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Free Numerology Newsletter

Free Numerology Newsletter


Free Numerology Newsletter

An Assessment of Where We Are


March, 2010

Table of Contents:

  1. The importance of the 3rd month, March
  2. Question and Answer
  3. View From the Freeway—An Assessment of Where We Are
  4. Recommended books and articles

    The Importance of the month of March

1. ) At last, we move forward. The number three is always the combination of the beginning energy of the number one combined with the duality of the other in the number two. We can now move ahead in the three and begin to create and expand. Spring comes forward in March and so do we. You should feel a bit antsy as you think about getting rid of dormancy and shedding the heaviness of the last few months. Spring is almost in the air and the increased lighting of the day in the Northern Hemisphere is cause for celebration. Start your creations this month. Get moving. The transits are good for this so don’t waste time stewing. Next month, April, we will be involved with spring cleaning, detoxing our systems and dealing with a Mercury Retrograde condition.

Start your projects. Spend more time in the sunshine. Three announces wholeness and completion by the synthesis of the last two months.

2) Questions and Answers


Is everything here on earth connected to a numerical sequence?


Everything, including your eyeglasses, the car you drive, the food you eat and the sheets you sleep on. “Number is within all things”, Pythagoras, (c.580-500 B.C.) “Nature is written in symbols and signs”, John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892 American poet), “Living in the world without insight into the hidden laws of nature is like not knowing the language of the country in which one was born”, Hazrat Inayat Khan, (1882-1927, Sufi spiritual guide, musician, and writer.

Everything here is made up of formulas. Your eye glasses are numerical formulas, the food you eat and all things you touch. Nature’s information lies in all shapes around us. It could be a petal from a flower or a tire on your car. We have lost the ability to read her. Identifying the shapes and patterns and knowing what they represent can help us understand what nature is doing in any given situation.

There is an exact proportion in the human body that will be the same no matter be the person tall or short. Each part of the human body is in a harmonizing position to the whole of the body. This cosmic creation is deep inside of us and yet we have no clue of its presence. The numbers of measurements of this creation are repeated over and over again as creation continues on a perfect numerical path.

The ancients knew and studied this sacred geometry as they tried to replicate its designs. Modern science is rediscovering what the ancients knew of light, energy and matter.

Our own names, dates of birth, house numbers, license plate numbers, office numbers and phone numbers (to name a few) provide us with personal formulas that play out in our personal lives. I have always said we are on our own unique paths with our own unique set of circumstances and blueprints. It is amazing that we can master texting, emailing, tweeting and yet we have not a clue about our own individual plans or timing or lessons. We fill that void with ever-so-many activities and things and yet we are haunted by “something” indefinable that we ignore or try to control.

  1. View from the Freeway—An assessment of where we are

As the comedian, Joan Rivers, says; “can we talk?” What is going on here and what are we doing day by day to keep despair away and good possibilities in front of us? I hear from you out there. Most people come to me when they are going through major transition, crisis, decision-time or just want to stay tuned to their own blueprints. I am hearing an earful from you. The “F” words are “frustration” and “fear”. The situation is becoming very “primal” as people worry about basic survival. Some of us never thought it would “come down to this”.

Welcome to the “New World Order” Redo. Let’s face it, we didn’t get very involved in policy, elections, health care, financial instruments, corruption, bloated budgets, shabby construction, poor schools, marginalization of certain classes, fat, waste, special interests, arrogance, entitlements, bloated prisons, drug prevention, gang intervention and outrageous behavior until recently—the last two years. We still are not really “outraged” yet. It is coming. I would estimate a little of it this year and a lot of it beginning next year and continuing for some time.

What have we been doing for the last 30-40 years? Do we really think it is okay to live like this? If you can be honest with your answer, you can now see why it is necessary to go through this correction period. I have said, and I repeat, plan on 14 more years of getting things corrected. We have completed only two years of a 16 year cycle. Please plan accordingly. We have barely scratched the surface. All we are doing right now is really seeing the bits and pieces of the problems. What we do from here on in and what we change will dictate the growth and maturity of this country.

Since we have decided to reincarnate and live here at this time, we have the responsibility to not add to the suffering but instead to make appropriate changes and support others in their changes.

Here are some ideas to support you and others through this period:

  1. Maintain a mind that is sharp, uncomplicated and able to get through to the heart of the matter.
  2. Stop grinding your teeth at night, wringing your hands and talking about how awful everything is. It is not awful. Nature continues in her rhythm and if we can but understand it, we know we are supported. Frustration comes from going against her and wondering why it is not working. Study nature to calm yourself. You must learn to “self-calm”. Whatever techniques work for you. You may not be able to afford a therapist right now, but you can learn to “self-calm”.
  3. Stop looking at the problems. State what they are and focus on solutions. Write them down. Do not leave it up in your head.
  4. All religious establishments need to concentrate on practical steps to help their congregants. Praying is good, singing and chanting is lovely, affirming helps some, a good talk inspires but practical tools to help people are a necessity. All religious establishments need to be a resource for jobs, shelter etc. Groups should be formed inside of these communities and do more. Set up networks, assign key people to certain roles and get moving.
  5. If you are about to lose your house, look at all your options. Contact and see if they can help. If you are unemployed or about to be, contact “Work Source”, a Federally-funded program with local offices in each city. They place you and are constantly looking for companies willing to place. They have various programs to support both employers and employees.
  6. Start taking really good care of your health. Make it your priority before all else. Read your food labels. Stop eating so much salt. Research shows that we should be eating no more than 2,300 milligrams of salt a day. Those over 60, no more than 1,500 a day. This can help immediately lower the blood pressure of this country and prevent heart attacks. Get proactive in reading those labels and throughout the day total your salt content.
  7. Decide if you really need to live where you live, with whom you live and how you live. This is the time for simplicity and support. Celebrate your life and time here by addressing these questions and make the changes that enhance your life.
  8. Get involved in government. Much of what has happened over the last several years is that we have allowed others to do our bidding without auditing their results. Find a group (s) that interest you and get interested.
  9. Get out of the “special interest” syndrome. This country is much more united than the politicians would have you believe.
  10. We do survive this “episode”. America had a fantastic chart at birth so I am not concerned long term. It’s the interim. We can make this period long suffering or we can really be constructive in making necessary but difficult changes.
  1. Books and Articles:

I highly recommend “You Are Not a Gadget” by Jaron Lanier. A Silicon Valley visionary, who coined the phrase “virtual reality”, takes a look at what happens when we stop shaping technology and technology starts shaping us.

For basic good health and self-healing, I highly recommend “Helping Yourself with Foot Reflexology” by Mildred Carter. Written in 1969, this is one of the most helpful books on healing various ailments through foot massage on various points on the foot. It is an extremely helpful book.

John Perkins in his martial arts teachings and his “Preparing for a Warrior” articles states that “Hope is not a plan. Pinning your hopes on someone else to come to the rescue is not an option. Survival entails personal tenacity and will. ……The sooner you are able to change the way you view yourself, the sooner survival options will present themselves.”

Until next month,

Keep trusting yourself,


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