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The Minogue Times –

March, 2012


— Trends Numerology and More —


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  • “We have to decide in a very simple way, what is necessary, and then settle down to the quiet process of achieving it.” Manly P. Hall

Table of Contents:

  • 1) March the meaning of the month in Numerology
  • 2) Upcoming Events
  • 3) Question and Answer
  • 4) View from the Freeway
  • 5) Trends
  • 6) Ponder This


1—The Significance of March

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Get out your track shoes and prepare to run—at least the first 12 days of March before the Mercury Retrograde begins on March 12th. I like to leave a few extra days on either side of a Mercury Retrograde so plan on really rolling up your sleeves until March 10th. Do not waste time on meaningless activities. Ask yourself, is what I am doing getting me to where I need to go or am I fooling myself?

The reason I emphasize the strong push of constructive activity for March is it being the 3rd month of the year. Remember January and February have just been your preparatory months and the burst of creativity and activity is now. We use the number three to create a finale. One, two, three go or three strikes and you are out or things happen in three’s. Here you are right at the start of the three. Be creative, be uplifting for yourself and be real.

The number three is the unifying factor of the numbers one and two. It creates a new level for them. We have just lifted ourselves off the ground from 2011. The three signifies wholeness and completeness. You have completed your beginning for this year. If you consider the support for all structures on the planet, it will always be the triangle. March is the “Trinity” month. Things come alive now. Let’s March in March!

Because we have a Mercury Retrograde during a large portion of the month (the retrograde ends April 4th). I remind you to NOT purchase important electronic products, automobiles, houses during this period. Nor do I recommend NEW job interviews or moving during this period. It is an excellent period to continue to work on existing projects, refine them, get very organized, double check all correspondence and above all DO ALL COMPUTER REPAIRS, ELECTRONIC REPAIRS, AUTO REPAIRS and ELECTIVE SURGERIES BEFORE THIS PERIOD BEGINS. If you are considering elective surgery wait until after about a week after April 4th. Case in point, my doctor had back surgery during a Mercury Retrograde. It did not go well. He had to go back in within two weeks, still in the retrograde period. This did not do the trick as well. A third surgery was performed many weeks after the retrograde and was successful. Another contact had cosmetic surgery during a retrograde and had to have a second surgery for refining the first surgery. All in all—anyone choosing elective cosmetic surgery should wait until after April 14th when other transits have moved on.

2) Upcoming Events

April 21st and 22nd Chicago workshops (Unity of Oak Park)


“Sacred, Secret, Science”

Hidden Teachings

A great opportunity to look at some rare and essential information from the ancient mystery schools. This 2-day workshop can be attended on one or both days and I have priced it accordingly. Special pricing for attending both days! Early registration is encouraged as we all want to save money!

Saturday, April 21st, 10 am to 4 pm (lunch included) – Part 1

  • The Invisible System
  • The correspondence between numbers and letters
  • Astrological energy packages
  • Ancient rites of Egypt
  • Life between lives and death itself
  • Angels, divas and other realms
  • ….and more

Sunday, April 22nd, 1 pm to 4 pm – Part 2

  • The Trends and Forecast for our Current and Future Years
  • What you need to recognize and manage to heal and survive these times.
  • Future directions, world trends, health, longevity and financial concerns
  • Why everything and everyone is speeding up, distracted and worn out.
  • Why we will continue to phase out the old industrial manufacturing base.
  • Where is the money, where are the jobs or are we becoming a society with less workers?
  • What does this mean?
  • …..and more


3) Question and Answer:

I often get asked the question about the difference between Numerology and Astrology. Are they the same thing? It seems we all know our signs but we know very little about Numerology, numbers, sounds and the blueprints of our Lives.


An easy way to answer this question is to picture an architectural blueprint of a building. It lays

sample blueprint

out the plans for the completed structure. From this blueprint the building will be built. The rooms placed inside this structure are part of the blueprint but they are not the blueprint. In this respect Numerology is a word made up to impart the study of numbers. In actuality it is really a study of Sacred Geometry. It is considered the blueprint of a person’s life. The date of birth and the first registered birth name are the blueprint. In order to move outward into an energy package for this individual we have the Astrology of the person.

Astrology must fit inside the blueprint. Numerology gives the Astrology its structure, shape and form. A person’s “sign” actually tells you that when that person was born, the Sun was in a specific constellation in the sky. From this we pluck the various planets for the person based on their alignment in the heavens when the person took his or her first breath. So in many respects, your Astrology is your energy package or the rooms of the house in your blueprint. These rooms are changed around according to the planets’ movements in the heavens but the original blueprint stays in place. This why it is important to know both your Astrological energy package as well as your Numerology and its original blueprint.


4) View from the Freeway

Are we getting used to the contraction of this period? At first we had the shock in “07 and ’08 and now we are looking at what to do with the cards we seemed to have been dealt. Will this ever get better and how tired are you?

