January 2014–The Universal 7 Year

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“Forecasts, Trends for 2014 and Beyond” 

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!

 Sunday, January 26th, 20214  

1 pm – 4 pm

Awakenings Book Store Meeting Room

25260 La Paz (La Pax exit off the 5)

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Registration:  $45


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  • 2014 offers a very different focus for us individually and collectively.
  • After the last 5 years of turmoil and revelations, what can we expect moving forward?
  • What can we expect from the economics, social changes, financial changes and political changes.  Are we in a survival mode of thinking?
  • From more earth shattering revelations, such as the NSA and Snowden to America’s continued retreat from conflict, what actions do you need to be aware of.  2014 is a thinking year.  How should you approach it
  • What breakthroughs will affect your life and how can you plan better for your own future?
  • Bring your questions, bring your friends.

The No. 1 Month – January

For all the hoopla of New Years Resolutions, January is pretty much a clean up from 2013.  We get past the

Take action in 2014

Take action in 2014

holidays and take a big exhale.  We’re still sluggish and many of us snowed in or hampered by really cold weather.  We in the the Northern hemisphere are still in hibernation mode.  This continues on into February.  It is a good idea to set your goals for the year.  They must, however, be written and measurable.  Break them out in 3 months segments.  January is from the God Janus who had two faces, the future and the past.  In January we look at the past year and see what we did or did not learn and we look forward to what we want to create for the future.  Our most productive months are January through September so plan on a 9 month plan to really get the bulk of what you need to accomplish during this period.  Take vacations after September.

For those of you in the know, we have another Mercury Retrograde experience coming up in February.  February 6th to be exact.  So you DO want to get your ideas and actions together through the remainder of January.  The shadow- or prelude to the retrograde –  begins the week before so you might as well give up February to the retrograde.  This means interview in January or March, locate or buy properties cars, have surgery, sign important contract in January or March.  Try to do the really important items now.  Get your surgeries done in January or March–unless cosmetic.  The planet Venus, ruler of beauty, is retrograde in January.  It is not wise to have any cosmetic surgery done while Venus is retrograde.  Postpone this elective procedure until March.  If this all sounds like gobbley  gook, there are too many stories and personal experience over the years that support these delays.

However, February is a wonderful month to get everything caught up, prepare, correct and be ready to move on out in March.  Love launchings in March, the number 3 month.  We create in 3’s.  Wake up in January, get prepared in February and go for it in March.

Questions and Answer:

What is it that happens to those who become senile in old age?  People who were good and self-controlled often become disagreeable.  Is there some special way to help such persons?


“In senility there is a definite break between the higher bodies and the visible one.  The higher forms remain close to the physical body but no link is formed between them.  Since there is no contact with the emotional or mental vehicles, the aged person lacks the right feelings which he or she may have built up and developed into his character.  Senile patients usually reflect nothing higher than distorted reflexes from their physical brains.

Senile patients need wise and loving care but we must not expect too much from them.  Only the shell of the real person remains behind in our care, but that ‘shell’ deserves loving and patient treatment.”


Is there anything one can do to age wholesomely?  Or, how can one be useful all his/her life?”


“It is important to live in a consciousness of the Eternal as blessing every moment and every instance. (sp)  We should teach ourselves to transcend all thoughts of age and of limitations.  Then, dwelling in the consciousness of the Eternal will start infusing us and time will lose its malefic power over the body.

On the other hand, there should be no fear of time or of illness.  The more strongly we can establish an identity with the Eternal, the better can we be insulated with its sustaining, strengthening and tranquil power.  Our bodies and minds are less apt to wear out when conditioned to the consciousness of inward blessing, renewal, healing and overshadowing.  Look about you and notice that those who  are in advanced years, who are still very active, are persons who are more interested in life and its glorious purposes than they are in themselves.  Men who dwell ever mindful of their physical states are prone to age more rapidly and to be burdened by consciousness of limitations.”

