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The Minogue Times –

June 2011


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Table of Contents:

  • 1) The 6th Month and its Meaning
  • 2) Question and Answer
  • 3) View from the Freeway
  • 4) Trend of the Month
  • 5) Ponder This
  • 6) Upcoming Events

1) The 6th Month—June

Love and Marriage

Love is in the air (as well as pollen). All types of adjustments take place in the home during the 6th month. The pregnant appearance of the number 6 is appropriate in that this is the most family and domestic month of the year. There are numerous adjustments in the home people get married and join in a new home, children graduate and leave home and people finalize divorces and move out of homes. The entire month is filled with family commitments and responsibilities. This is also a wonderful month to make improvements to your home. Paint it, throw out the shabby furniture, add the addition or move to a better home. The entire month is concerned with improvements, festivities and celebrations.

The ancient symbol for the number 6 is the Hexagram, or the 6 pointed star. It was adopted by the Jews in the 17th century as an official symbol. It is seen as two interlaced triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down. This ancient symbol predates Judaism and was the Great Yantra, the Philosopher’s Stone and represents the union of the sexes. The triangle that points downward symbolizes the female primordial image or Yoni, the bindu. Conceived within her triangle was the upward pointing triangle, the male. This symbol represents the union of the Goddess and God.

Eventually the hexagram was de-sexed due to puritanical influences. Sex and the number six are very similar in sound and spelling. Remember man and woman were created on the 6th day. In the deck of Tarot cards, Key 6 card is called the “Lovers”. No wonder this 6th month is filled with love, family, home and all aspects of creation and preservation of this essential force.

2) Question and Answer

This question pertains to elementals. What is a car elemental?

Its an Elemental!


All of your thoughts and feelings for something that you love—you should love your car and not take it for granted—create an “elemental”. All of those feelings gradually culminate, and the energy becomes a form which follows the outline of the car, and has the intelligence of an animal young in evolution. It looks something like a sea turtle flattened out. It has a face. It has feelings—not thoughts as yet but feelings.

Your carelessness with a car is distasteful to the elemental. Your love is a benediction. The elemental loves when you pray for the car’s good, for it receives that charging, that baptism. When you slam the door, the elemental does not like it at all. When you slam on the brakes suddenly as a habit, the elemental might turn on you. It is important to treat your car well, respectfully and gratefully.

You should treasure everything. Deal with everything you have in a kindly way. As objects begin to be ensouled with the power of your love, those ensoulments begin elementals which will go on from there with intelligence.

From the book “Here are Your Answers” by Flower A. Newhouse PS–It is also wise to name your automobile.

3) View from the Freeway

View from the Freeway

Midwest floods, tornadoes and heavy rains in the Northeast continue to remind us of the power of Mother Nature and the placement of humankind in the scheme of things. No matter how smart we become with our technology and our ability to use “smart” phones, it is no contest when Mother Nature decides to perform.

If you have read my prior postings (I encourage you to read “The Deeper Meaning of Osama bin Laden’s Death”—the death of the Piscean Age), you are familiar with the watery composition of the Piscean Age and the Air composition of the incoming Aquarian Age. The meeting of these two in these air and water events is the perfect metaphor for the transition of these two cycles. I would expect more “air” and “water” events in the form of tsunamis, floods, tornadoes and ashes from volcanoes being carried by the wind over large sections of Europe. The same goes for other airborne diseases and fall out through the air of other pollutants.

This age of Air will usher in the hydrogen economy, the solar wind economy and lots of hot air from Washington. The Washington scene is quite discouraging as the parties continue to protect their own interests rather than the interests of their employers. As I have said many times before, the citizen is generally asleep at the switch regarding his or her own interests. During this important cycle through 2024, this will change. Not before the election, of course. Everything waits on the 2012 election as the politicians jockey for position, raise money and blow smoke. The can is being kicked further down the road. I would not expect any real change until 2013. In the meantime, use your common sense. May 21st came and went and we are still here. Money and emotions are a side show for the bored. The same goes for conspiracy theories. They sell a ton of snake oil. Don’t buy it. Do not isolate yourself at these times. Stop staying up late at night listening to conspiracy theories on late night radio and then spreading the “truth” like wildfire on the internet.

