The Minogue Report February 2010

MINOGUE REPORT-February, 2010

Table of Contents:

  1. February’s significance
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Quotes to Ponder
  4. View from the Freeway
  5. Suggested Books and Articles

February’s significance:

It takes two to tango, especially in February. We are leaving the cave of winter and the days are longer in the Northern Hemisphere.
February begins to shake off the darkness and we start to move forward in the New Year. It is still winter but we can rejoice in the extra

February is an example of “polarity”. The number one of the first month of January has moved out beyond itself into another-the two.
This is the month of the other, the break from the unity of the whole in the number one. This month we celebrate our differences, our
partnerships, our two-sides. We recognize the quality of “polarity” in all things. Light/Dark, night/day, soft/hard, happy/sad,
Republican/Democrat and so on. It is a great month for working out differences, making adjustments and gathering data. Yes, we
celebrate Valentine’s Day-focused on another-and in America we celebrate the presidents-but the meaning of this month is more profound.
There is a fragile equilibrium between two opposing points. It needs continual balancing and this is a challenge for all of us.
In February we can see another’s boundary as well as our own and somehow we create equilibrium between the two. In order to function well
on this planet, it is essential to maintain this fragile equilibrium. Patience helps.

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Questions and Answers:

What is the significance of this new millennium, the years 2000 to 2999?

The number two is considered a feminine number in Numerology or the study of numbers. This is a profound difference from the prior 1,000
year period of the numbers 1,000 to 1999. The number one is a masculine number. Whereas the number one is probing, masculine, active,
bold, courageous, independent and reacts as an individual, the number two is receptive, feminine, diplomatic, patient, peacekeeper,
cooperative, interdependent and partnership focused.

We have had 1,000 years of learning how to stand on our own two feet, how to conduct war, how to be bold, daring and be ruled world wide by
masculine energy. Now we are to learn how to be in partnership, to be patient, to negotiate, to become peacekeepers and to experience the
rise of the feminine energy. This will result in the placement of females as heads of governments, corporations and groups. All of us will
be affected by the development of this feminine part of ourselves.

Here in the United States you see more women than men graduating from college, over 51% of professional positions are now held by women, wives
are beginning to have higher incomes than their spouses and men are adjusting to this new trend. This is not a short term trend. We have 990
years more of it. It will occur around the world as women move into positions of power. Wherever a country denies the female her rights to
equal education, jobs, human rights and dignities, that country will diminish in its influence in the world as well as its own progress.

What is the significance of the event in Haiti?

Beyond the obvious loss of life and infrastructure, there are other unknown forces at work. One of these forces has brought us all an
opportunity to “give”. We appreciate the desperate nature of the situation and it has allowed us to remember the fragility of our own lives
and the time we have to visit here on Earth. It reminds us of the neutrality of nature. Nature always “does its own thing” and as Thomas
Friedman of The New York Times has said “nature always bats last, and she bats 1,000”.

There is another esoteric side to an earthquake. It is important to remember. Fires, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes are a way for mother
Earth to cleanse itself of negative energy and remineralize the soil. Wherever there is a major water event, fire, earthquake or volcano,
mother Earth also gets rid of her drones. Although we would like to think that we are in charge of the store here, the closer we can work
with nature and not fight her, the better will be our health, our mental well being and our lives. Earthquakes are a “great leveler”.
No matter how rich or poor, it includes you.

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Quotes to Ponder:

Barnett in his book “Great Powers” said “We (meaning the United States) are modern globalization’s source code-its’ DNA. We should take
everything we’ve learned along the way and sell it across the planet at suitably discounted prices.” His idea is to bring the world’s rowdy,
hormonal, emotionally tortured teenage countries to the adult table, and help them to prosper through capitalism, cooperation and openness.
“The enemy is not religion-Islam, or a place-the Middle East, but it is a condition. That condition is ‘disconnectedness’.”.

Martha Moore Stevens, speaking at a conference in Arkansas in 2008 on living a more peaceful life, said “You must have a genuine feeling of
forgiveness. Forgive automatically and with a genuine feeling of appreciation. Even for the painful situations. They get us off our butts.
Be grateful for them.”

“For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727, English mathematician and physicist.

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View from the Freeway

I like February. I celebrate my birthday, I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I get to experience more time here. Lucky girl! This year
I will celebrate with my family, up north in the Bay area and down south here in Los Angeles. The budget is not very big for parties or
expensive dinners this year so I have decided to go bowling. This should be a jolly laugh. We’ll follow it up with some comfort foods.

Isn’t that kinda what we are looking for right now-a little “comfort food”? We all need a comforter, especially those who have lost loved ones,
lost their jobs, lost their homes, their pensions, their health, their faith and their peace of mind. We can “bright side” our way through but
that only goes so far. We need each other and at this time more than ever, it is imperative that we look out for one another. Join some sense
of community for yourself. Do not try to just go it alone and tough this one out. We are to build community and return to helping each other
whether it is fixing something at someone home, delivering some food, sharing some things you are getting rid of, giving a ride, helping to pay
someone’s utilities before they are shut off. You understand.

America’s trend is “down home”. This is the direction it is going. You will see a return to some of the same qualities that were evident prior
to America’s declaring itself independent in 1776. We are to help build another’s barn. In many ways the United States is going through another
“War of Independence”. We are regaining our freedom from wrong-headed management, governments and poor decisions on our own part. It is our
“revolutionary” period where we create a new social contract to live by, we create a financial system that supports main street and we remove those
who forgot that we formed a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Every once in awhile we have to clean house, get real and stop deluding ourselves. In America’s chart, the once in awhile is 240 years.
So here we are back to the beginning. At some level we are looking at what we created and allowed to be created over the last 240 years
and making corrections. This can take some time but it is very important that we not ignore it. The more people become involved in their
own good, the better will be the outcome.

This is a time of unity and resolution-not ranting and raving or making yourself look foolish in front of a camera. The new War if Independence
has already begun, we are in this together. Since we are operating under the energy of the “2” and the era of cooperation and partnership, we will
be best served by not fighting with each other like a bunch of nutty school kids but come together in strength, power and leadership.

To quote John Kass who is a writer for the Chicago Tribune, “Listen for the sound of corruption whispering in your ear. You will have to
decide whether you should take some responsibility. Many of us have thrown up our hands when it comes to political corruption. The political
carnival is sometimes entertaining the way crime stories are entertaining. It makes us numb. It makes us feel powerless. The insiders who run
our governments like their gangs or hereditary fiefdoms are organized around a single principle-their self-interests.

We have become dispersed, divided, fighting each other about this program or that benefit, or this tax break or that “free” legislative
scholarship, or a coveted spot in the city’s magnet schools, or the jobs promised by the 2016 Olympics if the mayor wins his gold.”
September 13,

“Force without wisdom falls of its’ own weight.” Horace (65BC – 8 BC). Roman poet and satirist

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Recommended Readings:

“Bright Sided”, by Barbara Ehrenreich, 2009. This is a great book regarding the negative side of the multi-billion dollar positive thinking
crusade in America. She goes underground in many of America’s movements to uncover the fallacies and special interest of various
“positive thinking movements” in America. It is an eye-opener. You will look at mega churches, breast awareness movement, the positive
thinking movement and much more in a very different light.

“The Tao of Nutrition” by Maoshing Ni with Cathy McNease. Buy this book for a deeper understanding of nutrition and how to help yourself heal
and stay healthy. Great value and a good read.