The Minogue Times-August, 2015 Summer Ends

“Unless the mind, body and spirit are equally developed and fully integrated, no (wisdom)….can be sustained.  …….That is why extremist religions and ideologies do not bear fruit….”Hua Hu Ching by Lao Tzu

Events: Conference photo in gray sweater

Houston, TX

September 12th, Saturday,  9:30 am – 5 pm

Lunch included (also wolf sanctuary on the grounds)

The Sacred System Workshop–More Info:

September 13th, Sunday, 1 pm – 4 pm

How Numbers Direct Your Life–More Info:

Chicago, IL

October 17th, Saturday, Talk & Book Signing Burr Ridge, Barbara’s Bookstore 11 am

October 18th, Sunday, Unity of Oak Park, 9 am and 11 am-Register

“Managing Yourself in Chaotic Times”

October 18th, Sunday, Talk and Book Signing The Book Market at Hangar one–Glenview, 2 pm

October 20th, Tuesday, Workshop, Unity of Oak Park, 7 pm – 9 pm Register

“How the Invisible System Works”

October 21st, Wednesday,  Wells Fargo, “The Rise in Power of Middle-Aged Women”

7 pm Invitation Only

View from the Freeway

Always Moving Forward

Always Moving Forward

As we traipse on with uncertainty and change we must remind ourselves that transformation is taking place.  It is most difficult to see the shore when we are in the middle of the ocean but it is there.  Transformation is taking place right under our noses.  It is taking place in key areas–religious structures, the government, political structures, building techniques, ownership of property, how we run businesses, roads, bridges, tunnels and all the power structures that govern us.  In addition, we are taking a look at our elderly and how we look at death.

If you can keep in mind the big picture, you can see the daily examples continuing to show up in our lives.  The “right to die” “assisted suicide”, buying caskets on line, the “sharing” economy, the religious zealots, the scandals in the church, the government,  business, crumbling roads and bridges continue to show up in headlines.  Employment, jobs, freelancing, Airbnb, Uber, Taskrabbit, law suits over employee versus independent contractor, Ashley Madison website promoting affairs and the hacking and exposing of  their 37,000,000 email addresses and contact information are more examples.  It looks like a circus and sounds bizarre.  People are doing just about anything for 30 seconds of fame.  Taking pictures of your food, selfies, posting feverishly on social media and trying to beat algorithms has become a cause celebre.  It makes a girl want to sit down and fan herself.

Never forget this is a transit.  A most difficult one as transformation must create a breakdown in order to build something new.  We are still in the breakdown mode.  All these systems seem unstable and it can make one feel very insecure.  We have eight more years of this breakdown and renewal.  They key question to ask yourself, is what do you need to do to transform your life?  Maybe it is getting out of too many activities, a poor partnership, the wrong employment, time-wasting people, poor personal habits that sabotage you and more.  As the world transforms, it can look downright bleak.  If you look at the Middle East with its continual upheaval, you might think nothing will ever change and if it does, it would only be worse.  It is a work in progress as is the European Union.  They are still trying to unite a group of countries that basically share the same currency and that’s about it.  It’s a big shakedown of the world.  The pockets are being emptied and all the dust and items collected there are dumped for us to see.

We are all being asked to surrender to a mysterious force that requires complete and total transformation.  Change or be changed.  Going away are inflated bonuses of CEO’s as we become more practical.  Eight more years of this will give us ample opportunity to get real and pragmatic.  The sooner you can do this, the better.  Every once in awhile though, it is important to step back and put it all in perspective.  We are advancing, we are becoming more aware and we are paying the price of our past deceptions.  I think we call it becoming wise.

Trends and Forecasts

On August 12th, a quiet astrological aspect took place, Jupiter left the sign of Leo and went into the sign of

What's Ahead

What’s Ahead

Virgo for the next 13 months.  What does that mean for all of us?

Entertainment industry takes a hit as do hotels, luxury resorts and casinos.  Leo is the sign of the celebrity world.  We think of Leo the Lion as Leo is represented by the Lion in the Lion and the Lamb–translated the signs of Leo (heart) and Aries (the head).  We also saw the shooting of famous lions, such as Cecil.  Leo is the sign of personal pride. personal love and self-expression.  Over the last year saw a great deal of personal pride, self-expression and celebrity.  From Caitlin Jenner to Donald Trump (lots of Leo in his chart) to legalized marriage equality.

We should now see less selfies and maybe less of Donald Trump.  His following blossomed under Jupiter in Leo but now that it has left that sign for 12 years, it remains to be seen if he will continue to grow or begin to fade as Jupiter changes its focus on to the things that Virgo influences.  First of all, Virgo is serious.  It is the working earth sign.  It is detailed, organized and real.  Whereas Jupiter in Leo had us shouting and cheering, Jupiter in Virgo tells us to go home and clean up our own houses, our bodies and our habits.  It’s the opposite of Leo.  It is quieter, unselfish, concerned about the environment and sensible.

Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Stock market choppy and scary.  Doubt Fed will raise rates in September.  Look towards 2016 for rate change.  Be smart about the markets.  Look at sectors.  Don’t panic!
  • Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump look as if they will be winners in 2016
  • No leader waiting in the wings at this date.  USA leadership change favors 2020 and 2024 not 2016
  • Grandstanding and speeches won’t be enough.  It requires real work. Integrity will be very important.  People want authenticity, integrity, leadership and smarts.
  • America continues to drift away from organized religions.  It continues to support community groups, hybrid spiritual movements and the rights of the individual
  • Green industries will blossom even more
  • More exposure of pollution and waste
  • Reduction in accumulation and excess–even more buying and selling on Craig’s List
  • More shared living, urban farming, commune living
  • Less focus on social media and phony numbers of followers and friends and more personal one-on-one connections
  • Advancement in medicines, artificial intelligence and increase in focus on health and wellness
  • Increase in businesses that teach people something–coaching, consultants
  • A very practical year ahead–become more genuine, health conscious, simplified and detail oriented.

Ponder This

Pertaining to Death …… (Most Americans Avoid the Subject)

Does it mean a lot to our “graduated” loved ones when we visit their graves?Funeral home

A: “That depends on our attitude when visiting graves……  Should our emotions overwhelm us and grief be pronounced, then our loved ones cannot help but feel concerned about our sorrow.

When our emotions are tranquil and full of love then such visits bring happiness to those who have graduated.  It is not necessary, though, to wait until we are at a grave side to send thoughts out to loved ones.  Such broadcasts of our remembrance can be sent up as well from our own homes, or wherever we are in nature.  Placing living flowers in a special place in our homes in memory of a dear one enables that one to receive a replica of our flowers wherever he or she might be in the inner planes.”

Q: Is cremation considered the better way of disposing of the body at death?

A:  Yes, it is, because it destroys the etheric form at the same time that the physical body is destroyed.  For this reason there is no floating shell of an etheric form in our etheric atmosphere.  Many ghost shells are seen around graveyards because the etheric bodies endure until the physical form is nothing but a skeleton, and only then does the etheric body begin to disintegrate.  In cremation, it disintegrates with the physical form itself.”  “Here Are Your Answers” by Flower A Newhouse, Christward Publications, 1948.