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The Minogue Times –

August, 2012


— Trends Numerology and More —


“You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.” Wallace Wattles

1) What’s New

2) View from the Freeway

3) Trends and Forecasts

4) Question and Answers

5) The 8th Month—The Meaning of August

6) Ponder This


1) What’s New?

Stay in Front of the Eight Ball-Good Luck in the 8th Month


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2) View from the Freeway

From “theory to practice”. From “benign idealism to honest self-interest” and from “excess to economy”. From my view that pretty much sums up what is going on with the economy, political changes and personal challenges. We leave the last cavalier years from 1981 to 2007 where “theory” ruled. We loved to think that expansion would go on forever, that we could just use the “law of attraction” and make things appear in our lives and that the bigger the house, car, title, meal etc. the better. Heck, “all you can eat” bars still thrive in certain parts of our culture.

The “practice” is something else. From Starbuck’s offering plain coffee, from smaller houses to no houses, from cooking at home, from credit card burdens, from more at home entertainment and lots of newly “self-employed”. We finally are moving towards skepticism and disbelief of what is being spoon fed to us or what is kept from our knowledge. I mentioned last month a deconstruction of the governments and financial systems and we see this regularly in the news. Talk is now prevalent about banking breakups. They have gotten too big to fail. Theory is what we have been told, practice is now required.

I mentioned in July about the 7 big transits that will affect the United States over the next three years– June 24th 2012 through March 17th, 2015. Big changes are coming. There is lots of opportunity for the United States to remake itself in the area of our financial system and in the way we govern ourselves. You, as an individual, will be required to do the same. How do you govern yourself and what changes do you need to personally make to change your financial picture?

Rigid, unworkable patterns won’t work. Some of the restrictions on lending are overreactions to reckless lending by the banks. There will be a more reasonable approach by the time this 3-year period ends.

The ending of rigid, unworkable patterns also applies to religion, social patterns, regulations, laws, and other parts of our society. You can expect more and more exposure of long ingrained and unworkable patterns. Many of these have been dishonest and exploitative. It may look like things are just grim when lie after lie is exposed. We cannot lose heart. This is part of the progress. Most systems die of their own making.

The view from this freeway is very positive long term. Short term is something else. Our crisis of high unemployment, terrorism, Catholic Church scandals, unprecedented power by the government and corporations will continue for sometime as we clean up what we have allowed and what we have accepted. The crisis of the Catholic Church has been covered up for years and years, Middle Eastern terrorists and fanatics have been attacking and growing in power since the 70’s. New sources of terrorism are being observed in the government and big business.

Give your attention to what is required of you to change your conditions, your bottom line and your personal wealth factor. By concentrating on improvement of your own life, you will help the rest of us.

3) Trends and Updates

Moving Forward

Disturbing Update on the Demise of the Bee Population and Rise of Autism

“Backtracking Bee Kill, Infant Autism, and Chemically Contaminated Dust in the Wind” by Mel Disselkoen, January, 2012. Read the entire article at An important read.

How the Mormon Church Makes its Billions, By Caroline Winter, Bloomberg Businessweek Exclusive, July 16 – July 22nd. A must read as we enter a fall election. You can read the entire article here

Coming: The End of Fiat Money by Leslie P. Norton, an interview with Stephanie Pomboy Barron’s, July 23, 2012. “Accounting for the fat margins investors love, 83% is explained by higher prices, only 17% is from an increase in demand. Consumers aren’t buying more because they feel great, they are spending more because prices have gone up….the more profit growth slows, the lower the odds that incentivizing companies with tax measures actually bears fruit.” Read entire article at

What does this mean for you and me—foreigners are only buying 26% of our treasuries now. At one time they absorbed 82%. Pomeroy believes that we will, within 5 years, begin to back our money with gold or other commodities. She has been very accurate with her predictions.

Google Reports Alarming Rise in Government Censorship Requests – CNN June 17, 2012—FUTUREdition e-newsletter. Dorothy Chou, a senior policy analyst at Google, states that the United States appears to be stepping up efforts to censor internet search results and YouTube videos according to a transparency report released by Google. In the last half of 2011, the US agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results—that’s up 718% compared with the 757 items US agencies asked Google to remove in the prior six months.

Emergence of a Global Middle Class—spells great opportunities for US businesses—The growing global middle class, about 1.8 billion strong, with a projected total income of approximately $56 trillion a year, three times what they spend today, will number 5 billion consumers by 2030. Opportunities abound not just in consumer and business goods but also in services. Insurance, consulting, financial, medical, engineering, architectural etc are some of the areas where America can shine. Tourists and students coming to the US will also grow. Travel to the US by the Chinese alone will grow 17% over the next 10 years. The Kiplinger Letter, July 27, 2012.

Turns out the old saw about small business creating more jobs is wrong. New government data that counts chains as one firm, not separate stores, makes it clear that midsize and large businesses are the big job generators. 65% of private job growth comes from firms of over 500 workers; 84% from firms with over 50 workers. The Kiplinger Letter, July 27, 2012.

4) Question and Answer:

What is meant by the 7 Soul Cycles or Cycles of Seven?


When we begin our reincarnation on the earth level, we have timing for our natural progression. Every seventh birthday, beginning with age seven, is considered a Soul cycle year or age. They last one year and occur every seventh birthday. East one has specific significance and always represents a natural release of energy which propels you further and helps you to make change. The most significant of these Soul cycles is the 7th Soul Cycle or age 49 to 50. When this cycle is completed, you begin to free yourself and let go of many of the “shoulds” to make room in your life for something new.

5) The Meaning of the 8th Month–August

This month is very favorable for business and commercial growth. Although the first week is still in the Mercury Retrograde period, you should start flowing easily by the 10th of the month. Continue to take care of unfinished business during the first week and then be very efficient the remainder of the month. 8 is always considered the harvest so there were seeds planted earlier in the year that bear fruit in this month. Go back to old clients, unfinished business and harvest. Do not be caught “behind the 8 ball” this month. In Chinese mythology the Eight Immortal saints are revered. Buddhism is known by eight auspicious emblems and particularly by the Eightfold Path. This is a fortunate month to harvest.

6) Ponder This

Watch the little leaks.

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”

Benjamin Franklin



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Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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