November, 2013

NOVEMBER, 2013—11th Month of the Year

The Supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to.”  The Tao

1)      EVENTS

2)      Meaning of the 11th month

3)      Question and Answer

4)      View from the Freeway—Technology and its detachment

5)      Trends—47% of jobs automated by 2020

6)      Ponder This

1)      My Sacred, Secret Science workshop is in a few weeks.  Registration is ongoing and will

Learning the Power of Sacred Science

Learning the Power of Sacred Science

pick up and fill up once we get past the Mercury retrograde on November 11th.  I always include some really unique information during one of these small workshops.  Join us and learn more about yourself and our times.  What a ride we are going through.  We need all the knowledge and help we can get.  Saturday, November 23rd, 10 am to 5 pm in Laguna Hills, CA.-Remember, this is NOT Thanksgiving weekend—it is the weekend BEFORE.  Register now

2)    Meaning of the 11th month—November

This is a “master number” month–it is the number 11.  This is a very high vibrational number and is the number of “light”.  In fact, if I take the word light and add up all the letters and reduce the number (L is a 12, I is a nine, G is a seven, H is an eight and T is 20), it will reduce to the number of 11.  November is a month of sharing ideas and thoughts—especially ones of inspiration.  We are also finishing up a Mercury Retrograde on November 11th followed by Thanksgiving on November 28th so the month is not your month of accomplishment.  It is, rather one of patient waiting, enjoyment of the impractical, focusing on your dreams, sharing your beliefs and preparation for the upcoming holidays. 

There can be a tendency to be more indecisive this month.  Continue to master your emotions and your time.  We have an eclipse coming up at the beginning of the month (November 3rd) so between that and the retrograde, take it easy the beginning of this month.  This eclipse will raise issues that are similar to issues you were dealing with in 1994.  In fact much of 2013 has been dealing with issues from 1994.

3)    Question and Answer

              When will America pick up steam and grow its economy? 


The next 20 years of America’s growth is projecting to be very slow—sort of snail pace.  We have had annual economic growth since WWII of more than 3.5% but trends are showing this rate to be cut in half until about 2033.  The ramifications of this are enormous both in class inequities and key social programs such as Medicare and Social Security.  Tax revenues are projecting to fall short of projections.  A few reasons for this trend—the Census Bureau population projections are showing much slower population growths because of less net immigration and a lower birth rate.  The US working-age-population (Americans from age 18 – 64) is projected to grow only 0.36% during the current decade and then limp along at 0.18% from 2020 – 2030.  To make it even more challenging, boomers will start to retire in large numbers adding pressure to those who are working. 

Adding to this equation is the explosion in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as the explosion in social networking.  This explosion has NOT been accompanied by a rise in comparable productivity.  “Apparently these gadgets spawn as much time-wasting and collective attention-deficit disorder as efficiency”.  Barron’s October 28, 2013

The standard 28 year financial cycle (Saturn cycle) that bottomed in 2008 has started a new cycle.  We can expect the peak of this new cycle to be around 2033-2036 with peaks and valley along the way.  Plan accordingly.

4)    View from the Freeway

Move Forward

Move Forward

We got through the debt ceiling crisis and all the rest of the Washington theatrics.  It goes to show you that fear sells and that to keep our peace of mind, we need to lay off the incessant media sound bites.  I got a new smart phone recently.  It is great, like walking around with my computer.  What a wonderful tool!  I took a class with Verizon so I can use all the bells and whistles that come with it.  (I bought the Samsung Galaxy 4).  Its danger is the seduction to check in all the time to see what is happening.  There was some amazing statistic recently that said young people check in an average of 150 times a day.  Geeee!

We are all getting wired up and will get more so in weeks and months to come.  Technology and the Age of Aquarius are doing the technology dance.  It is right on time.  This is an Age of advanced technology, detachment and the mind.  I have said for years that you will see more detachment as technology grows.  Everything is getting synced.  My calendar is synced to my phone, and I can connect other things to the phone, banking, completing retail transactions, ordering a pizza, following my son in the car ahead and finding our locations when we get separated from each other.  It just goes on and on.  Just think of all the health monitoring that can be done through your phone.  We have become early bionic men and women soon to have 3-D body parts. 

Here are few of the problems and they are rising.

