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The Minogue Times –

July 2011


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The Minogue Times—July, 2011

Table of Contents:

  • 1) The 7th Month of the Year
  • 2) Question and Answer
  • 3) View from the Freeway
  • 4) Trends of the Month
  • 5) Ponder This
  • 6) Upcoming Events

1) The 7th Month of the Year

This is considered the “gathering” month. It is a resting place in the year. It is intended to be a preparatory stage where outer activity stops and the inner world or the power of thought is set into action. This is your assessment month. It is not a starting month or an ending month. It is a month to assess what you have created through the first six months of the year and assemble all those pieces. What needs changing, refining or eliminating? How should you proceed forward into the rest of the year? This is a very important month and a time out so that you can refine your plans and harvest well in the remaining months.

The ancients considered the number seven as the most mystical of numbers. Those who had a predominant life path or destiny of the number seven were removed from their families to be raised by priests so that their minds could be properly developed. We think of Pi when we think of the number seven. The fraction 22/7, a cycle of the human experience (22) divided by the number seven, the spiritual number. Pi is unending, infinite and signifies the eternal relationship between humanity and the Divine.

During the 7th Month, assess, plan, reflect, restore and reason.

2) Question and Answer:


When does the soul enter the infant body in the Mother’s womb? Is it at the moment of birth, or when?


“All the six more subtle vehicles (bodies) of being envelop the forming fetus. It isn’t until the moment that the baby takes its first breath at birth that the higher vehicles, including the soul, take charge of the infant body.” From “Here Are Your Answers” by Flower Newhouse.


When a loved one weighs heavily on our hearts, yet we are unable to help him by word or deed, how do we work for him?


“Our own emotional states must be uplifted before we can be a means of lifting a needy individual. Thought’s influence is contagious. Therefore, endeavor to lift up your thoughts and emotions until they radiate faith and quiet confidence in God’s interest and love. Then give the loved one wholly and completely into God’s steady companionship. Thereafter, be calmly expectant of some form of good to enter the environment of the one loved. Never permit yourself to have any thoughts about this person but those that are peaceful, enthusiastic and full of rejoicing…….” From Here Are Your Answers” by Flower Newhouse.

3) View from the Freeway

We are in the third year of a 16 year cycle. The beginning was late 2008. You can see how things are being set up for change. The first year was the shock of it all. This was followed by the vote in Congress on the TARP program. Does the taxpayer bail out the banks? The first voting session Congress said no. Then, of course, they voted yes with basically very little required of those receiving the money. It’s called lack of accountability.

Generous and Foolish

Next came billions more to help support the economy with various additional programs and to help Americans buy houses and cars. Supposedly this money was to encourage corporations to hire “willing workers” and to set up government programs that would retrain workers and provide “green” jobs etc. In addition to all of this, the government was to assist in saving homes from foreclosure. A sidebar was to use taxpayer money and rescue General Motors and Chrysler from bankruptcy. Even foreign banks and foreign corporations received taxpayer money. For example BMW received a $3.6 billion low-interest loan during the 2008 financial crisis. (That is taxpayer money remember).

Over 87 banks and financial entities indirectly benefited from the US aid to AIG of which 43 are foreign. This figure is reported from the oversight panel headed by Elizabeth Warren. In addition to France and Germany, they include banks based in Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. The Congressional Budget Offices estimates that taxpayers will lose $36 billion from the AIG rescue. This figure was an early figure from August 2010. This has not improved since that date.

The Great Mystery

Where is this all going? Three years later jobs are scarce and they pay less, the housing market is downright scary, the banks have even closed their doors to credit worthy borrowers and instead are holding on to their capital, corporations have found out that they can get by with fewer employees and more technology, services are being cut in the cities and states while fees and fines are squeezing everyone to pay for the diminishing services. I was at a party this weekend and spoke to a 7th grade teacher in the Oxnard, CA school district. She will have 40 students in her class.

People are keeping their old cars and keeping them running. Coupons are everywhere. The unemployment rate remains high and the actual rate of underemployment, those who have stopped looking and those who are unemployed and looking rounds out to about 17%.