“Here Are Your Answers” by Flower A. Newhouse, Christward Publications, Escondido, CA 1969

View from the Freeway

“How many things  have to happen to you before something occurs to you?”  This is a Robert Frost, American Poet,

How long will you wait?

How long will you wait?

quote.  I have always loved this quote and find it always applicable to our lives and experiences.  It seems to me we keep complaining about something over and over and yet we don’t get it.  When does it occur to us that we have to do something differently?  We read and watch news about the economy and the exposure of corruption.  We read about Chase Bank giving back another 2 billion due to its duplicity with fraudulent Bernie Madoff–yet its stock continues to soar.  We read about our professional politicians using inside information from their committees  for their personal or family purchase or sale of stocks.   How did these simple members of Congress who enter under government wages, leave their positions in such substantial wealth?  We read about taxpayer money being used as subsidies for questionable real estate developments.  How about this one–confusing chicken labels. (brought to you by Consumer Reports, February 2014 issue)Free Range–There is no definition of “outdoors” and there are no requirements as far as the size of the outdoor area (it can be a small concrete slab).  Chickens can still be raised in crowded conditions.  No inspections required.

Cage Free–Essentially meaningless.  No chickens raised for meat in the US are kept in cages.  Neither does it mean that the birds have access to the outdoors.  No inspections are required.

Natural–Meaningless.  The product is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients, but no inspection is required to verify

No hormones–Hormone use is prohibited in chickens so even if a product doesn’t come with this claim, it will be free of added hormones as well as steroids.

How about growing the chickens in the US and shipping them to China where they are processed without our inspection and then shipped back to us and put in your grocery store or restaurant.  How does that sit with you knowing that China probably has one of  the worst or at least weakest inspection system.  This plan is in the works and China has to submit designated plants that meet certain inspections by the Chinese.  Although it has not occurred, stay tuned.  The whole idea behind this is to help our cattle industry once again ship beef into China by allowing them to process our chickens.

How many things must happen to you before something occurs to you?  This is the year for the “occurrence”.  In 2014 it occurs to us that we have to take over the asylum.  We are really in need of engagement at the local level to apply pressure on all our local “leaders”, politicians and those who take our money and waste it.   The momentum is growing for change at the local level.  It is really felt locally in the lack of services, inadequate schools and the growing military personalities of the local police.

The country’s first official SWAT team started in the late 60’s in Los Angeles.  By 1975 there were approximately 300 such units.  Today there are thousands.  “According to surveys conducted by the criminologist Peter Kraska of Eastern Kentucky University, just 13% of towns between 25,000 and 50,000 people had a SWAT team in 1983.  By 2005 the figure was up to 80%………..According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Department of Homeland Security has handed out $35 billion in grants since its creation in 2002, with much of this money going to purchase military gear such as armored personnel carriers.  In 2011 alone, a Pentagon program for bolstering the capabilities of local law enforcement gave away $500 million of equipment –an all time high………”  Wall Street Journal, July 20-21, 2013.

How’s this story for how many things must happen to you before it occurs to you, “in 2010, the police department in New Haven, Conn sent its SWAT team to raid a bar where police believed there was underage drinking.  For sheer absurdity, it is hard to beat the 2006 story about the Tibetan monks who had overstayed their visas while visiting America on a peace mission.  In Iowa, the hapless holy men were apprehended by a SWAT team in full gear.”  The Wall Street Journal, July 20-21, 2013.

Since 2014 is a “thinking” year why not pick an area of our governance that needs fixing and work with some local people to bring it about.  Unified and consistent pressure on those in power is about the only thing that will change anything.  Do you really want Chinese chicken in your grocery cart?  How many things must happen to you before something occurs to you?????

Trends and Forecasts (don’t forget to register for the January 26th event in Laguna Hills for trends details)

The absence of the dead at American funerals.  The sacred journey has given way to a kind of pop-psyched, preplanned,

Past moving into the Future

Past moving into the Future

awkwardly personalized exercises, virtual and remote.  The dead are simply disappeared.

