The Minogue Times–February/March, 2015

Unless the mind, body and spirit are equally developed and fully integrated, no wisdom…can be sustained.  This is why extremist religions and ideologies do not bear fruit.    Lao Tzu-The Hua Ha Ching

Table of Contents:

1) Events

2) Nos. 2 and 3 months February and March

3) Question and Answer

4) View from the Freeway–Starting Over!

5) Trends and Forecasts

6) Ponder This!


Upcoming Teleseminar “What’s Up?  Trends, Directions and Forecasts”

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What can we expect moving forward?

What direction should you take in light of the employment market, the financial markets and the cultural conditions?

Much has changed in a year.  What can we expect to experience over the next 3 years?

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February and March

2015 is off and running.  January was a fogged month.  A month to shake off the kinks of the holidays and transition 2014

Love Bites

Love Bites

energy into 2015.  This is also a starting time for your own personal numerological year (from your month and day added to the Universal Year–2015 No. 8).  February is the month to regroup under the Mercury retrograde that began in late January and ends February 11th.  A great time to go over contacts and finish up.  Remember to think of the 2nd half of February as your wind-up-for-the-pitch-month.  Once the retrograde aftermath leaves us, there are really no excuses to delay.

It is time to put your plans into play.  February is a number 2 month so it has a patient quality about it as well as “the other” quality about it.  It is 2 not the number one.  Two’s like to be with someone or work with someone so in February you can gain more by working with someone than working alone.  Remember, the productive months are now and you should think of a working year as being 9 months long so that your best and most productive projects are completed by October.

March is the number 3 month so it has an expansive quality about it.  It is creative, communicative and joyful.  Plan on using

Top of the Morning to You!

Top of the Morning to You!

this month of March to expand your projects, give them a fresh face, expand your network, host an event.  It is also a month where we wrap us the last of 7 squares that have been dramatically affecting the United States since 2012.  These last few years have been really challenging for all us.  We have been forced to clean up our act.  It will go on for some time once this last square hits.  Wc have learned we can never go back to the way we were.  Each of us has to be accountable and forced to rely on ourselves.  Americans are learning what they truly value.  Once March 17th has passed, we can all feel a collective sigh of relief.  The last few years were full of disorder as these squares were breaking up entrenched thinking and preparing the soil for new methods of conducting our lives.

Question and Answer:

What is the inner reason for a stroke?


“A doctor will tell you that it is the result of stress.  Spiritually a stroke would simply indicate that the victim was overcome by the tremendous forces that were discordant within him that he had not as yet been able to control.  These conditions might not be due to the present incarnation.  They might be the result of very poor physical karma.

But at some time one must come into command of his destiny.  Someone with hypertension would need to say, ‘My body might be seriously diseased, but there is that in me of God (or power) who lives within, and who can raise, control, heal and transform this body.’  Learning to let go of ambitions and the driving emotions is very important.  Let God supply the responsibilities. When one is recovering from a stroke, he is forced to modify his entire lifestyle–to reorganize his priorities into their proper places.  Choosing love as the channel of one’s life–love of the “force”, love of others and love of beauty–is the best way to recover from a stroke, and avoid another one.”  Flower Newhouse, “Here are your Answers” 1983.

View from the Freeway—Starting Over

A wise person once said to me that the “art of staying young is your ability to lower your resistance to starting over”.  Now that doesn’t mean you return to your early studio apartment but it could.  It could mean many things to many people.  We are at a time of our development where many of us are forced to start over.  Good paying jobs have shrunk, we’re working two or three jobs to make it.  Hourly wages have stagnated or dropped and corporations don’t need all the workers that are available.  On top of that, the parental comfort that we have been used to–meaning reliance on the government, the banks, the insurance companies and the corporations is leaving us.  Many of these institutions are in various forms of dysfunction and are not as effective as in the past.  .  You will not be able to depend upon these institutions to guide and protect you in the coming years.  People don’t recognize this but it is a large trend in the making.

We are getting used to uncertainty, as uncomfortable as that is.  Many of us are scrambling to take care of our responsibilities.  It seems that the world has become one of brokering and  paid referrals.  Any way to create income.  With the old industrial revolution fading away, the old structure began to disintegrate in the 70’s thanks to deteriorating industrial relations, globalization and computerization.  Corporations began to keep very strict controls on their labor costs and trade unions lost power in the private sector.  This model of secure jobs is a thing of the the past.  Eventually, it will reach the government sector–that is a political hot potato.

We have created an “on-demand” economy.  Companies are creating big business out of small jobs.  You can now use an app and find customers.  You can get your house cleaned, pack your furniture, computer help with a touch of the screen.  We are becoming a nation of “freelancers”.  Restaurants also have diminished using full time staff.  They are “on-call” as needed.  This is a stressful situation for the employees but excellent for the owner who can lower his costs of production.

