being set up.

As you move through this extremely uncertain time, make sure you keep your inner center.  Everything is in flux.  April is extremely volatile and could result in more violent protests or invasions.

The housing market continues to do well through mid July at which time it begins to slow down and take a breather for a few years.  Housing will still be okay but not do as well as it has done in the last two years.

Do not be fooled by America turning into a rental economy.  It is in the soul of Americans to own their own property.  We will put up with renting for a time but owning your own home is part and parcel of America’s success with its economy.  Eventually, it will become easier to own but not for a few more years.

Areas of the economy that will do well after mid July, 2014 will be hotels, gaming, high end apparel, entertainment, travel and leisure, food (much higher prices) and the military.  There may be some investment opportunities in these categories.

3D printing will be on the rise.  Currently, we are using it for just a few items but once the technology improves, it will revolutionize manufacturing.  You might want to follow the leaders in this industry.  It is in its baby phase.

We will not have the presidential leader we want until much of this uncertain upheaval ends in 2024.  That is the election to watch and that one will be the game changer.

Breathe–Breathe–Breathe!  To get through all of the distractions and abrupt changes, you must remember to stop holding your breathe.

Ponder This:

“Who does evil and is afraid of letting it be known has still a seed of good in his evil; who does good and is anxious to have it known has still a root of evil in his good.”  Chinese Proverb