March 2013

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  1. The 3rd month of the year
  2. Question and Answer
  3. View from the Freeway
  4. Trends and Forecasts
  5. Ponder This

The 3rd Month of the Year

In our neck of the woods in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are longer and the year is definitely busy. The third month is always the true starting point of year. After the one month of January and the two month of February, we have the result, or the creation of the one and two, the number three. We arrive at the number three and the truly creative month. We do things in 3’s. Three strikes and you are out, 3’s a crowd, 1, 2, 3 GO and, of course, all good things come in three’s (old wives’ tale). The triangle becomes the base of support of buildings, archways and construction in nature itself. Even our own pelvic region, with its’ two legs, becomes the body’s triangle.

You will experience in March a desire to get going. The light is longer, the days are warmer and the feeling of movement is in the air. Even though we still have the Mercury Retrograde through St. Patrick’s Day, it is very wise to prepare yourself this month to move out. During the first few weeks of the year, clean up and complete. It is not the best time to initiate. Work on existing projects, delay interviews and moves until later in the month. Use the month wisely, get all your plans in place, prepare your taxes so they are not hanging over your head next month when Mercury is in direct motion.

Are you on track for what you want to accomplish in 2013?

Question and Answer:

How may I best help my newly-born daughter to develop into a beautiful soul?


“Your best means of helping her is to address her silently while she sleeps, sitting by the bed, telling her that you idealize her

New arrival ready to grow!

growing naturally and modestly into a beautiful soul. Mention at these times that it would be helpful to her if she could retain her awareness of the inner worlds from which she came. Ask her to retain the memory of her visits at night to her Homeland. Then pray each night, as she goes out in search of her Teachers, that she will attract those Higher Mentors and Advisors who will help her to become a vessel for the carrying through of Light. Pray that she be forever safefolded from all forms of negativeness, so that good health, a beautiful home life, right companionships and right activities will carry her through a glorious childhood and womanhood.

It might be advisable for her to have dancing lessons early, as well as lessons in music appreciation. Guide her so she plays easily with other children. Especially would this be necessary if she does not have a little sister or brother to companion her. Try to encourage her to love and understand people. She will need social activities of a happy kind.

It would be wise for you to gather now the graded literature that you will read to her as she grows older. Be sure to include the stories of the Knights of the Holy Grail. Teach her the romance, the idealism, and the high adventure of the dedicated life. “

Flower Newhouse—“Here Are Your Answers” published in 1948.

View from the Freeway

There seems to be no end to the debate of gun control in America. We appear to be more polarized than ever. The ridiculous to the sublime come out of the woodwork to make a point about their views. I recently saw a person who encourages people to come into his pizza restaurant wearing their guns. Does the pizza taste better? The owner says he “feels more safe” if each person walks in packing heat (wearing a gun). Probably less chance of complaints about the burned pizza if everybody is equalized by their weapons. The shootout over not enough pepperoni. People do like their 15 seconds of fame. When people feel marginalized or self-righteous, they begin to behave as if brain scans will become a thing of the past as there wouldn’t be enough brains to scan.

The National Rifle Society comes out on the side of having guns at every school. Its members are only about 4 million so it really does not speak for most gun owners in America which number in the hundreds of millions. Most gun owners are pretty responsible people and you really don’t hear much from them.

Guns are not going to go away in America. We are a number 5 country. We are wild and woolly and love our freedom and the rights of the individual but, we do honor the law. America is a lawful country. We just finished an enormous election in November and we had no riots, no protests and no deaths from the election. In fact, we have “prayer breakfasts” and golf matches. We will always bicker and be outrageous but we will always try to maintain our balance. We are under construction and this is what it looks like as we progress into a more balanced life and country. The whole world is watching us to see how we do it.

What is not being addressed with the Newtown massacre and most of the rest of the public shootings by young males is the use of prescription drugs in the system of the shooters at the time of the shootings. You don’t hear a peep from the pharmaceutical industry about their role in the shootings. Dr. Julian Whitaker, a physician in Newport Beach, CA has published a list of the names and dates of the shootings since Columbine. He also includes the names of the drugs they were taking at the time of the shootings (most were on one or more legal pharmaceuticals). His February issue of “Health and Healing” has an article entitled “School Shootings: Evil or Drug-Induced Behavior?” You may want to read this article and draw your own conclusions. He describes the medications of 27 of the shooters, including Adam Lanza (who has been medicated since he was 10) and the Seal Beach, CA shooter, 41 years old, who killed 8 people in a hair salon (he was on Trazodone, an antidepressant, and Topamax, a mood stabilizer). The list is extensive and disturbing.

Between 2004 and 2011, the FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting System for drug side effects logged 12,755 reports of psychiatric medications relating to violence. Among them were 359 homicides, 7,250 incidences of aggression and 2,795 episodes of mania. There were 9,310 suicides. Actually the damage is far greater. According to the FDA, fewer than 10 percent of adverse reactions are reported. To get a truer picture of the horrors of these medications, multiply these numbers by 10!” Whitaker goes on to report that the 14 school shootings and the 10 murders and murder-suicides that he reports—which left 102 dead and 131 wounded—were all committed by individuals who have been positively identified as having been taking or withdrawing from antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs.

