The Minogue Times-February, 2014

“Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for lost faith in ourselves” Unknown author

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1)     The 2nd Month of the Year-February

Love Bites

Love Bites

February, the month of growth, partnership, patience, cooperation and awakening.  We begin this month with a retrograde Mercury that will last until the end of the month.  We all need extra patience to get through this month and we need to ease into the month carefully.  For those of you making important contractual decisions this month, I would encourage you to be patient and wait until you are fully into the first week of March.  Waiting can help and you will be signing a more secure agreement by waiting.  You can look now, but don’t buy–unless emergency surgery.

I like February, my birthday is the 6th, the first day of the retrograde, so I feel the positive energy at this time of year.  We also notice that the crocus are popping up from the snow and here in Los Angeles, I already have new roses.  Since February represents the number 2 and number 2 always requires patience and the awareness of the other, these are qualities we need to adopt this month.  The retrograde mercury gives you time to prepare and catch up.  Don’t stress out this month trying to get everything done.  Catch up, clean out, prepare and be patient.  Check all messages, reservations, directions, bills etc. very carefully.  Do not assume this month.  Before you leave the house, double check you have everything and leave room for the unexpected on your route.

2)     View From the Freeway

America continues to be transformed.  This is such an important time for the growth of our nation.  In order to be transformed, we must be willing to be changed.  Just as predicted more scandals assault us each day.  Until the huge Pluto transit is done, we will continue to read and hear about scandals in all of our sacred areas.  Its purpose is to wake us up so change can occur.   Just today, in the Wall Street Journal, there are articles about scandals with the military “Recruiting Fraud Cost Military Millions“, by Dion Nissenbaum.  It seems more than “1,200 people, including a major general and 29 colonels, may have been involved in a nationwide scheme to defraud a US military recruitment program of at least $29 million” before shutting the program down in 2012.

These accusations come as the Army and Defense Department grapple with a series of scandals, including contracting fraud, Uncle Samcheating and sexual misconduct.  The latest scandal involving recruitment by high-school counselors and principals who took credit for recruiting students who they already knew had joined.  The National Guard began offering up to $7,500 for each recruit brought in during height of the Iraq War.

How about Naval instructors cheating at the military’s nuclear-reactor training center in South Carolina.  How about the Air Force finding 92 officers on nuclear missile crews involved in cheating incidents.  Naval officials said about 30 senior enlisted sailors have been decertified and can no  longer work on the reactors while they are being investigated with the alleged cheating.  Since it is early in the investigation, others could be implicated.  The Naval exams are used to certify people to work as instructors but unlike the Air Force exams, the Naval exams are not directly related to promotions.

Get ready for more exposure of our sacred cows–such as the military.   This transit has an additional 9 year run to it.  When you hear of deficits and the inability to fund arts classes or take care of the mentally ill, remember the waste, fraud and deception that is right under your nose.  Nothing much will happen until you cannot stand the stench.

What I see as being good about these disclosures is the opportunity to expose the causes of dysfunctions.  Until we know what is going on and why, we cannot expect to make any positive progress.  We will not be able to keep throwing money at systems that are corrupt and wasteful.  Do we really need all of these systems that have been created over the last 240 years?  What needs to end?  What needs to change?  Did we elect people who are really qualified to do this type of surgery?

3)      Trends and Forecasts

Continual loss of middle class wages as the recovery creeps along.  US manufacturing will improve but does not guarantee jobs.  Automation and a need to curtail spending by corporations will create “on call workers”.  Currently more than 1 in 6 men ages 25 to 54 do not have jobs.  That is a total of 10.4 million.

Stock market will be more volatile in 2014 but still be a source of investment.  Pay attention to the sectors.  Larger companies will continue to do well.  Small companies will continue to find access to capital a serious problem.  Interest rates will remain relatively low all year causing people to stay in the stock market to receive a reasonable return on their money.

Anger about income inequality will continue to grow.  Politicians, however, will find it hard to address the problem.  It could create social unrest here at home.  We are seeing it all over the rest of the world but it hasn’t arrived on our shores–yet.

Key will be education and new types of school.  Life-long learning ideas.   Expect struggles from teachers unions and private schooling as charter schools continue to increase and jobs are eliminated.  This also includes administrative positions.

Technology disruption is just beginning.  It hasn’t really touched the public sector as they are slow to innovate.  The public sector of employment is a big target for technology disruption and tech-driven reinvention.  The medical arena is another.

Some areas of replacement:  bank tellers, security guards, accountants, doctors, numerous industrial jobs, telemarketing, bus drivers, truck drivers, medical care workers, real estate agents, commercial pilots,  postal workers, lawyers and numerous government administrative and low-level management jobs..  “47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next 20 years” Oxford University study.

Continual erosion of the middle class.  Note the struggle of middle class stores and restaurants, Kohls, Sears, J.C. Penney, Target, Red Lobster, Olive Garden.  Rise of 99 cent and dollar stores, online shopping, inexpensive restaurants (Chipolte) high end restaurants and stores.

Due to rise in hidden taxes and fees, we need to make 10% more in income each year just to maintain our existing standard of living.  Notice your hidden taxes and fees on your phone and cable bills, gasoline taxes, sales taxes, hotel taxes, rental car taxes and fees, airline fees and taxes.  America’s government is putting the squeeze on the people.  There is a growing resentment.

4)     Ponder This:

“The beginning of wisdom is first the desire for discipline, the love of it, the voluntary choice of it….discipline is

Worth Thinking About

Worth Thinking About

the highroad that leads to everything that makes life worth living.”Working with the Law”

by Raymond Holliwell.