The Minogue Times – September, 2014

“The invisible supply really is inexhaustible.”  Wallace Wattles

Table of Contents

1) Upcoming events

2) September, the 9th month

3) Questions and Answer

4) View from the Freeway

5) Trends and Forecasts

6) Ponder This

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, September 13th–San Jose, California

Free Lecture-San Jose Dowsers (suggested donation $5)

1 pm – San Jose Center for Spirituality

1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, 95125

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Sunday, September 14th–San Jose, California

Workshop 2- 5 pm

1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose 95125

Trends, Forecasts and Update on Ancient cycles

Registration: $49 ($59 at the door)


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Sunday, September 28th, Los Angeles (private-party registration)

Numerology and the Hidden Meaning of Numbers

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No program in October (Mercury Retrograde month)

Sunday, November 9th- Los Angeles

2 – 4 pm

“Middle-Age Women and Their Rise in Power”

Registration: $39

“Learning Livingroom Series” Address at time of Registration

Limited to 15 participants: Register early- contact me

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Thursday, December 4th – Laguna Woods, California

10 am–More information coming on address

Trends, Forecasts and updates for 2015

September, the 9th month of the year

How are you doing so far this year?  When you started out in January, did you think it would fly by like this?  Are you accomplishing what you said you would do at the beginning of the year?  This is the culminating month–not a beginning month.  For those of you who have been working on projects this year, it a great month to finish them up and move them out.  This is the inventory month. A cycle has come to an end and it is a favorable time to finish anything.   The trend is change and adjustment.   It’s a month of giving gifts and doing charity work.

We have another Mercury retrograde transit coming for October so the rest of the year is pretty much cleaning up what you have already started.  If you have very important projects to launch, it is better to wait for 2015.

Question and Answer

How is the Law of Correspondence relative to my life?


The Law of Correspondence is the law of acting as you would become.  If you wish to become wealthy, you must begin now to act wealthy.  You cannot wait until you have the money etc.  Begin by dressing better, even if purchased at the Thrift shop, and tipping better.  Stop skimping on tips if the person really served you.  Be generous.  Look like money even if you have to go to Super Cuts for your hair and nails.  In short your behavior must correspond to what you say you want — NOW!

How are new organisms created?


“When an organism has more life than can be expressed in the functions of its own plane, it develops the organs of a higher plane, and a new species is originated.  There never would have been new species had there not been organisms which more than filled their places.  No society could advance if every man was smaller than his place; social evolution is guided by the law of physical and mental evolution.”  The Wisdom of  Wallace Wattles

View from the Freeway

I have touched on the idea of middle-aged women coming into their power years.  Hardly anyone is recognizing this trend.  You won’t see much of it until 2024 but it is currently being prepared and the soil is being planted.  Pay attention to the number of women in positions of power.  Even the purchasing of motorcycles by women is increasing.

It seems against the tide of young adults leading the headlines and showing up in commercials and fashion.  We are still emerged in the young male issues, the tech heads of silicon valley, the young billionaires of apps and devices, the gangs of Los Angeles and other major cities, the young men being recruited by terrorist groups, the young men’s fashion statements, musical groups, television shows, etc.  This period is coming to and end and will be completed in 2023, 9 years from now.  They have had the attention of the world for the last 15 years.  In the wake and off stage, waiting for the spotlight, are the middle-aged women.  Just as other groups fade out of sight, the young male predominance will be a thing of the past.

Hard to believe this could be possible.  That is only because we think things stay the same.  Everything is cyclical.  We have not visited the importance of middle-aged women for about 200 years so we have little reference to this phenomena.  This phase of power for this group will last until 2044 so it is a long run and will have women in their 40, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s running the financial systems, the political systems, the social and cultural systems and the general well  being of our society.

