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The Minogue Times –

December , 2012


— Trends Numerology and More —


Table of Contents:

  • 1) Upcoming-Events, Specials-Holiday Sale and January 27th Workshop

    Enjoy the Holidays-Be a Cheerful Giver & Receiver

  • 2) The 12th month of the Year-December
  • 3) Question and Answer
  • 4) View from the Freeway
  • 5) Trends—What’s New
  • 6) Ponder This

Greetings as we close out 2012!

1) Upcoming Events and Specials

Mark the date: Sunday, January 27th 2013, 2pm to 5pm for my New Year overview and expectations. This can help you set the tone for your 2013 plans. Register early as the space is limited. I like the Awakenings Bookstore in Laguna Hills. They are great to work with and the energy there is supportive for everyone. The space, however, is not very large so please register early and save a place for yourself. It will be sold out. You can register here:

Save some money and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving–

-My general and future one-hour sessions are on sale for a limited time.

Save $40 off the One Hour regular session–$50 off the Relationship Reading. Sale is for two weeks and ends on midnight, December 17th. You can order it for yourself or your friends and do the session when you need it. Visa, Master Card and checks are accepted. If you want it recorded, I will record the session using Skype. Skype allows regular phone calls (to a phone) but if you have a Skype account, please let me know your user name. Order a session here:

2) The 12th Month of the Year: Welcome to December.

As you wind down the year, remember this month is not intended to start new projects. You probably would not be thinking that way anyway as the energy doesn’t support beginnings. In the Northern Hemisphere the days are short and the invitation is towards hibernation, rest, calm and slow down. It is hot soup and blanket weather. Follow nature. When in doubt, that is always your best guide. Our crazy holiday behavior is actually the opposite.

In ancient days, people celebrated the winter solstice—approximately, December 21st/22nd. In fact, the Feast of Mithras was a celebration of this holiday. The cult of Mithra was a version of the ancient Persian God Mithra. Mithraic activities, temples and followers spread from England through what is now known as Palestine. It came into being around the same time as

Mithras ending the Age of Taurus-the Bull

the beginning of Christianity. It was extremely popular and a direct competitor to Christianity. Many of its beliefs, in one God and that all things came from this creator, were similar to what the new religion, Christianity was attempting to develop. By the year 200 AD Christianity was struggling as a religion.

In order to advance Christianity, it took on and adopted the dates of the Mithraic religion, especially the celebration of the winter solstice–the shortest day but the beginning of the return of light. What better way to attract followers than to tie it to an existing popular date and group. Over time, it became called the birthday of Jesus Christ, and embellished from there on. It is fascinating information as are most ancient teachings. There are so many myths out there that we have come accustomed to reading as “gospels” the stories we have been told.

To further my interest in Biblical Archeology and Ancient Art and to dig deeper into the source of our current day religious practices, I have been learning from different scholars from all over the country. They are sponsored by the California Museum of Ancient Art. It is fascinating information and important. A few of the topics include:

”Cosmic Origins in Ancient Egypt”,

“The Mithraic Mysteries Unveiled”

“The Exodus Narrative—Did it really happen?”,

“The Origins and Development of the Messiah”,

“Hammurabi of Babylon and his ‘Code’” and more.

Over time, I will share some of this valuable information with you so that you, too, can think about what you are told and what actually happened. Scholars include: Drs. William Scott Green, Mark Chavalas, Donald Redford and Dr. David Ulansey. The ending of the Piscean Age brings to light the origins of religions, their place in history’s timeframe and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the age of rational thinking, technological advancements, the ability to use thinking along with feeling and the rise of the individual, rights of the individual, respect for the individual–within the collective society.

3) Question and Answer:

Why are some people very kind to animals but exactly the reverse in their treatment of their fellow men?”


“A psychological defect causes this unbalanced expression of love. Lowly things are cared for kindly, while equals and superiors are ignored or mistreated. I would think that a person with such a temperament felt inferior to his own society, and covered his real feelings with a display of his own indifference. This kind of person could be normalized through learning to love all human beings inclusively, and through developing greater self-respect.”

By Flower Newhouse: “Here are Your Answers”

4) View from the Freeway—Keeping the Body “Here”

We are blessed here in Southern California to have sunny days and sweater weather. We just finished a few days of rain and just about everybody is saying they are so grateful for the rain and the natural watering of the garden. Great walking weather.

How soon I forget to really be grateful for the simple pleasures of nature. When it gets too crazy “out there”, nature is my best comforter. Just 10 minutes in a garden observing either rose bushes or indoor potted plants, will bring calmness and greater peace. Just listening to the pond and waterfall in my backyard gives one a sense of what is real.

