Numerology Reading Newsletter July 2010

Free Numerology Newsletter

Free Numerology Newsletter



Free Numerology Newsletter

July 2010



Table of Contents:

1) The 7th Month of the Year

2) Question of the Month

3) View from the Freeway

4) Recommended Readings & Articles

5) Quotation of the Month

1) The 7th Month of the Year, July

Go away! Take a vacation! Get out of town! This is the month to do it. July, the 7th month of the year, is similar to a big day of rest—the 7th day. I encourage you to at least spend one morning a week walking to a nice peaceful spot and spending some time alone with yourself. Sit by the river this month rather than the normal pushing of the river.

This is the month of the mind so it is an excellent time to get interested in things of a scientific nature and anything that is favorable for close examination. This could be perfecting your plans through contemplation and reflection. The trend this month is toward more peaceful endeavors. In general, things are quieter. Certainly the first week of the month is focused on play and vacation as the 4th of July launches the official summer holiday. For those in the Midwest and East Coast, summer is very short so do take the time to enjoy this sleepy month. “Nature delights in the number seven.”—(c20B.C.—c.40A.D., Alexandrian philosopher).

In Numerology the number seven is probably the most venerated number in ancient times and science. Its name has similar pronunciation around the world, i.e. Sanskrit saptan, Latin septem, Arabic sabun, Hebrew sheva, Spanish siete, Egyptian, sefek, and although the Greeks used the word hepta for seven, they nicknamed it “sebo” or “veneration”. The Bible contains numerous examples of this sacred number. A few of these are: 7 lions in the lions’ den with Daniel, 7 locks of Samson’s hair were cut and Joshua had 7 trumpeters circling Jericho. On top of that we hear of the 7 voyages of Sinbad, the 7 Wonders of the World, animals who were considered clean were admitted to Noah in batches of 7, unclean animals by 2, Snow White had 7 dwarfs and the number 7 is used often as the “lucky” number.

There is much meaning in this number seven and each seventh year is considered a year of release as both we and the soil are to rest. Even today we set the statute of limitations for some crimes to be seven years. In ancient days it was the year of release of debts and slaves were set free.

Free yourself this month from your rigid routines and rest assured that you will be more productive in August, the 8th month. This is a necessary rest period in the 12 month cycle. Attract, through your mind, what you need rather than chase after it.

2) Question of the Month:

How do Numerology and Astrology work together?


Free Numerology Newsletter

Free Numerology Newsletter

I receive this question quite often. People seem to know their Sun sign but have little knowledge of their numbers and particularly their Life Path number. Numerology is the order of the energies of heaven. It sets up the geometry of the universe. It is the blueprint for all things in the universe and on earth. The entire space of the world is mathematically based. Each of us has a Number blueprint. It is your code, your formula, your geometric design.

Numbers represent “sound” quality so in actuality when we voice numbers we emit sounds. We vibrate to sound and our own names and dates of birth are walking sound machines. Within the date of birth and name lies your guidance system for this incarnation. So we must begin with sound and vibrate out into the universe through this mechanism. Numerology defines the sound and gives it a structure or in simple terms a “house to live in”.

Astrology designates the planetary system. In personal astrology, a person is magnetized by the planetary positions at the moment you take your first breath. Forever, in this incarnation, you will be working with that magnetic imprint. This could be seen as the rooms of the house of Numerology.

They get redesigned by transits. You get to sit in this room or that room and experience what goes on there. The planetary system is in perpetual motion called transits so as you develop in this lifetime you are affected by the changes of the planets’ position and the moving letters of your name.

Always remember that there is constant change and creation and that your conditions and decisions are subject to these transits. Without knowing your Numerology chart and Astrological information, it is very challenging to progress in a particular incarnation.

3) View from the Freeway

The picture is becoming into view. You are beginning to see all the work that needs to be done by us over the next 14 -15 years. Where do we start, what should we do and will we be okay? At a meeting I recently attended, the topic of community support for a certain issue arose.

The challenge was to try and get more community support for a neighborhood goal. One person summed it up pretty easily; she said in her opinion people are broke, tired, burned out and scared. If this is more truth than fiction, there is much work ahead of us.

I noticed a recent “Times” report that only a few states made positive gains this past year, North Dakota, Montana and Alaska, Arkansas broke even and the rest of us are treading water or sinking and bobbing. It was a pretty grim picture of the State of the Union.

But, it does allow for big corrections. Although it appears that not much is being accomplished, it is an historical time we are experiencing and we will understand its significance by looking back over these years. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that “the years teach much that the days never knew”. Unfortunately, we tend to wrap ourselves up in soundbites and headlines without further exploration of the real changes that are taking place. We learn mainly by looking backwards.