What can we do as the every-day person on the street?  Even knowledge based industries are under threat of freelance.  A great proportion of professional knowledge can become routinized.  These industries are farming out their work to the market.  What can you do?  For starters, stop looking to the big parents to be there for you.  (the government, the banks, the insurance companies and corporations).  Always keep looking to improve your skills or learn new ones.  Become visible.  Let people know the services you can provide.  Connect to several sites that can provide work.  Pick an area you love and start to develop a plan to bring it to fruition.  Use crowdfunding for starter money or private on-line lenders.  Look at the solutions to your concerns and focus on them rather than your bills, your age, your health or your location.

Some of us will downsize temporarily (the studio apartment).  Simplify your lives while you put your freelance plans together.  This ability to start over can be exciting.  You can finally do some of things you have been dreaming about.  It’s all about lowering the resistance to starting over.  You may have to sell a car, ride ride-share for awhile.  You may just decide on a 3-day work week is enough and develop other pleasures for a more balanced life.  We’re never going back to the corporation that took care of you or job security.  We will be forming new companies and new ideas will come.  It requires lowering that resistance.

Trends and Forecasts

From Reuters: December 8, 2014–At America’s Court of Last Resort, a Handful of Lawyers Now Dominates the Docket   “The US  Supreme Court building proclaims a high ideal: “Equal Justice Under Law.”  But inside, an elite cadre of lawyers has emerged to give their clients a disproportionate chance to influence the law.  A Reuters examination of 9 years of cases shows that 66 of 17,000 lawyers who petitioned the Supreme Court…were at least 6 times more likely to be accepted by the court than were all others.  About half of these 66 lawyers worked for justices past or present, and some socialize with them.  Although they account for less than 1% of lawyers who filed appeals to the Supreme Court, these attorneys were involved in 43% of the cases chosen to decide from 2004 – 2012.

The Reuters examination of the Supreme Court’s docket, suggest…a decided advantage for corporate America.  Some legal experts contend that the reliance on a small cluster of specialists, most working on behalf of businesses, has turned the Supreme Court into an echo chamber–a place where an elite group of jurists embraces an elite group of lawyers who reinforce narrow views of how the law should be construed.  Of the 66 most successful lawyers, 51 worked for law firms that primarily represented corporate interests……..”

Today’s Tech Billionaires Have a Lot in Common with a Previous Generation of Capitalist Titans–The Economist–January 3, 2015…“In the 50 years between the end of the American Civil War in 1865 and the outbreak of WWI in 1914, a group of entrepreneurs spearheaded America’s transformation from an agricultural into an industrial society, build gigantic business empires and amassed huge fortunes.  In the 50 years since Data General introduced the first mini-computers in the late 60’s. a group of entrepreneurs have spearhead the transformation of an industrial age into an information society, built gigantic business empires and acquired huge fortunes.  when he died in 1992, Sam Walton, the found of WalMart, was probably America’s richest man with $8 billion.  Today Bill Gates occupies that position with $82.3 billion.  The first group was called the Robber Barons.  The new group is called the Silicon Sultans.

….the Robber Barons and the Silicon Sultans have more in common than most,…..they feel the future in their bones, bring it into being–and sometimes go too far.  Like their predecessors there were once revered as inventive mold breakers, delivering gadgets to the masses.  But just like Rockefeller and the other ‘malefactors of great wealth’, these new capitalists have been diversifying into businesses that have little to do with computers, while egotistically proclaiming that they alone can solve mankind’s problems, from aging to space travel.  More pointedly, they stand accused of being greedy business folk who suborn politicians, employ sweatshop labor, stiff other shareholders and, especially, monopolize markets.  Rockefeller once controlled 80% of the world’s supply of oil: today Google has 90% of the search market in Europe and 67% in the United States.”  …….Read more of this insightful article. tech-billionaires-have-lot-common-previous-generation-capitalist

The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate–Rolling Stone--December 5, 2014  “Nobody’s willing to say it yet….After Ferguson, and especially after the Eric Garner case that exploded in New York after yet another non-indictment following a minority death-in-custody, the police suddenly have a legitimacy problem in this country.  Law-enforcement resources are now distributed too unevenly, and justice is being administered with such brazen inconsistency, that people everywhere are going to start questioning the basic political authority of law enforcement.  And they’re mostly going to be right to do it……..”

No matter the trend we are still progressing, keep moving forward!

Ponder This

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why!”

Mark Twain

Thank you for reading this far!

Gail Minogue