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The Minogue Times –

May, 2012


— Trends Numerology and More —


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  • The Minogue Times—May 2012

  • Table of Contents:

  • 1) Mother’s Day Sale Event
  • 2) May—the 5th month of the year—its meaning
  • 3) Question and Answer
  • 4) View from the Freeway-Loneliness and Social Media
  • 5) Trends
  • 6) Ponder This—Is the planet tipping over? What?

1) Mother’s Day Sale Event–WOW

To Mother Earth who Puts up with Us

In honor of Mother’s, sisters, wives, girlfriends and just friends, I am having a Mother’s Day Sale on my one-hour sessions. If you have always wanted to do a private session with me but kept putting it off, now is the time. You can save $45 on a one-hour session. Order now as sale ends – of course, on Mother’s Day. If you would like a gift certificate sent, please let me know and it can be emailed to you. Don’t wait, order on line using PROMO CODE “Mother”. Remember—special savings applies only to the one hour sessions. It ends promptly on Sunday, May 13th.

2) May the 5th month of the year—its meaning

This is the month to make many changes to your plans. It is the 5th month in a universal 5th year (2012=5). After all the pressure of April and its taxes and limits, May wants to free you so don’t be afraid to make some constructive changes this month. Perhaps the plans that you initiated at the beginning of the year are not going as you planned. No problem, adjust and reconfigure. What should you being doing now given the set of circumstances that have fallen in your lap?

Do not get discouraged. Take an oath, spoken to the universe, that you are setting your conditions and that everything and everyone is supporting you now. Then go ahead and have everything work for you—even your debt.

The 5th month is considered the “Regeneration” month. Regenerate yourself. The number 5 looks backwards at the previous 4 months and sees what it has done. What should you keep doing from those 4 months; what should you stop doing or throw away? Now in the 5th month is the time to make the changes and move forward to the next 4 months having made those changes. Freedom, constructive changes and adjustments are the words for May. Free yourself—nobody else will do it for you.

3) Question and Answer


Should all meat be abstained from if one is striving for spiritual growth?


From Flower Newhouse, the mystic, “Here are Your Answers”:– “We feel that as man evolves, he eats less of meat, and gradually it is removed from his diet entirely. This is not so much for the sake of health as for the purpose of not killing animals for human appetites. We feel that each one, for himself, must decide when he will cease causing animals to be slaughtered. If you could see what animals register when on their way to slaughter houses, you would not want to eat meat again.

When we see anything of this nature, we pray, Lord God Indwelling, attune us to the Father-Mother Spirit, the source of Power, and enable that Power now to be broadcast into this truck to enable these animals to approach the altar of sacrifice without resistance without fear.’ I have seen the animals become quiet after such a prayer, tension and hurt have departed from them.”

4) View from the Freeway

The incoming Aquarian Age is creating great changes for the common person. Nobody is spared and it is affecting allthose across the world. Part of this massive exposure of corruption and brutal power grabs both at home and around the world is due to the change of Ages. We leave the 2300 year old Piscean Age of the collective energy, religions and their teachings, teaching tools of fear and guilt and concentrated power to enter the Aquarian Age, the age of humanity, brotherhood/sisterhood, the age of the individual, the age of advanced technology, the mind and the plant kingdom.

This very oppressive 16 year period from 2008 through 2024 and beyond, is the great breakdown leading to renewal. It is necessary and it is real. One of the greatest downside of this Aquarian Age is the practical behavior over the sentimental behavior. Our lifestyles are being dramatically changed and we may not notice them. Here are a few:

Increase in loneliness.

As we become more individuals, we create separation and aloneness. We move to the suburbs and create long commutes

Is anybody coming today? Does anybody know I am here?

in alone cars. The recent May, “Atlantic” magazine has a very valuable article by Stephen Marche. I encourage you to read it—“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”. It cited some disturbing figures “In 1950, less than 10% of American households had just one person. By 2010 nearly 27% of households had just one person… Isolation, is not just rising, loneliness is rising right along with it.” We divorce or we move away for a job. We thrive on being independent and able to take care of ourselves.

Increasing in outsourcing the everyday work of caring.

Remember when you could get together with your friends, face to face, and share problems—or you could just pick up the phone and talk—or you could just go to each other’s house and figure things out?

Now, for everyday problems, also known as regular problems, we hire “psychic servants”. Marche’s article goes on to cite some incredible figures. He points out that in “the late 40’s the United States had 2,500 clinical psychologists, 30,000 social workers, and fewer than 500 marriage and family therapists. Now, in 2010 the US had 77,000 clinical psychologists, 192,000 clinical social workers, 400,000 non-clinical social workers, 50,000 marriage and family therapists, 105,000 mental health counselors, 220,000 substance-abuse counselors, 17,000 nurse psychotherapists and 30,000 life coaches.” He goes on to say that this group of “psychic servants” is helping us through what used to be called regular problems. We have outsourced the work of every day caring. It is now an enormous industry with licensing, continued education units, conferences, on line courses, certifications and much more.

We need these “professional carers more and more because the “threat of societal breakdown…has morphed into an issue of public health. Being lonely is very bad for your health”.

