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The Minogue Times –

November, 2012 (Part I)

  • Part II will be delivered mid November


— Trends Numerology and More —


Table of Contents:

  • 1) Upcoming Election Wrap Up
  • 2) 11th Month of the Year—November
  • 3) View from the Freeway
  • 4) Ponder This


1) Upcoming Election Wrap up

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, I will be holding a 2 hour election wrap up at my home on Sunday, November 11th from 2 pm to 4 pm. I will be going over the ramifications of this election, and what to expect moving forward. Space is limited so please sign up now. I will be going over the programs that will be affected and what we can expect in the financial, social, foreign, regulatory and tax areas. Register now

2) 11thMonth of the Year—November

Need to Release Some Stress this Month????

What a month! Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th begins a Mercury Retrograde event. It could result in election results being delayed and other odd outcomes to this election. It is not a normal election. Whoever wins will create a large, angry backlash. Results could be delayed or somehow down the road, the winning candidate leaves office. It will show you over time. Many areas will have recounts—particularly in local and state elections.

In the meantime, VOTE, and please pay attention to this important Mercury Retrograde transit. It ends, Monday, November 26th but you should not think of signing important documents until a few days later, November 29th and later. Do not start new endeavors now. Wait until December, if you can. Do not buy electronic equipment now—repeat that statement. Wait until December until you do your Christmas shopping. Either you buy the wrong size, they don’t like it, a newer model comes out later or you find you could have purchased in December for less. It is a very funky period and not good at all for gift shopping. No new cars, no new electronics etc. Of course, my phone fell in the dog’s water bowl so I have to get a new phone. It will not be something I will put much money into. I will buy next year what I truly want.

Speaking of saving some money on phones. A new trend in America is people struggling to pay their cell phone bills. We are all being pushed into smart phones. Very few non-smart phone models available from your big players. That means large phone bills.

There is a company called It is Verizon’s reseller. They only use Verizon towers nationwide. You have to buy it on line but there are no contracts, no tax and really inexpensive. I love using Verizon at a fraction of the cost and no contract. If you do not need any more than 2 GB of data with unlimited text and talk, this is the place. They have all different plans and worth a look.

Because November is the 11th month of the year, it is month of patience and tact. Use this month to:


  • Catch up on all your office projects
  • Clean up at home. Arrange closets, drawers and throw out items
  • Finish open-ended projects. Home, office, promises to others, correspondence.
  • Contact old friends from the past.

It is a time to go back over things and finish them. Wait until December to initiate anything new. Try to book your trips in December. Get your optional repair work done at the end of the month or in December—notice the word optional.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Check all your messages and text or call to make sure people received your messages. Do not assume anything this month. We also have eclipses this month just to make the month even more challenging

3) View from the Freeway

By the time you read this, you will probably have voted. The month is really convoluted. We have been listening to sound bites and lies for a long, long time. This is the first election where hidden money has flooded all the elections. It has been an unpleasant election because it went on forever and never informed the citizens of what we could expect from the candidates.

Each candidate was too afraid to put out a genuine plan or specifics as attack ads would have torn it apart. The citizens are left voting on emotions, guts and righteousness. There is much at stake in this election, in particular, who will be placed on the Supreme Court over the next four years. My expectation is that Obama will win the Electoral College which is the key to this election. Basically 9 states are deciding this election.

All bets are off with interest rates remaining low until 2015 if Romney wins as he will replace the current head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, shortly after arriving. This could result in an interest rate rise sooner rather than later.

If Obama is re-elected, you could expect more being done for the desperate underwater homeowner. Wall Street has placed their big money on Romney with this election so if Obama is re-elected, I would expect him to be less cordial to them than he was 4 years ago with non-conditional bailouts for the big lenders.–

It is a bitter-fought campaign at the White House level but truly nasty ones at the State and local levels. Outside money is pouring in from everywhere to defeat candidates or support candidates. The Supreme Court has had a test case against Citizens United but has chosen to maintain its’ original decision. Congress will eventually pass legislation in this area but not for some time.

Due to the critical conditions ongoing in the United States, you can expect a bit more cooperation with Congress. I also anticipate some of the tea party candidates to be defeated in this election which should make it easier to compromise.

Remember, I have been saying that the next 2 ½ years are humdingers for the US. We have to really “get real” about some matters. My belief is that whoever is elected will have only a 4-year term.

A good hard look needs to be given to Congress and how they conduct business. Changes need to be done at the core level. It can only be done by the citizens. Congress’s approval level is at 8%. Any other business that was run the way they have run it and behaved as they have behaved would have been shut down or filed bankruptcy. They have two years to mend their wicked ways or more of them will be put out to pasture. Question to ask yourself—why are you tolerating this level of leadership or lack of? It is your money that you are paying for their salary, their benefits and entitlements.

You are a citizen before you are a consumer. Start seeing yourself first as a citizen. You run the show—how do you want to do it and will you become more actively engaged to see that productive change is made?

Ponder This

From the November 2nd issue of “The Economist” magazine:

“Discouraging citizens from voting is not good for democracy……More candid Republicans might admit that these laws are all just part of a turnout game that both sides play. They help Republicans, just as generous absentee and early-voting laws help Democrats. But a qualitative difference exists between laws that encourage citizens to take part in choosing their rulers and laws that discourage them from doing so.”

I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you. This is a month to take one day at a time.

All the best,



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