Rather than being marginalized by society, it will become center stage.  Women will plan accordingly and replace many of the old-boy networks.  For more information on this phenomena, consult the I Ching and the Jupiter periods.  They are as right as rain” and as day turns into night.  The Jupiter periods set up a society for world wide trends.  For example, after WWII, we needed strong military might and men who could help us rebuild the world.  It was left in chaos after the war and needed this type of energy.  It is no longer needed.  By the 60’s we began the phase of the young female, birth control, the sexual revolution etc.  We now are in the phase of the young male and it is pushing out the older, marginalized, strong man.  You see this all over the globe as the young males do not want this old guard in power.

Will we be ready for the older female running the show? Many now in power will be gone and will be replaced.  Pay attention to the signs being prepared.  Women now approaching middle aged need to get ready.  What and how should you prepare?  It will not be business as usual and I will write more about this later.

Trends and Forecasts

Like it not, the sharing economy is increasing.  This will affect many aspects of our everyday lives.  We will borrow, rent everything and think nothing of it.  Starting a business will become more of a normal function and require less money.

Look for little movement forward from governmental changes until after the 2016 election.   It will be more of the same for the next few years.   Remember government and corporations are in bed together until 2024.

A new financial cycle starts in 2020.  Prepare yourself over the next 6 years.  Housing will take off again after 2017.

60% of our society says that it is willing to carry a picket of protest for one full day. 

People are beginning to wake up to the militarization of our police forces.  Ferguson was a wake up call for the dumping by the Federal government of heavy military equipment to the local police forces.  The forces love the “free” equipment but it sets up the military mentality of the people being the enemy.  Pay attention to this trend.  Congress will continue to sanction this behavior by sending out more equipment.  Pay attention to those who provide this material to the government.

Pay attention to the criminalization of the America.  Whether you break the law because you don’t have a dog-grooming license or sell lemonade at a corner stand, Americans are being forced to follow more regulations and rules which result in fines or jail.  Most of these are innocent behaviors.  Yet, they cost us money or worse jail time if we cannot pay.

Pay attention to your local government behavior.  As much as the Federal government behavior gets your attention, what will hurt you in the pocketbook and in your quality of life is at the local level.  Monitor your local government and create groups that will do the same.  For example:  Here is Los Angeles, a taxpayer-paid fire station was just sold to an Armenian group for $1.  It did not go out for bid to sell or rent.  It was arranged by a local City Councilman for $1 for 30 years.  That means the citizens of Los Angeles do not have the money that this property could have brought in a sale or rental.  It is also in a very good area which makes it all the more painful to see it given away.    Looking further we find out that the same group that purchased the lease for $1 a year also donated at least $100,000 to our Mayor Garcetti.  This type of behavior is going on across America and is easy to monitor if you care.

During this strong Pluto transit affecting the United States until 2024, it is about exposure and corruption by government and corporations.

More Aquarian Age breakthroughs: Google and Novartis announced that they’re teaming up to develop contact lenses that monitor glucose levels and automatically adjust their focus.  The prototype lenses contain a device about the size of a speck of glitter that measures glucose in tears.

Trends in food.  Our American food supply continues to concentrate within just a few companies.  Most economic sectors have concentration ratios around 40%.  If above 40%, experts believe competition can be threatened and market abuses more likely:  In the US 4 companies own 83.5 % of the beef market.  The top 4 farms own 66% of the hog industry.  4 firms control 58.5% of the broiler chicken market.  4 companies control 50% of the proprietary seed market (43% of the commercial seed worldwide market.)  In genetically engineering crops, one company, Monsanto, boasts control of over 85% of US corn acreage and 91% of US soybean acreage.

Organic Food Products – The distribution of organic foods is extremely concentrated: “A little-known company, United Natural Foods, Inc (UNFI) now controls the distribution of organic and natural products.  Publicly traded, the company has a contract with Whole Foods and it is the major source of these products for the remaining independent natural food stores.  This relationship has resulted in increasingly high prices for these foods.  Small manufacturers are dependent on contracts with UNFI to get their products to market and conversely, small retailers often have to pay a premium price for products because of their dependence on this major distributor.” by Michael Snyder @ washingtonsblog  Every wonder why you pay much more for organic foods?

Ponder This

“Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water.  Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.  The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid.  Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice.”  The Tao Te Ching