Feds are turning to private companies to handle their immigration problems.  Legislation approved by the Senate will increase the federal prison population by 14,000 inmates annually with a price tag of 1.6 billion over the next 10 years.  Two companies have spent millions lobbying Congress on prison-related issues, CCA  and the GEO Group.  This is another example of strong growth in corporate and government merging.  In 2012 40% of GEO’s revenue came from federal contracts.

Home mortgages will be harder to come by in 2014 as the government continues to tighten rules on lending.  You can expect the tightening to continue for several more years as the transit of Pluto continues its grip through 2023.

Renting your clothes??  Product rentals–from designer dresses to sports gear–will catch on–along with free shipping.  There will also be a buyer’s market for those who will buy these used items.  Think about it, perhaps if you live in warm Southern California and want to make a one-time visit to Chicago in January, do you need to buy a warm coat for the single trip.  Renting items will become a big market.  It is another part of  the emerging shared-economy.

Centers for alternative cancer treatments are taking shape.  Physicians tired of the same old chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are seeing the benefits of alternative treatments and are combining the two.  The AMA membership is only 18%% of America’s physicians.  They do control the codes used by physicians.  Expect a gradual growth in backlash against this sacred cow.  The doctors are fed up.  With more female physicians practicing medicine, you can expect an increase in alternative medicine practice by licensed MD’s.

Companies will buy back less shares of their stock.  This is a good thing and hints that there could be a rise in corporate research and capital spending.  In short, benefiting growth.  Share buybacks tend to reduce research and development as well as shrink jobs.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have transformed human stem cells into functional lung cells, paving the way for ultimately creating bio-engineered lungs using the patient’s own cells. Besides being able to generate lung tissue for transplants, these cells could also be used to study lung development and potentially find more advanced treatments for lung diseases. (GizMag-December 6, 2013)

Arab World Sinks Deeper into Water Crisis – (Inter Press Service – December 1, 2013)  .” The report warns that water scarcity in the region is fast reaching “alarming levels, with dire consequences to human development”. The region accounts for 5% of the world’s more than seven billion people, and 10% of its area, but accounts for less than 1% of global water resources. Over 87% of the region’s terrain is desert and 14 of the world’s 20 most water-stressed countries are in this region. Desertification is a sweeping problem.”  FUTUREdition, Vol 16, Number 23, December 15, 2013

Ponder This

We have paid much money in the past to doctors and specialists to analyze our bodies for us.  Finding the results

Worth Thinking About

Worth Thinking About

not quite satisfactory, we instinctively turn to the psycho-analysts and psychologists, paying them to analyze that which we begin to feel is the root of our troubles.  All these men/women do what they can for us because we have given them cause to believe that we do not care to hear the truth–namely that we could do much more for ourselves than they can do.

Worry, rush, noise, anger, fear and envy poison the system just as surely as if we took arsenic.  If we err sufficiently in any of those ways we die; therefore, if we err in any lesser degree, we are still injuring ourselves; even although death comes more slowly, we shorten our lives.

It is recorded that venom has been found on the tongue of a man in a rage exactly similar in its constituents to the venom  of a snake.  The same poison has been found to be generated in the body of an angry bull.  Such venom would, of course, emanate in a fine form from the body of a vindictive and furious person, and as a subtle poison to all contacting it. The story is told of the ward of a certain hospital for the wounded during the war in which an alarming percentage of the patients died.  Investigations were pursued and it was discovered that the matron had been all her life a ‘man-hater’.  After her departure, the death rate returned to normal.  There is also recorded an experiment in which the breath of a person who was very much upset was caught in a test-tube and found to contain enough poison to kill a small rodent in a few moments……

Love and hate, then, have each their chemical form and action. It is obviously impossible for doctors or teacher to do us any permanent good until we learn not to poison ourselves and those around us.”

The Finding of the Third Eye, by Vera Stanley Alder, Samuel Weiser, Inc. , 1970

 …………..“Man does not live by bread alone, he lives by making decisions.”  Raymond Charles Barker