Free Numerology Newsletter November 2010 (archive)

Free Numerology Newsletter

Free Numerology Newsletter



Free Numerology Newsletter

November 2010


MINOGUE REPORT– Numerology and More

November, 2010

Table of Contents:

  1. November, the 11th month of the year
  2. Question of the Month
  3. View from the Freeway
  4. Articles and Books, Comments
  5. Events:

1) The 11th month of the year

This is an interesting month in that it is under the rulership of the Master Number 11. The No. 11 is considered the number of inspiration and light. The world “light”, when the letters are added together, reduces to the number 11. This month is considered to be the month of light, peace and cooperation. I find it no accident that during this month we give thanks in America.



During this month you can expect the activity of religious organizations to increase. Patronage of these institutions increases as well. There is more activity with evangelical groups. This and other zealous groups reach out during this month. I would expect more activity from the world’s religious groups. It can be a great month to share thoughts, ideas and make reforms. There is a quality behind this number of diplomatic discussions, political adjustments and gathering of data. In “light” of the recent bomb threats coming out of Yemen, there will definitely be an increase in the areas of peacekeeping during the month of November. I would imagine a strong emphasis on gathering intelligence this month in line with gathering of data that is normal under the number 11.

2) Question of the Month:

One of my teachers in this lifetime was Flower Newhouse. She was a great metaphysician. Her center, Questhaven, still thrives in Escondido, CA and provides a wonderful, inexpensive retreat center. From time to time I like to go back over notes I gleaned from her teachings. I discovered a few questions and answers that she wrote about. I would like to share two of them with you.



a) Is it true that souls who were killed during the war reincarnate during the past six years, to live but a few months?

Answer: Soldiers whose bodies were blown into fragments had great need for readjustment and coordination. Many of these souls chose an immediate incarnation so that they could find balance in a new life and its experiences.

b) I was raised in an orthodox tradition. I have had to build a new understanding of God and Truth, and “unlearn” that which I was taught as a child. Will I, and others like myself, come into our next life with this understanding; or will we need to repeat the study period again each incarnation?



Answer: Once understood, we never need to repeat any education or training we have already thoroughly learned. If, in this life, you accept God as a Spirit of Infinite Love and Power, you will never again be born into an orthodox, restricted family. Adverse karma, alone, would cause you to suffer from religious restriction. From “Here Are Your Answers” by Flower Newhouse.

3) View from the Freeway

By the time you read this, you will probably have voted—or at least I trust you have voted—and we can now get ready for the holidays. This was an important election and I will do my take on it once we have the final count. I would imagine there will be some recounts as several of the races will be very close. Look for a mid month report.

No matter what you say, or what you believe, we are a great country filled with innovative people, generous people and great potential. We are going through this rough period and many people are angry that the people we put in power—over the years—have not done their best job.

numerology newsletter

numerology newsletter

Was all of this just a correction or is there something bigger going on? If you follow my thoughts and comments over the past years, you will know that this is a necessary period, programmed in America’s chart from the day she was born back in 1776. It could not have been avoided. It could have been less intense, but we did bring this upon ourselves and I think we were very wise in programming this period in our birth plan so that we could self-correct before we did ourselves in.

Correction to take 15 years.

We would be wise if we plan on the correction taking about 15 years. Right now we have several populist movements which are typical during this type of correction. America has always been a political rowdy bunch so it isn’t much different than historical examples. Probably more Republicans than Democrats will be elected in November. That will all change again in a few more years. It is like the ocean, it ebbs and flows. A third party will be added to the mix during this 15 year period and I would expect a presidential candidate from this party by 2016, possibly 2012. Remember to look for the candidate whose date of birth totals the number 5. That means the month, day and full year reduces to the number 5. Follow this candidate and see what he or she does.

It is interesting that in California, as I write this the election has not been held, the candidate Jerry Brown has a 5 Lifepath. I imagined him being the winner back when he first announced his candidacy. Then people thought he would never win, no money, old, owned by the unions, previous governor etc. But his chart is fabulous for the position. See my article on Jerry and Meg on my home page

Americans turned their responsibilities, their 401K’s, their trust and their hopes over to those who really were more



interested in personal power, side bites, secure income, secure retirement and perks. From gerrymandering the districts, to lobbyists who bought their loyalty, to government unions who threaten officials if they do not get what they want, the citizens were hijacked. No wonder they are mad. 15 years is a short time to correct this mess.

But America will correct itself.

We will hack away and chop away. It is essential that you become involved. Stop thinking somebody else is doing it for you. That is what got us all in the problem in the first place. Come up with solutions and study the materials. Start civic study groups in your home. Change comes from within. It cannot be imposed from outside. Outside change does not last.

We owe it to ourselves to be better informed. It never ceases to amaze me that people are ranting and raving and operating on anger, emotions and stupidity. Inform yourself, read a “bill” or two and get good analysis. Who is behind all of these initiatives, referendums? Follow the money trail. Always follow the money. It will lead you to the witch’s house.

Most of you are spiritually minded Souls who are doing your best day after day. This is good and we need your energy and light. We also need your hands’-on-action to help us all shape a better political and governmental system. Why not consider devoting a weekend workshop to this. How can citizens become more directly involved in improving these systems? How about a political/governmental change system weekend. We do weekends for Hypnosis, Soul retrieval, Shamanism, Astrology, Numerology, Psychic Awareness, Chakra healing, Angel Speak and loads of other New Age topics. How about a weekend devoted to civics, and political and governmental improvements. Maybe I should put this together. Would you come? If it was one day, would you come?

Perhaps you could offer a coffee salon in your home and invite others to participate in your area.

We can’t keep complaining and not do anything to fix it.

In the meantime, continue to be the gracious presence. Calm yourself and breathe. America is recovering, slowly. If you would like to know more about how and why all of this came about and where we are headed, plan on



attending my Chicago 3 hour workshop on November 6th. You can register here. Also, I will be speaking in the Albuquerque area on November 13th. You can find out more about this at

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4) Recommended Periodicals, books and Articles

I will always recommend the following:

“The Economist”

“The Wall Street Journal”

“Mother Jones”

Subscribe online and get more in-depth journalism.

Follow “Value Line”, at the library, for a really good understanding of stocks. Value Line is extremely expensive to subscribe to but it will really teach you quite a bit about the individual stocks you might purchase.

Remember the Trend is simplify, Home Made and Made in America. I just purchased some mats at Bed, Bath and Beyond and, my gosh, they were made in Alabama, USA. I double checked to make sure. The trend, is “Aging Boomers”. Products that will help those aging, retrofitting their homes, hand rails for the tubs, etc. will be in great demand. So will computer classes and private tutoring for this age group. Focus on therapy for this age group, health programs for this age group. It is a huge trend and getting bigger.

Until next month, stay the course. The seas are rough and uncertain but you know that the power within you is greater. Richard Billings, one of the wonderful ministers of Unity of Oak Park, states. “Don’t be a rehearsal hall of your problems. The Universe removes things from our life that do not correspond with our true nature. The power within transcends the human intellect. It brings quietness and peace.

5) Events:

November 6th, Chicago, Workshop 1 pm – 4 pm, the Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, IL, contact

November 14th, New Mexico, 1 pm – 4 pm, contact
Until next month,

My best to each of you, always,


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