October 2013

More News on the Way

More News on the Way


November 23, -Saturday – Workshop

10 am – 5 pm—Very exciting and unique information

“Sacred, Secret, Science of Numbers”

Awakenings Bookstore-Meeting Room

Laguna Hills, CA—–More info: https://gailminogue.com/product-category/events-2/

Register early – Maximum 15 people-I look forward to seeing you. Bring your questions!

October 4th & 5th – Southwest Dowsers Conference

Speaking both days “The Invisible System”


Little America Hotel, Flagstaff, AZ (come see the Grand Canyon and Hopi Reservation)

2) October, the 10th month

Okay, everybody, time to wrap it up, tie it up and clean up your act. Get those things that have been undone and do it now. We have another Mercury Retrograde this month. It begins on October 21st so your best timing for the month are the first two weeks. Once the retrograde begins, don’t buy, contract, move your location etc. if you can help it. Absolutely schedule no elective surgeries during this period. It also goes for job interviews. New interviews should NOT start during this period. You can work on existing interviews. The period ends November 10th but I like to have breathing room on both the beginning side and ending sides. Best time, therefore is by October 16th and after November 15th. Catch up with all your back work, finish commitments and projects during the retrograde.

3) Question and Answer

Why do we have so much cancer and heart disease?


Various reasons. One of them being, it is an acceptable way to die in our society. The two most acceptable ways to die in our culture are heart attacks, heart disease and cancer. When the verdict for one of these diseases is pronounced, people are shocked but understand it. Unacceptable forms of exiting are suicides, car accidents, drownings, fires, murders and rare diseases such as bubonic plagues.

We also are very much out of touch with our bodies. We do not know how they work and rarely pay attention when they are well. We tend to see them in separate parts. Joints, liver, lungs etc. We are not aware of their signals of distress, body heat, exhaustion, hearing loss, back aches. We plow on with tiredness and pain and expect the body will just go along with us. Until we are more aware of how the system actually works, what it needs for support, how to allow it to heal itself, we will continue on through a cascade affect of symptoms until we get the mother lode diagnosis. Add to this exhausted body, some bad food, lots of chemicals and neglect and we get our response. The tired horse throws off the rider.

If we want to live the length of our blueprints–at least 120 years–we will have to support the body. It does know how to do it if allowed. It cannot do it under our current culture. I don’t know of anyone, including vegetarians, who make it to 120 or even 110. We remain out of balance and yet we erroneously believe that a certain fad will save us. Everything must be in balance for the body or it cannot stay and it will get out of here in the most acceptable fashion. Cancer is an enormous business and too many of us are buying from the store.

4)View from the Freeway–Send in the clowns

Bread and Circus

Bread and Circus

Another government farce is upon us. This time shutting down the government–yawn! This will not last and we will piece-meal our way with more of these threats, mini-shutdowns and theater. The next big show will be the rise in the debt ceiling on October 15th. Believe me, this is all about the elections of 2014 and 2016 and has nothing to do with what you, the public employer and check writer, need. This maintains a pattern of this great 16 year period of government and corporations, corruptions and entitlements remaking itself. Basically, you have a core group of righteous-minded souls, the gang of 23 tea-party members, grandstanding for their own constituency. Remember, Republican Senator Cruz, who ranted for 21 hours last week, he only has to answer to his Texas constituency so he can keep his slot on the 2016 presidential ticket. It is all about getting cheered up by your own constituency so you can keep getting elected and have a job that delivers pork for years to come. You begin to believe your own rants.

The reality is that the Affordable Care Act will go into effect on January 1st. The debt ceiling will be raised and the government will have mini shut-downs. Do not get too scared from all this rocking and rolling. This behavior will hurt the Republican Party which has been hi-jacked by the Tea Party. It is for them to clean house. The Republican Party will not want to be blamed in 2014 for taking down the government.

This is also about certain transits that America is experiencing. I said long ago, she will air her dirty linen in public for all the world to see. It is humbling for America and it is intentional. She will remain the world leader when all this is over in 2024, but she will have grown up a lot. Nothing like dragging out the NSA information and letting the world know that you have been spying on your allies for years.

Watch the rise in female leaders. They are coming and it is about time. We had to get to the year 2000 to really start the push. It starts locally. Pay attention.