We are regularly bombarded with really dumb sound bites, 24 hour assaults to our senses. It is imperative that you control what you will take in and what you won’t. You can be the master or the slave to the information machine–technology and its updates. If you choose to be its slave, you will never catch up and never have enough time. What a shame! We think we can control things here. Eventually, we learn we only could direct but not control. The better we can get at adapting to change, both sudden and slow, the more we evolve and advance.

But, never forget, the body does not care what you are planning tomorrow,next month, next year or two years from

Dance Like Nobody is Watching–or Cares!

now. The body’s job is to stay alive now, in the moment. It has no use for next week. It only can use now. If it believes you have no reason to be alive any more, it will begin to shut down and start its exit out of here.

This is one of the reasons we check out prematurely. We have not talked to the body, respected the body, taken the body for granted and not given it a reason to stay here. It must have a reason to stay here now—not tomorrow. Its’ job is to create—babies, life, usefulness etc. This is one reason why staying alive is basically the main job of your body. It doesn’t care about cosmetic surgery, your raise, your marriage, your vacation or your divorce. It just wants to know that it needs to be true to its purpose.

Listen to what you are telling it by your behavior, your thoughts and your words. Do not shrivel up in your thoughts as it will out-picture it in your body and get ready to exit. Keep yourself young and sexy no matter what your age. Sex is a wonderful life-enhancing exercise for the body. Sex reminds the body of procreation, the body’s main job here.

We think that the more intellectual, sophisticated and modern we become that we can out-fool Mother Nature. We can evolve but Mother Nature is in charge. It is really quite basic. Remind your body that you understand its need to keep you alive and give it a reason to do so.

5) Trends-What’s New?

“Cartilage Made Using Hybrid 3D Printer – (BBC News – November 22, 2012) Researchers have developed a way to “print” cartilage that could help treat joint diseases and sports injuries. They say that the new material is more robust and hardwearing than previous efforts to create artificial cartilage……So far the printed cartilage has been tested on mice, and after eight weeks, appeared to have developed the properties of real cartilage, suggesting it has potential for insertion into human patients.

“Polymer Implants Could Help Heal Brain Injuries” (Giz Mag – November 27, 2012) Using implants made from porous

The Face of the Future

biocompatible materials, scientists have recently been successful in regrowing things such as teeth, tendons and heart tissue, plus bone and cartilage. The materials act as a sort of nanoscale three-dimensional scaffolding, to which lab cultivated cells can be added……..

Smartphone Battery Life Could Be Doubled Or Tripled with Silicon Graphene Tech – (Idea Lab – November 11, 2012)

“New Tech Could Boost HDD Capacity Fivefold” – (Giz Mag – November 15, 2012)………Researchers at the University of Texas have come up with a solution to the problem, nanoscale, self-assembling dots. In doing so, they have laid the foundations for the production of cheap, reliable hard drives with record storage density.

“Spain’s Banking Problems a Global Reality” –(Wall St. Journal – November 19, 2012) Spain’s banks are struggling with $232 billion of bad debts some 10.7% of their loan books…..Spain is merely a microcosm of the widespread problem of too much debt…………One in ten UK businesses can only pay the interest on outstanding loans, a clear indication of corporate zombification. Meanwhile, among household, more than 50% of mortgages in London and the populous South-East of England are interest only.

Photo credited to

New software will boost mobile websites. Adoption of a new codinglanguage, means savings for small and midsize firms looking to roll out such sites and rely less on expensive apps—which is the usual way of making websites mobile friendly.” The Kiplinger Letter, November 30, 2012

6) Ponder This:

A wonderful quote from Wallace Wattles—“The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles”, “Have perfect faith in yourself and in your own ability to cope with any combination of circumstances that may arise. Do not be disturbed if you are alone; if you need friends they will be brought to you at the right time. Do not be disturbed if you feel that you are ignorant, the information that you need will be furnished you when it is time for you to have it……Do not try to do great things until you are ready to go about them in a great way……

Do not be in a hurry to get to the great things. Doing great things will not make you great, but becoming great will certainly lead you to the doing of great things. Begin to be great where you are and in the things you do every day. Do not be in haste to be found out or recognized as a great personality…….Great people never seek for recognition or applause; they are not great because they want to be paid for being so…..Live a great life where you are, and in the daily work you have to do and greater works will surely find you out. Big things will come to you, asking to be done.”


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Do You Want A Private Session?


Most of you realize that I work with individuals and corporations in helping them with their personal blueprints. It is very important work and so I continue to do it as long as I am able to do it. Each of us arrives here with a wonderful guidance system. We create it before arrival and work with it all our lives. It is important to know what you created and what is your timing in this life. Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who started his new term at 72. Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


My best to you always I look forward to hearing from you, Gail

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