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February, 2012


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The Minogue Times—February, 2012


2012 Trends and Forecasts—What to Expect!

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Table of Contents:

  • 1) The 2ndMonth of the Year—February
  • 2) Upcoming Events
  • 3) Question and Answer
  • 4) View from the Freeway
  • 5) Trends
  • 6) Ponder This


The 2ndMonth of the Year—February

Love Bites

It takes two to tango. Isn’t that the truth? Everybody is shouting “Which side are you on?”—Bob Dylan. What is the number two if not an example of the polar opposites? Every relationship in nature has tension within it as it must work with the law of polarity. In order to see light, there must be darkness. We constantly hear the words win/lose, pass/fail, high/low, over/under, laugh/cry, up/down and so forth. Every person has to work with its own opposite. Any pair cannot exist alone otherwise it would not be a pair.

During February, we are reminded of the coupleness of the number two. It cannot exist without another. If one was removed from two, it would no longer be. We even celebrate the ultimate relationship of love and another with Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate the hearts, flowers, chocolates in a four month. We celebrate it in a number two month.

The number two has combined itself with the number one to create a picture of duality within itself. Each of has a dual nature and part of the managing of ourselves is to reconcile these opposites within ourselves. We can learn to appreciate the dual nature of all beings. Being a number two month, we are cultivating the patience with ourselves so that we can be more effective in our creations and releases in the 3rd month. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus (c.540 – c. 480 B.C.) said “The opposite is beneficial….All things are born through strife.”

Upcoming Events:

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San Jose, CA

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Question and Answer:

When does the soul enter its infant body in the mother’s womb? Is it at the moment of birth, or when?



“All the six more subtle vehicles of being envelop the forming fetus. It isn’t until the moment that the baby takes his/her first breath at birth that the higher vehicles, including the soul, take charge of the infant body.”

Flower Newhouse, “Here are Your Answers

More on the subject of abortion and beliefs:

In numerology the number 5 is considered to be the “quickening”. “In early Occidental and Eastern cultures, it was generally accepted that the soul did not enter the body of the fetus until the fifth month of pregnancy, therefore, abortion prior to the fifth month was not a crime. After this period, it was considered murder.”

Dusty Bunker “Numerology, Astrology and Dreams”.

To take this one step further and in light of the strong response by the Catholic Church to the recent health care coverage of abortions and contraceptives, you might find this fact interesting. The Catholic Church had a belief called the Doctrine of Passive Conception. This belief stated that the fetus did not have a soul until the fifth month. It could be destroyed up to that point without punishment. In 1869 Pope Pius X announced that somehow God had “misinformed his church” or that He had changed His mind. After this year, the Church reversed its belief on abortion. It basically reversed itself.

In light of today’s rants, it is interesting to note the history.

View from the Freeway

Your tax dollars at work!

Are you getting tired of the goofy political ads and silly hot air thrown our way during a presidential primary? Do they think we are this stupid? It’s not even good farce. America is airing its Number Five life path for all the world to see. Never mind, the candidate to help us make the serious changes that we need is not in this election. It could be in 2016 but definitely will be by 2020. We have about 10-12 years of absurdity. America is growing up and getting its priorities in order. If only the politicians would. As we demand more from our leaders, more accountability, more transparency, more credibility, we will receive it. The old way of doing business and government is exiting stage left. It must come from us. We must not pass the torch to a paid broker. We must never forget that we are the employers.

There are so many transits going on now, especially in America’s chart, she cannot continue the way she was. This does NOT mean that she will lose her power. She will use it more wisely, more judicially and self-correct. This is what it looks like when you start to clean up your house. Large corporations do not get this. The Federal and Local governments do not get this. The people get this but they have not formed a force that influences—Yet!!!

Did any of you see the recent 60 Minute piece on the corruption of the inside information received by Congressional committee members? After they receive this inside information and create the laws for it, they go forward and buy stock, invest in land and other investment opportunities based on the inside information gleaned from their committees. No wonder people want to get elected. They go in the door as average wage earners and go out the door wealthy whales. If you or I traded on insider information, we would be doing laundry in your Federal pen.

It is in the process of ending. It just takes time. Keep their feet to the fire. There is no law in Congress that requires an elected member to put their assets into a “blind trust”. What a sleazy way to operate. They will do anything to water this down.

The exciting years of citizen participation and real change is not here yet. That will be in a few years. This will be the time when we will join with other “farmers” in days of old and unite to march on King George, his monarchy, quasi business and government entities to “abolish” his rule and throw all the powdered wigs out.

In the mean time, get very streamlined in your life style. We are creating new and smarter methods to take care of ourselves. Due to some very strict limits during this period, do not be silly enough to think you can hide. Privacy is rare. If you use the internet and fill out anything, the world knows you. Much is done in the name of “Homeland Security”. This will continue until about 2024 when the tightness starts to loosen and the good of the people becomes the true focus.

Do not despair. It seems heavy and uncertain now but that is not a permanent state. We have a huge Pluto transit that brings up all the hidden stuff. Lots of corruption and scandal is being exposed. Really deep, hidden stuff. We will read more of this exposure as Pluto, like a deep plow, digs up the dirt under the dirt. The system isn’t as corrupted as the foundation is under the system. Whatever you do, know that you must account for what you do and say as we go through this period. Pay your taxes on time, take care of back taxes, traffic tickets and such. Things that you were sure nobody would know or find out about can now be plowed up and exposed for you to take care of. Keep good company, stay on the high road and know that this is a healing that we need so that we can stop wasting our time, energy and money on activities and people that are not for our highest and best good. In short, self-deception does not work as well during this time period. You are learning how to live with fear and still thrive. Make sure you combine knowledge and wisdom with your faith. You are connected to the Divine with every breath you take.


Expect more clamp down by the government/corporation merger.

It will always be done “in the name of”.

Safety Lock?

Homeland Security is a very common reason. I had Bank of America come to my home office to make sure I was doing the type of work I do, photos and all, measurements of space, photos of my products, business card etc. so I could get a Merchant Account with them.

Cyber-passport is one idea in the works. President Obama’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace would develop an internet user authentication system. This would work similar to a driver’s license for the cyber highway.

One idea proposed by a large software firm is a “public health model”. This could make your computer open to inspection for a clean bill of health. If your computer was contaminated by a virus or other malware, your computer could be quarantined.

Reported by the Los Angeles Times and columnist Michael Hiltzik on February 5th, “US Education Chairman, Arne Duncan and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski make a huge pitch for infusing digital technology into America’s classrooms.” They are saying that every child should have a laptop in the classroom. They are saying that textbooks will be obsolete.

Hiltzik researched this and found out some very interesting facts. The article is worth reading and I encourage you to do so. Here is an interesting quote from his article “Books will soon be obsolete in the schools…..Our school system will be completely changed in 10 years.” The technology being heralded in this statement was not the internet or laptops but the motion picture industry. The year was 1913.

The sponsors of the “Digital Learning Day town hall where both Duncan and Genachowski spoke were Apple, Google, Comcast, AT&T and others who would reap great benefits from a laptop for every student. Read on,0,639053.column

Ponder This

The Daily Mail of London, January 29, 2012 is saying to “forget global warming if NASA scientists are right”. New temperature data has been released showing that the planet “has not warmed for the past 15 years”. The figures even suggest that we could be heading for a mini ice age that rivals the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the Thames in the 17th century. “Based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data was issued last week without fanfare by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit. It confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.”

The Arlington Institute Futuredition e-newsletter January 30, 2012

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