5)Forecasts and Trends

America’s involvement with the Middle East will go on for years. We will be supplying intelligence, supplies and money to back up fragile favorable governments. The area is a basket case due to this region being carved up at the end of World War I. All of these countries have artificial boundaries that were created by the British and French. They appointed who would be in charge and what the new boundaries would be. Actually, the current condition of the Middle East is a French and Great Britain problem that they would not address. The bitterness of the people stems from this core issue.

Now it is the world’s problem and will be solved but it will take generations. Although America is becoming more energy independent, much of the rest of the world depends upon the Middle East oil. We, the United States, helped keep the power brokers going and using their oil so we are duplicitous in maintaining the inequity committed by the British and French. We are in it for the long haul. Commercial endeavors will help bring this around so we need to stay commercially involved with this region.

No immigration reform this year and most likely none in 2014

Home prices continue to rise through July 2014 and then even out.Plan accordingly. This is extremely important to remember. Low interest rates are being encouraged to keep this part of our economy growing. Once Jupiter in Cancer (the lucky sign for housing and the home) leaves this sign next July, growth will level off and interest rates will rise. Also, stricter rules coming January 1st, 2014. Try to get your paperwork done in 2013. Rents are rising as well. The median home price in Detroit is a little over $10,000. The government and private organizations are starting to pour money into Detroit to revive the city. As strange as it seems now, you might want to buy something in Detroit. Just an idea. Watch the money flow–always follow the money.

$320 million is going to Detroit from the government. $150 million to remove blight and spur development. $30 million for public safety and to hire 150 firefighters, $140 million to improve transportation. On top of that, the Administration is also offering its technical expertise to help overhaul the city’s dysfunctional computer systems.

Foundations such as Kresge, Ford, Knight and Skillman have already poured in $70 million. Kresge alone has committed $35 million for the city’s new street-car system and $150 million over five years to implement the Detroit Future City plan to revive downtrodden neighborhoods. Others are donating 100 new police cars and 23 ambulances. Keep your eyes on Detroit. The questions is what will the government do or not do for the other bankrupted cities, Stockton and SanBernadino California?

Decline in US entrepreneurial spirit. Last year there were less startups being created. About 570,000 startups adding 2.7 million jobs compared to 2007 when there were 656,000 startups and 3.5 million jobs. In 1999 when we had the tech boom, 4.7 million jobs were created. We can blame it on the economy but a hidden factor is the greater number of aging workers who are less inclined to take risks in starting new businesses. Also, these burdensome student loans keep young adults from going off and taking on more risk of a startup. ( KiplingerLetter, Septembr 20, 2013.)

Chickens processed in China. USDA is implementing new rules to change the way we process chickens in the US. They recently gave the green light to four chicken processing plants in China allowing chickens raised and slaughtered in the US to be exported to China for processing, and then shipping back to the US and sold on grocery shelves here. There will be no on-site monitoring in China by the USDA.

“National Chicken Council senior VP Bill Roenigk said that they do have a concern about safety but “we have been assured and reassured by the USDA that they will do 100% testing and do it in a good and adequate manner.”–when the chicken arrives back in the US. Insiders warn that the move is politically motivated by a desire to get China to re-allow lucrative US beef imports and will likely lead to allowing imports of Chinese chickens–a practice that has been banned since bird flu and other food safety concerns first surfaced. Make sure your dinner is all American and buy your chickens locally.

Jewish secularism is rising. A new study for the Pew Research Center finds that more than a fifth of Jewish Americans say they have no religion, yet they still identify themselves as Jewish. As more Americans of all faiths turn away from religion (the beginning of the Aquarian Age and the ending of man-made religions), Jewish secularism seems to be booming too. Pew Research found that the share of “Jews of no religion” appears to have surged compared to 12 years ago. Such Jews feel less connected to the Jewish community and rarely belong to Jewish organizations. “Jews of no religion” are not raising their children Jewish in any way.

At the same time retention rates seem to be improving among Orthodox Jews who have bigger families than other Jewish Americans. Researchers say the result could be a growing share of Jews who are not religious at all, alongside a growing share who are strictly religious. Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2013.

Ponder This Ponder this

“Religious controversies are always productive of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause…..”

George Washington–who refused to take communion, kneel in prayer in churches or have a priest at his deathbed or take last rites.

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