I hear more and more crazy things from reasonably intelligent people. Why are you scaring yourselves and listening to somebody else’s “expert” misinformation? Save your breath to cool your soup and do something constructive now that will help relieve your stress, make you laugh and create some new income in your life. The world will not stop turning and will hardly notice that May 21st came and went and the rapture never materialized. Thank goodness, for a minute there I was concerned that I would be left to fend for myself. No Trader Joe! But wait, we can focus on some other nut job idea. There’s sure to be a postponement of the date. Let’s wait for the next bus.

4) Trends of the Month

What is ahead

  • Housing

Still a sad commentary on the nation’s housing situation. It really never recovered so it is hard to call it a double dip recession in house prices. The banks don’t want to lower the principal much less the interest rate. Do not be fooled by them hiring more workers to help in the foreclosure department. It just provides homeowners with a more reliable way of reaching someone at the bank who will deny their loan modification. Plus it gives the under-employed employees at the bank something to do. Let’s call it friendlier faces of refusal.

Rents will probably increase in certain areas (Los Angeles) as less people can get loans or they lose their houses. There can be no recovery until the government addresses the housing crisis. Few appliances, new furniture and home improvements are being bought if houses are depreciating in value and owners remain upside down in their biggest asset.

  • Jobs

Yes, we have some jobs being created—“boutique knowledge” is the key but not enough good paying jobs that buy houses. Besides how can you move for a new job if you can’t sell your existing home? We remain imprisoned in our “home castles”.

The government could help by easing regulations for businesses and improving the tax ramifications (lower corporate taxes) to make it easier to hire and expand. Demand for goods and services are being negatively impacted by massive unemployment. It should be a wake up call to Congress and the President to inspire businesses to hire but it isn’t. Point of notice “the US Fish and Wildlife Service may put the “Dune Sagebrush Lizard” on the endangered species list and literally shut down oil and gas production in West Texas, putting thousands of people out of work and shutting off 100’s of millions of barrels of oil”. Mike Turner’s Market Forecast Report.

  • Lending

Commercial loans are improving. Try your local small bank first. Lending is still a huge problem for residential loans. Banks do have the money but there are limited funding routes. There is little change interest rates will rise quickly. They will slowly increase until about 2013

Foreign investors still like the United States as an investment. They are still eager to buy our Treasuries. China continues to trim its holdings but Japan, OPEC and the UK made up the difference.

  • The US Dollar

No matter how badly it has been beaten up lately, the dollar will eventually rally. This could make our exports more expensive and create a serious problem. I would expect that Greece will leave the Euro and return to its own currency. If that happens, I would expect problems with other Euro-based countries. It could be the beginning of the end of the Euro. If so, it will take about a 3 year period to unwind. People still trust in the US and in the dollar.

  • Technology

Oh, is this an exciting area! There are so many new, inexpensive communication devices. We will have inexpensive tablets and phones. It is remarkable. I met a gentleman from China whose company will be bringing to market this summer a $99 Ipad. I have said that technology for the poor is a huge trend. Since Americans are joining in this category, we all will benefit. We also will be able to borrow from the 3rd world micro lending banks which are setting up office in the US. Pay more attention to Viet Nam and India’s booming markets. China will be investing quietly in America, buying our companies and our land. This is good so do not get paranoid about it.

5) Ponder This

Ponder This

The number 9 is the number of completion, fulfillment and attainment in the physical. It encompasses all, contains all and continually returns. Any number added to 9 returns to itself: 4 + 9 = 13 1 + 3 = 4. Because 9 contains all it embodies wisdom. The cat, symbol of practical wisdom is reputed to have nine lives. Key 9 in the Tarot deck of card is the Hermit who turns to shed the light of wisdom for those who follow. When we want it all, we say, I want the “whole nine yards.”

“The wisdom of Nine knows that the material world is illusionary and transitory, that it exists for a period of time then must be dissolved and used as fertilizer for the next cycle of experience. The Nine, therefore, gives back to the Universe what it has learned so that the Universe will be richer. Knowing it will return, the Nine gives freely. Nine is letting go of the material.” Excerpt from “Numerology Astrology & Dreams” by Dusty Bunker.

6) Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

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