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The Minogue Times –

June, 2012


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Table of Contents:

  • 1 View from the Freeway
  • 2 Trends
  • 3 Ponder This

June’s Minogue Times is lean this month. A full version appears in July issue.


America’s Election History Lesson

Elections are over, Europe keeps struggling and the US economy bumps along. All eyes seem to be focused on whether

Be an Informed Voter

or not another shoe will drop. Uncertainty continues as we move along in this big Mother transit which ends in 2024. I strongly urge you to focus on the donut and not the hole. Mainly things that are so excruciatingly painful now will be relieved once we get into 2023 and beyond. The really crunch years are from now until 2016.

The media is having a field day with us. The sound bites increasing. There is no loss for opinions. This recent election was telling of many things, including the old way of doing business being exposed and not working. Voters come out to vote “against” something not “for” something. It is very important to become more informed. To do that takes time. Does it feel like battle? Do we really have “class warfare”? Who makes up this stuff?

Lewis Lapham wrote a very interesting article in “Harper’s” magazine’s May issue. It is entitled “Ignorance of Things Past—who wins and who loses when we forget American history. He speaks of the American temperament as “impatient, go-ahead, fast-forwarding people inclined to view the past as irrelevant”. He also cites the example as well, of the football coach at Florida State University receiving a higher income than that of the entire classics faculty. The point of the article is that we have been here before with our boom and bust economy mentality and our class warfare and pecking order from the beginning.

The campaign rhetoric plays to these feelings that somehow something really bad has happened to America and the American Dream. It is disappearing with the 1%. This message permeates the internet blogs. Public opinion polls are showing that 69% of Americans believe that America is in decline.

We believe these things because we do not know America’s history. We watch the sound bites and read the

The Old West Paddy Wagon

blogs and form these opinions without having any knowledge of the road America has already walked. Yes, this period is tough and yes, it requires breakdown and renewal but America has a rich past of this behavior. Even the American Western movies are coming back to help with our own nostalgia for what was. Forgotten in most of these Westerns are the awful conditions Americans faced. Lapham’s article states that in the 1840’s when the pioneers went west on the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail, they littered the Trail with abandoned wagons and newly furnished graves. In the towns of Deadwood and Nacogdoches, teenagers settled differences by shooting each other. There were mainly four areas of work, cattle, mining, timber and land. All were subsidized by the government. What else is new?

Remember of our first 10 presidents, eight had income from property rents, capital and slaves. The White

It Wasn't That Long Ago

House has served as a “second home for money.” Why else would a person like Mitt Romney, who has millions, want a job that pays $400,000? America has always been nailed to a “cross of gold”. The idea of a classless society is a smokescreen. We have never been a classless society. It has always, with the exception of a few periods of our history, in the 1830’s-50’s and 1950’s-60’s, been in favor of the rich. Until we have a different tool other that capitalism, we will continue to favor a society that is not equal. Capitalism requires cheap labor to survive—hence offshore movement of jobs etc. Thomas Jefferson wrote “Money, not morality, is the principle of commercial nations” and that was a couple of hundred years ago. He also wrote “All men are created equal”. There is theory and then there is practice.

It is my view that Democracy creates stresses and conflicts. They are essential to keep it changing and growing. It is important to understand how and what has happened to America to really understand the dynamics of our current times. How about a good history book on America and how the Founding Fathers, all men of property holdings, set up a type of government favorable to acquiring more property, money and business. How about Alexander Hamilton’s, our country’s first Treasury Secretary, stating that the “masses are the asses”.

The next time you hear about the 1% vs. the 99% and class warfare, look to the past and see the similarities. Déjà vu—all over again.


Looking into the Future

Government Labor Union benefits will continue a decline across America. Wisconsin, San Diego and San Jose are the start of a nationwide direction to reign in generous pensions and benefits of City, State and Federal government employees. Currently government employment pays 15% more than private employment. Cities and states are the most vulnerable and the citizens will rally for services and schools against generous government employee benefits.

Greece will leave the euro zone by August of 2013. The euro will survive but there will be a strong recession in Europe once it leaves. Expect that recession to last approximately two years.

America’s election will not get serious until about mid September. Obama is not a shoe-in. The key states to watch are Florida, Ohio, VA, NH, Iowa and Colorado.

PayPal-online payment service—will get bigger. 15 large retail chains, including JC Penney, Barnes & Noble and Toys “R” Us are following Home Depot’s lead in accepting PayPal at registers. The service may save the credit card processing fees of the merchant. Kiplinger Letter, June 1, 2012

American heads are getting largerEurekaAlert-May 3, 2012. “Forensic anthropologists at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville have examined 1,500 skulls dating back to the mid-1800’s through the mid-1980’s. US skulls have become larger, taller and narrower as seen from the front and faces have become significantly narrower and higher. The researchers cannot pinpoint a reason as to why American head shapes are changing and whether it is primarily due to evolution or lifestyle changes….The scientists also noted changes that illustrate the US population is maturing sooner….Researchers have found the bone of the skull is fusing much earlier—at age 14 in girls and 16 for boys.”

Facebook not liked. “Some Teens Aren’t Liking Facebook as Much as Older Users”—LA Times-May 29, 2012. “Teens….are increasingly gravitating to the services made for smartphones and tablets like mobile social network Path….for some teens, the novelty of Facebook has worn off…they are checking out new mobile apps, hanging out on Tumblr and Twitter, and sending plain old text messages from their phones.”

Almost Half of New Veterans Seek Disability Compensation—(Nation of Change—May 29, 2012). About 45% of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are seeking compensation for service-related injuries—more than double the 21% of veterans who filed such claims after the first Gulf War…….Some female veterans are claiming PTSD due to military sexual trauma—a new challenge from a disability rating standpoint.

The Terrifying Ways Google is Destroying Your Privacy” by David Rosen—a good article on AlterNet. An Important Read!

United States not honest broker with Syria. Los Angeles Times, June 10, 2012–Editorial on “The market for Russia’s Arms”. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is increasing the pressure on Russia to stop supplying weapons to Syria. She says that Russia’s refusal diminishes international efforts to sanction Syria. While the United States chastises Russia, the Defense Department contracted a year ago to buy 21 Mi-17 helicopters from Rosoboronexport, a state-owned Russian arms dealer that’s heavily involved in the Syrian Arms Trade. This $375 million contract is to supply helicopters for the Afghan military. Add to this, it was a “no-bid” contract. The Pentagon says that the Russian crafts are cheaper and are already familiar to Afghan pilots and mechanics who have been using them for decades.



“He who cannot see himself within the context of at least a 2,000-year expanse of history is all his life shackled to days and weeks.”

–Rainer Maria Rilke







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