  •           Since Los Angeles is ground zero for much of the change in America, here is what is happening in the city of the angels.  We have a great increase in injured and killed pedestrians.  They walk into crosswalks against lights and carry on conversations on their phones, or text, while cars are waiting or in a several cases, knocking them down. The drivers are distracted as well.
  • ·         Increased robberies of cell phone.  These expensive tools are easy to steal and so they get stolen—a lot. 
  • ·         Decrease in written skills by the public and in the school system.  People communicate with letters and symbols instead of words—such as I M @ store.  Great until you get a new position and you have to write out important documents for your company.
  • ·         Artificial sense of urgency!  By being notified of each email, text etc. you might think that you must respond quickly.  Things move quickly, what might you miss?  How exhausting is this?
  • ·         Bottom line thinking is trending towards  an unemotional approach to life and reality.  There seems to be a lack of emotional thinking and instead there is a more sober approach to reality.  Note—Silicon Valley and its products and services are devoid of emotional aspects.  There is a certain coldness and superficiality with it all.

In this early phase of the Age of Aquarius (the first few hundred years), you are beginning to see the need to sweep away many of the old emotional restraints of the fading Piscean Age.  This was a different consciousness.  In order to replace it with a new consciousness we must go through this period of phasing out and phasing in.  It can be scary, lonely and perhaps nostalgic for what used to be. 

I miss some of the formal traditions of the Piscean Age but for the most part, I am glad it is fading away with its guilt, religious dogma, restriction of women, class structures, prejudices and the suffering that goes with abandonment of the tribe.  We still have lots of the old Piscean Age around.  Women are still fighting for control over their own bodies, religions still have the extreme orders and superstitions, women are still making less than men but we are all moving forward and numbers don’t lie.  Once we crossed over into the year 2000, there was no turning back to the old ways.  I, personally, am looking forward to my smart car, the shared economy and having a robot to clean up the kitchen.  It sure beats beating the rugs on the clothesline.

5)    Trends and Forecasts

Piscean Age Symbols

Piscean Age Symbol

47% of all US jobs could be automated within the next 20 years.  Computers and robots can do almost everything more cheaply and efficiently than humans.  The advantages for employers  is that robots never complain, never get tired, never take vacations, never require health care, never show up late and don’t waste time on Facebook.  The first wave of replacements of humans is underway and is showing up in transportation/logistics, labor production, administrative support, services, sales and construction.  The second wave will involve artificial intelligence and affect jobs in management, science, engineering and the arts. Smart Planet, September 13, 2013, article by Frey and Osborne of Oxford University.

Facebook users are quitting the social network in droves due to privacy concerns and fear of internet addiction.  It is being dubbed “virtual identity suicide.”  Also data protection issues and social pressure to add friends were among reasons for leaving.  Quitters were older, more likely to be males.  According to journalist Sarah Kessler from Fast Company magazine, leaving Facebook can be long-winded and a difficult process.  Daily Mail, September 17, 2013

iPhone fingerprint scanner may not be such a good idea.  Senator Al Franken (D-MN) notes that fingerprints can be left in public and cannot be altered.  “If hackers get ahold of your thumbprint, they could use it to identify and impersonate you for the rest of your life.”  There is even a contest for the first person to fool the new fingerprint scanner.  According to the contest, there is a $13,000 prize to the winner.  Huffington Post, September, 2013

Local efforts are ongoing to squeeze revenue from tax-exempt nonprofits.  Instead of collecting taxes on the “nonprofits”—such has universities and hospitals—municipalities want to lift exemptions.  Payments-in-lieu-of-taxes brings in $92 million dollars a years and is a growing trend for cities to improve their revenues after years of reductions.  The Kiplinger Letter, November 1, 2013.

By 2020, about 75% of US jobs, 122 million will require higher skills.  Fewer than 100 million workers will be qualified or semi-qualified for them.  The Kiplinger Letter, November 1, 2013.

California’s Mojave Desert is the site of the 3,500 acre Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.  Three sprawling units each contain a circular array of mirrors reflecting rays from the sun toward a 459 foot central tower.  Water in the tower is heated by the rays to produce steam which spins turbines.  It is the world’s largest solar thermal power plant.  Once fully operational, the 392 megawatt plant will generate electricity to power 140,000 homes annually.  Electricity will be sold to 2 California utilities.  There is great controversy over this project—the desert ecosystem and a solar system that uses water in the desert instead of photovoltaic panels.  Partners for this project include BrightSource, Bechtel and Google.  Note, Google, with its vast energy needs is not going around utility companies but through them.  Grist, September 25, 2013

6)    Ponder This

Worth Thinking About

Worth Thinking About

“Too many of the people, whom this world labels as good, are actually static, frightened people.  They lack the courage to do wrong.  This is not goodness, as you well know.  It is static consciousness maintaining the present in the hope that it is the answer.   Only a mind with a creative goal is a sound mind, which I would call a good mind…………   He or she may be a model citizen, a devoted parent, and the epitome of character.  But death is at work in his consciousness, and in rare moments, he senses that all is not well with his life. The world has never been enriched by the standing-still people of virtue.”  The Power of Decision, by Raymond Charles Barker, DeVorss & Company, 1988.