Looking at America’s Numerology report I forecast that lifestyle changes will be going on for the next 14-15 years. We will be challenged to change the social contract of this country. The major transits in America’s chart do not allow her to behave as “business as usual”. These past two years were only the appetizers for the main entre which should land on our plates beginning in 2011, extra helpings in 2012, 2013 and indigestion by 2014. Once we get past the fall elections of 2010, you will see some serious changes in how the states govern themselves.

Here are a few:

1) Continual cutback in social services as cities, states and counties go broke.

2) Increased regulations in the financial sector so that consumer credit is less available and mortgages are harder to come by. This should keep the housing sector in very slow recovery. There could possibly be another program–not yet presented–that could help Americans with their heavy debt burden. It will be focused on reducing Americans credit card debt. Things need to get more contracted before this program is brought forth.

3) Raise in fees for just about everything, state camping fees, event fees, parking fees, permit fees, utility fees, registration fees etc. Fees replace taxes which nobody wants to be seen increasing. We call it a “fee” rather than raising your taxes. State and local governments will eventually be forced to reduce their waste and redundancy.

4) Very slow job recovery—very slow. Technology continues to replace the worker.

5) A permanent change in what we consider to be the “workplace”

6) A gradual diminishment of retirement as the concept continues to die away and become unacceptable. (I have always said the Soul did not come here to retire). Our greatest years will begin to be seen as starting after 50 years of age going to 60 years of age once we start taking better care of our bodies—early on into the incarnation. This is a good element of this contraction.

7) Complete review by the citizens of the political system and the wounded social contract. The citizens are angry and are feeling disenfranchised. Bloated bureaucracies, entitlement programs, corporate welfare, unrealistic union benefits and expectations will be questioned and exposed. Expect marches, protests, town hall meetings, potential riots as early as 2011. The acute phase of the changes is during the next three years.

8) Steady rise in the volunteer force as citizens take over the duties that formerly belonged to the local governments. People will think of all kinds of ingenious ways to keep services going. The volunteer force of the population will become increasingly critical as we try to maintain order.

What can we do to prepare for a better quality of life for our country?

1) Develop a system within yourself that connects you to your source of life and that core of you that is your “forever you”. The part of you that is everlasting, all knowing, wise and calm. Connect with it as often as possible but at least once a day.

2) Listen to your hunches. Stop ignoring them. Pay attention to them. They are part of your guidance system.

3) Do not expect somebody or something to save you. Create your own “luck” and take good care of yourself so that when your good arrives you can partake in it.

4) Develop a healthy—not neurotic—routine for yourself. Stay very flexible and be willing to change as circumstances dictate.

5) Take really good care of your health and your emotions. Get rid of people who are downers, environments which are downers and activities that do not support you.

6) Stop fixing anyone else but yourself. That is enough and it will keep you very busy.

7) Do not create more suffering for others. Understand they are doing the best they can with what they know.

8) Keep focusing on your 3 year and 10 year plan. Much will have changed in both of these time frames. Be adaptable. Be patient. Change locations and be resourceful. It is no longer the poor student or the starving artist mentality. It is a period of contraction and it will finally expand when the contraction is complete. You can now accept outrageous jobs at a reduced income and be very respectable. Remember, you were always self-employed, you just did not realize it.

9) Get involved with your community and government so that wise, balanced and genuine change takes place.

10) Do not believe everything you hear from the media, the web etc. Think for yourself after you have investigated the situation. Stop operating in the “herd” mentality. Be pragmatic and choose to stay calm as the situation heats up. Adopt a calm lifestyle and refuse to accept drama with yourself and with others.

11) Get out of complacency. Much of the problems we are currently experiencing have come about because of our complacency. Stand for something. Take an educated stand. We need informed, wise leaders willing to speak up and out. Start a movement!

12) Keep some cash in the house. Hide it well but do have it instantly available to you. Be extremely careful with your online banking. Over 1/3 of Americans have experience identity theft. Online banking for commercial accounts can be risky. Banks are not required to reimburse a business bank account if your account is hacked and money taken. Don’t depend on your usual Virus protection to save you. Most hackers know how to get around all of your protection software. Get smarter on where you leave your information online.

It is going to get very serious over the next several years. Eventually taxes will go up, interest rates will rise (not for awhile) and strikes will occur in the government sector as public sector employees react to a cut back in benefits which the private sector citizen can no longer support. It is all part of the “death and transformation” period of the world and no part is spared.

The sun will still shine, the rain fall, babies will be born, people will die and life will go on. At the end of this period you can expect a more mature nation, less bloated, less naïve and more of a citizen of the world than it is today.

4) Recommended Books and Articles

“Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgianna Tree West.

This is a simple but powerful read on keeping abundance in your life. I read it many years ago but it remains the staple in your kitchen of Soul food.

“The Science of Successful Living”—by Raymond Charles Barker

He continues to be a powerful guide on keeping your life on track and arriving at your intended destination.

5) Quotation of the Month

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

Max DePreese

May you have good health, low blood pressure and a long life!

Until next month,

Keep trusting yourself, Gail

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