For some parts of our society, they have felt little of the strains of this period. Some have been spared pretty well. For the most part though, these huge transits are affecting us all and we still have a good 12 to 15 years to go to get this corrected. At least America is making some progress and there is no doubt in my mind that she will recover. Many areas, though, will have to be surgically removed or dried out to make the recovery. The words are “breakdown and renewal”. We are in both phases and it depends on which side of the street you are on as to whether you are in breakdown or in renewal.

Manufacturing jobs such as making toys, sheets, widgets are not coming back. Higher value manufacturing such as software design and surgical and medical devices are growing. The trick is to understand America is becoming a country that specializes. Our expertise is in telecommunication and scientific areas as well as advanced health services and high end machinery and many more high value products and services. The auto industry may not be ours unless we create something very specific such as smart cars (cars that park and drive themselves). Detroit still rots away while GM gets subsidies from the government.

It is important to remember during this breakdown and renewal that no company can stay alive

Breakdown and Renewal

sitting on its past accomplishments and trophies. It must look to the future and develop areas to expand into. Remember that this country was founded by a group of farmers, enlightened men and women and those who, for the most part, raised themselves up by their bootstraps. It is so today. We went against King George and his cohorts and risked our lives to turn the ship around. It is so today.

We must manage ourselves well, we must manage our money well, we must plan ahead and create a fallback plan. We must manage ourselves as if we, personally, were a business. I was thinking the other day that so much of the New Age movement promotes prosperity, positive thinking and abundance and yet I never see an “endowment” for a university or a hospital coming from people or companies of the New Age movement. Endowments come from wealthy individuals and companies that have become successful. They pay for research, provide new schools and add to the arts of our museums.

For all our classes and workshops and retreats, the donors of America who change the face of America still come from the corporate world and wealthy individuals.

5) Trends

30% of America’s economy is now controlled by the federal/state/local governments though taxes and fees. It is a growing number. 70% of our economy is a free market economy. Common Sense Portfolio—February, 2012

More over, regulation in America is poorly written as well. “Sarbanes-Oaxley, a law aimed at preventing Enron-style frauds, has made it so difficult to list shares on an American stock market that firms increasingly look elsewhere or stay private. America’s share of initial public offerings fell from 67% in 2002 (When law was passed) to 16% last year, despite some benign tweaks to the law. A study for the Small Business Administration (SBA), a government body, found that regulations in general add $10,585 in costs per employee. It is a wonder the jobless rate isn’t even higher than it is.”

The Economist, February 18, 2012

People are now more interested in what they save than in what they lose. Focus on preserving capital has become king.

3D Printed Jaw Lets 83 year old Breathe, Chew and Talk—MSNBC February 6, 2012

Future Edition e-newsletter is reporting that a customized artificial jawbone built with a 3-D printer has allowed an 83 year old woman to continue breathing, chewing, and chatting away– a team of Belgian scientists announced. The first-of-a-kind jaw reconstruction was accomplished with a printing technique called laser melting where layers of a metallic powder are built up and fused together with a laser. In this case, the powder was titanium.

Fungi Discovered in the Amazon will Eat Your Plastic Fast Company, February 6, 2012, as reported by Future Edition e-newsletter.

A group of Yale students has brought back from the Amazon fungi that is quite happy eating plastic in airless landfills. The group was part of the Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory. This fungus, Pestalotiopsis is new to science and has a voracious appetite for global waste. It loves to eat polyurethane—the plastic found in landfills.

6) Ponder This

Manly P. Hall, the wise and well known name in the metaphysical world, wrote in his Lectures on Personal Growth:

“Leisure is one of the great problems—both economic and psychological –in our society. The individual no longer spends his free time in a pleasant adventure in the forest enjoying buttercups, like Thoreau did. Today, leisure means to pile the family in the car…One of the reasons for this is that leisure has become entirely objective. The individual is simply spending money to get his mind off himself, or, as he might say, to get his mind off his responsibilities. This type of leisure cuts very seriously into his economic resources and confronts him with perpetual temptation to overstep the reasonable boundaries of his budget…….

Most of all, leisure is an opportunity to understand people, and through this understanding, to learn more about ourselves. It is far more important to find out something abut how other people think, and how other people feel, than it is to devote our spare time to the elaborate productions of the entertainment world.”

From the TaoTe Ching

  • Knowing others is intelligence;
  • Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
  • Mastering others is strength;
  • Mastering yourself is true power.
  • If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich…..”
  • Until next month–I enjoy hearing from you,
  • Gail




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Most of you realize that I work with individuals and corporations in helping them with their personal blueprints. It is very important work and so I continue to do it as long as I am able to do it. Each of us arrives here with a wonderful guidance system. We create it before arrival and work with it all our lives. It is important to know what you created and what is your timing in this life. Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who starts his new term at 72.

Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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