We Americans have had a long standing history of loneliness. We were the Pilgrims who left the flock in Europe to go on our own. We were the cowboys who sought a lonely life of cattle roundups and long hours of aloneness. Marche even talks about the extreme example of loneliness, the astronaut who goes out in space alone.

This is American. We have always valued our individual spirit and freedom from the tribe as the badge of advancement. The price we are paying, however, is loneliness. Yes, you can be quite happy alone and enjoy your solitude. However, in today’s society, there is very little genuine solitude.

Facebook, Twitter and social networking gives you the illusion of bonding and connection but in its isolation, it is a

Sign of Things to Come

grind. It demands your attention and is relentless. It never takes a break. It doesn’t deliver the deeper bond that individuals crave. Marche goes on to say that “being happy all the time, pretending to be happy, actually attempting to be happy—its exhausting.”

An Australian study “Who Uses Facebook” found “a significant correlation between Facebook use and narcissism: ‘Facebook users have higher levels of total narcissism, exhibitionism, and leadership than Facebook nonusers.” To read more on this important article click here

As we advance deeper into the Aquarian Age and experience more detachment along with group connectedness, it is critically important to remember the deeper human need for intimacy, both physical and spiritual. America is the experimental station for the individual. It starts here and will be spread around the globe as the Age marches on. It takes approximately 2300 years so we will be dealing with some about-face concepts. Robots as your friend, smart cars, humans with artificial parts, artificial humans, surrogate mothers, test-tube babies and an impersonal love. The interpersonal networks that were so important in forming this nation and bringing us forward are gradually being replaced by TV watching, Computers, Ipads, Smart Phone conversations, group bicycle rides, group marches for causes, self-absorption and the breakdown of the traditional family. What happened to the Kiwanis Clubs, the Masons, the Elks and other benevolent orders? All union memberships (except for government employees) are down. Yes, we do connect and donate online and we arrange meetings online, tell others what we ate online, we even raise funds online through crowd funding. There are many, many wonderful aspects to having this useful technology. Never forget, though, your human needs for physical contact, caring and quality time with your friends and neighbors. Isolation is an increasing tendency.

5) Trends

The economy IS growing and the chances of another recession are very slim. Growth is extremely slow but steady. At least it is sustainable growth and not extreme. We can handle it.

Spending continues to grow but people perceive there are problems with the economy’s improvement so it is very much a catch-22. What you perceive is what you believe. Yes, problems with Europe, as it struggles with potential defaults and economic declines, will affect the United States corporate earnings but in a smaller fashion. Europe is a much smaller portion of American corporate earnings. We actually have the bulk of our earnings coming from Asia, South America and North America.

My belief is that the Occupy Wall Street movement will not rally.

New obesity drugs. Qnexa, Contrave and Lorcaserin. Read the article “Seeking Alpha—April 11, 2012)

Personal robots and robot relationships are coming. See the film and meet David—your

Your future friend and companion!

next generation of Weyland robot.

Remember, watch your films for future trends. They are the way showers. Matrix, Manchurian Candidate, Buck Rogers, Artificial Intelligence.

How about Smart Phones for the illiterate??? “Designing a Smart-Phone Alphabet for the Illiterate (Technology Review – March 20, 2012) “Peanut farmers in India are helping to design a text-messaging app that could aid the many millions who can’t read or write. In 2007 Swiss computer scientists and Indian agricultural scientists offered to install wireless sensors in the peanut fields at CK Pura and collect date the farmers might find useful for improving their yields.—FutureEdition—April 15, 2012

Study ties Oil, Gas Productions to Midwest Quakes—Associated Press, April 7, 2012, “The researchers reported that from 1970-2000, the region averaged about 21 quakes a year. From 2001-2008– 29 a year. The three following years, 2009, 2010 and 2011 produced 50, 87 and 134 respectively. Opinions vary as to whether the earthquakes are linked to injecting huge amounts of leftover wastewater deep into the earth.

6) Ponder This—Is the planet tipping over?

Eyes can be opened by the Truth

Humans love to scare ourselves and we are at it again. I occasionally receive messages regarding the planet tipping over and other big WOW events. Sort of the world is coming to its end and we are too!!

Now, let’s think. I received a message from a well known Los Angeles astrologer Arthyr Chadbourne (look him up on uTube). He has invested many years in the studies of the heavenly activity. He mentions that there are alarmist stories about the sun rising in a different place now—or the moon skirting a horizon in a different way to others.

The idea (another conspiracy theory) is that something big has happened and that scientists are hiding the information. They are not telling us. Supposedly the effect from all this is the extreme events like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes etc. This conspiracy theory even includes quotes from the Bible and that the earth is not even rotating. Did we just fall off the turnip truck?

Arthyr says to relax—thanks! He states that the only shift is in the in accumulated news garbage—“greater than ever before because people buy it. There is no mystery to the process. Misery sells”.

“If there has been an axis shift then our daylight hours will have altered and the sun would be rising from a completely different angle at the same time of the year as today. In fact, nothing has changed from previous years. There is a slight variation on a 4-yr rotation due to leap year”.

Thank you Arthyr. I will continue on with my planting.

Until next month,

Remember to be your best advocate,





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Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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