Whitaker believes that the headline of the December 12, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings is inaccurate. He suggests it should read instead “Psych Drug-Induced Murder Destroyed Another Community”.

Big Pharma says nothing. Instead we focus on assault weapons and gun control. Obviously assault weapons are not necessary in our daily lives but to go after them without addressing the deeper and more serious issue is a mistake. Big Pharma’s “gravy train” keeps on rolling. We have become psych drug junkies. Tired, sad, weight problems, insomnia, indecisive, low libido, shy, hot temper, poor math skills—all of these and “many more human characteristics have been lumped in groups, given labels and turned into fabricated, irrational ‘psychiatric disorders’ that are treated by drugs.”

I encourage you to read Julian Whitaker’s report on this long list of shooters. He delivers a quote from Albert Einstein “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Trends and Forecasts:

The good news is that the economy is turning into positive mode. It is slow and gradual and requires your patience but

Moving ahead into the future!

it continues to improve. It is important to monitor the housing markets as that is one of the big indicators of positive change. The other indicator is jobs. We still have low to poor improvement in this area but looking at solid job gains in at least a 5 year window away. It is important to remember that that economy fell apart in 2008. We are only in the 5th year of a 16 year transformation. By 2020, we will really have good house appreciation and decidedly better job performance. The direction is positive.

USPS Saturday delivery is ending BUT 7-day parcel service is coming. The USPS will start regular Sunday package delivery this year or by early 2014. USPS has a real success story with parcel service. Its volume is up 14% since 2010 due to online shopping and delivery contracts with UPS and FedEx. All week delivery will be a boon for e-commerce companies.

Gesture-based technology is advancing. Soon you will be able to compute by rolling an eye, waving a hand or wiggling a finger. You will be able to unlock a phone with a look. Gesture technology can be adapted to everyday use without expensive upgrades. Two companies stand out in the market place for gesture technology: Eye Tribe in Denmark and Point Grab in Israel.

Injection-Free Vaccination Goes After HIV and Malaria without the Needle (Mobile Mag-February 11, 2013)—Scientists at King’s College London have successfully “demonstrated the ability to deliver a dried live vaccine to the skin without a traditional needle.” The main buzz about this discovery and the injection-free vaccination is that it may open up these live vaccines to the entire world. No need for refrigeration and a reduction in the cost of manufacturing and transportation is huge.

Google Now: Trading Your Privacy for the Future(Seeking Alpha-February 8, 2013) The next frontier for Google to index is YOU. “If you get a product for free, you are not the customer. You are the product. The rancher isn’t in business for the cattle.” Google changed their privacy policy last March so they could combine the information they have collected from their over 60 free services and use it to improve the user experience. This means more accurate search and advertising but it also cleared the way for Google Now. Popular Science magazine reviews Google Now and says that “Google Now draws a distinctly technological line. On the side you’re on now, you tell your device what you want to do. On the far side, devices do the telling. Google Now is waiting for you over there. It’s the first virtual assistant that truly anticipates your needs. All you have to do is opt in. Voice interfaces like Siri seem outdated by comparison. With Google Now, you don’t pull the phone out when an idea occurs to you. You pull it out when an idea occurs to it.”

This is definitely part of the prep of the future of robots, telepathic communications and the manifestation of what was once science fiction. The Aquarian Age of advanced technology and detachment has arrived. Wait until you see what is coming.

America is a “service economy” It accounts for 68% of the US economy and 25% of her exports. The potential for growth in this area is huge. Global markets clamor for the skilled services for which America excels—from finance, insurance, engineering and architecture—plus express delivery, education and entertainment. Kiplinger Letter, February 22, 2013. “Service exports are already on the rise…on track to climb from about $632 billion last years to $800 billion in 2015, spurring 700,000 jobs. What’s more, the US posts healthy trade surpluses in services, helping to offset a chronic deficit in goods.” China is even trying to learn how to do fund raisers efficiently.

The “Myth of Saudi America”—Slate- February 6, 2013In the United States the Bakken River Shale deposit (Montana and North Dakota) and the Eagle Ford deposit (Texas) contain up to 700 billion barrels and the Green River shale under Colorado, Wyoming and Utah has a whopping 2 trillion barrels. However, only a tiny fraction of this total is recoverable. At the high end of the estimates, predicted production from Bakken and Eagle Ford together amounts to perhaps a two-year oil supply for the US at 2011 consumption rates.

Ponder This:

“All things partake in a greater continuum of order and design; consequently, there are no coincidences or truly random events. In turn, any chance event or process can divulge greater patterns of meaningfulness within the life of an individual or society…………….The world is interwoven by a complex web of subtle correspondences or affinities, secret connections that link seemingly diverse phenomena through a deeper resonance of meaning”.

From the great book “The Awakening Dream” by Ray Grassee







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