Let’s Say Anything to Stay in Power

Meanwhile, the political parties continue to act in their own best interest to maintain their power and office. The question to ask yourself is who is there for you? Who can you believe?

The answer to both of these questions is “You”. It will be you who will change this. It will be you who will get active and stop this foolishness. It will be you who will force change. This period is intended to expose, reveal, make constructive changes and make your employees (your government reps and their entourage) accountable to you. It is coming. The wave that has started outside of this country will reach this shore. We are quiet but we are awake. Pay attention and sign up to help make change. You can walk, you can write letters, you can form groups, you can monitor the money trails and you can monitor your representatives. You can become like our forefathers who created this magnificent country back in 1776 who pledged their all for us. It is our responsibility to see that the government we have is passing the laws that benefit society and not only those in corporate or government positions. It is our responsibility to remove from positions of power those who do not to do their jobs. It is as simple as that.

Remember, we are in a transformational period for America. This was a period scheduled in the original blueprint of its birth. We will have various triggers over the next 12 years or so. We had two big ones begin this year. One of these triggers behaves very erratically so that change can come swiftly. The other is methodical and a task master. Expect the unexpected and think very pro-actively.

Become a Warrior

Think and Prepare

John Perkins, a person very esteemed in the martial art world with great abilities to control the mind offers this advice:

  • 1) Maintain a highly developed mind that possesses a well-grounded uncomplicated outlook.
  • 2) The mind remains clear in chaos, trained to act with spontaneous deliberation. While others are trapped in fear, disharmony and depression, the Warrior has mastered the techniques of “guided chaos”.
  • 3) The mind is tough enough to withstand hardship, but flexible enough to quickly shift tactics to the rapidly changing conditions and fluid realities of combat.

I’ll give you more tips from John Perkins next month.

4) Trends of the Month

Reading the Future

Get Real

We are completing a financial cycle that began back in 1982. This period from 2008 to almost 2020 will include a contraction and a treading of water timeframe. We are wringing out excesses of the system. Plan on being very efficient, economical and organized during the next 5 years. Get rid of what is no longer useful or necessary. Keep or incorporate what is not. This can involve your job, career, possessions or relationships.

Age Regeneration

During this period, expect revolutionary changes in the skin, hair and bone industries. The aging process will be more fully understood. Regeneration through fasting will become more popular and accepted. Companies that do research and produce worthwhile products in these areas will do very well.

Need for Engineers

“Tech industry unemployment is likely to dip even lower in the weeks ahead. It is just 4% now….” The Kiplinger Letter, July 1, 2011

Measuring Time

Time will be seen in a different light. The way we measure it and count it will be enhanced. The whole concept of time as an illusion or artificial construct will be more accepted by society.

One Big National Enquirer

More dirt will be dug up on nations, groups, individuals and those who have been deceptive in their policies or activities. It is time to meet fate and punishment. The Weiner episode, Blagoavich in Illinois, doctors who held back information so that they would continue to be paid for research by big pharma are part of this exposure.

“Off with their heads” or as a local radio station says “heads on a stick” is the climate of the day. More will be forced to come forward in the government, science, corporate, nations (wikileaks). Expect the masses to begin to form groups to be part of the change.

Illegal Immigration

Expect more crack down on illegal immigration.

5) Ponder This

“Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.” Niccolo Machiavelli

6) Upcoming Events

  • July 24th, 11 am
  • Free talk “The Heat is On, Understanding the World Changes”
  • New Age Bible & Philosophy Center
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  • 310-395-4346
  • July 24th, 1 – 4 pm, Los Angeles
  • Special limited class size on understanding the deeper meaning of numbers


For More Upcoming events: See my website to register and more information

September 23rd – 25th Chicago, Unity of Oak Park– weekend workshop on Numerology and other Sacred Secret Mystery School information. Information rare and important.



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Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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In the meantime—Remember that the power within you is greater than any power outside of you. Keep blessing each situation no matter how awful. The picture screen is descending—you cannot see the entire picture.

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