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Free Numerology Newsletter

January 2011


MINOGUE REPORT– Numerology and More

Minogue Monthly Report—January,

2011—Universal Year No. 4

Dear Friends,

It is that time of year when we take a look at the some of the characteristics of the year ahead. Let’s see where we are.

Economic Growth

2011 is the No. 4 Universal Year in Numerology. We can expect it to be a year of discipline, hard work, productivity, frugality and a waste-not-want-not attitude. The more you can be productive the better. If you are out of work, consider doing some volunteer activity. Many times something positive in the way of income comes from volunteering your services. Stay busy. Focus on measurable results not pie-in-the-sky ideas. It is not a year to be wishing and hoping. It is a year to be doing and taking action.

Expect economic growth to be very slow for the next five years. After 2015, things will pick up at a quicker pace. Have a 5 year plan for yourself.

Short-term interest rates will stay low most of the year. If you can get a loan, lock it in this year. Follow this closely as ridiculously low interest rates will come to an end as the economy starts to pick up steam later in 2011. Get out of as much debt as you can right now.



Housing will remain a big issue for the economy. Expect at least three more years before seeing any decent rise in house prices. It will remain a buyer’s market and 2011 is abetter year to buy. There could be some serious changes to the foreclosure situation with more uniform rules and regulations coming forth by the new Congress.

Regulations on the Increase

More regulations for all of us. This will be a continuing trend for the next 13 years. Just as you saw the body scanners intrude, you will see more government and corporate intrusion—Face book information, phone records, more public cameras, stricter lending rules and more food police.

Have you followed the movies for some of the trends? The films are the way showers for future trends. A big one is mind control. Pay attention to films such as “Inception”, “Manchurian Candidate”, and “Matrix”. They have been sending out peeks at what is ahead for at least 50 years. Something to ponder, the internet itself is a way shower for using mental telepathy. This is a very early stage of our instructions. This is a large 2400 year trend.

Drones are here. Both the Miami-Dade and Houston police forces are approved by the FAA to use them. The possibilities are enormous. Supposedly they are being used to support SWAT teams. Honeywell is the big benefactor for these drones.

From 2008 until 2024 you can expect more government and corporate intrusion in



your lives. After this date, some of the regulations will be softened and the citizens will demand it. Many of them are here to stay. We are entering the Aquarian Age, the Age of the practical OVER the sentimental. As we become more electronic and wireless, our relationships will become more impersonal and detached. It is an Age of the mind. The mind will be the focus. The mind is truly the new frontier. Diseases and studies of the mind will increase. Artificial intelligence will increase and our homes and businesses will operate with robots. The individual chores are being replaced by a device.


Employment will be very slow in returning to the United States. Expect unemployment to remain high for the next few years. American companies are hiring—but mainly overseas. Demand is growing in Asia and American companies are doing very well in hiring in these markets. Sales for these American companies are surging. For example, more than half of the 15,000 people that Caterpillar Inc. hired in 2010 were outside the US. UPS is also hiring faster overseas. Of the top 500 companies in America, all but 4% reported profits up. The stock market is also enjoying its highest point since the 2008 meltdown.



The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas in 2010 compared to 1 million jobs in the US. What is good for American company’s, is not necessarily good for the American economy.

American companies are also building overseas. Caterpillar has invested in three new plants in China. Wal-Mart already operates more than 200 stores in China and pledged a combined 500 million to back a privately owned company named, a fast-growing online retailer in China.

Remember many of America’s largest firms are really “trading firms”. They do not manufacture anything—such as Wal-Mart. 95% of Wal-Mart products are produced in China. Wal-Mart is essentially a trading trim that brings in the products for Americans to buy. The same with the computer firm Dell. It buys the parts from overseas suppliers and assembles them in America.

Homi Kharas, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and formerly the World Bank’s chief economist for East Asia and the Pacific, says that “all of the growth over the next 10 years in happening in Asia. The Associated Press is stating that Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent points out that a billion consumers will enter the middle class during the coming decade, mostly in Africa, China and India. Of Coke’s 93,000 global employees, less than 13% were in the US in 2009, down from 19% just five years ago.”

This is a huge trend in America and accounts for the lack of jobs being available for Americans. The core of these

numerology newsletter

numerology newsletter

companies as manufacturers no longer exists. They have gobbled up smaller manufacturing companies over the last 20 years and now have the products produced off-shore. This could be a dangerous trend—American businesses doing well but American citizens struggling with high unemployment. Harvard Business School Dean, Nitkin Nohria, worries that this dangerous trend could create a situation where business leaders lose “legitimacy” here in the United States. Somehow, business leaders need to find a way to “link growth with job creation here at home”.

Citizen Unrest

Look for citizen unrest starting in 2011. It has been coming for the last several years. The Tea Party movement is one of its results but it is much bigger than the Tea Party group. For the most part the citizens have been quiet about the waste and abuse in both the public and private sectors. For the average American, their income has declined 5% over the last 10 years. The back lash is brewing.

Beginning in 2011 and lasting approximately 8 years, the United States will begin to be vocal about the disparities in income and opportunities. It will build slowly but it will build. During this period I would expect to see more unrest, protest and citizen participation. It should be more acute beginning in 2015 and continuing until 2019. Eventually Americans will look at the huge monopolies that have been set up by corporate America.

Remember the movie “Network”—this is another way shower. The character in the film leans out the window and yells “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more”. This will be the sentiment during this period. Run for the hills those who have cheated and lied to the public—both in the corporate structure and in the government.

For the most part, the anger is being directed at the government. This is only half of the equation and misleading. The government will be called upon to jump start the economy since the private sector cannot or will not. Eventually the private sector will be doing the lion’s work but in the beginning, it will require government intervention. Consumers will still be called upon to consume but during this contracted period, until 2024, they will expand slowly and result in a slow recovery.

Volunteers become an enormous segment of our society. As public services erode, the citizens and corporations are taking over. Eventually, the public/private sectors will fund these activities.


Banks have already become too big too fail. During the recent fallout and bank consolidations, we now have a

situation of just a few banks pulling the purse strings. As Americans become angry at the government, they will want less money spent for regulating the financial markets. A catch 22 situation—less regulation does not necessarily equal safer markets.

Small non-profit micro financiers that have been lending in the developing countries have reached America’s shores. Both Kiva and Grameen Bank have opened up shop. They will be filling the needs of entrepreneurs as a funding source. Grameen America plans to open branches in several states and Kiva will be targeting small businesses that have been hit hard by the BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast. What a trend! America, with all its big banks and Wall Street bonuses, is a recipient of developing countries lending sources. Follow this trend if you are trying to fund a small business. Big banks are starting to soften the lending to larger businesses as well. This will gradually improve in 2011.


On the health front, do not expect the big blockage of the new health laws as you are hearing from the new members of Congress. They may slow implementation of the law but most of the law is here to stay. States are so severally cash strapped that they will accept the federal dollars to offset the new expansion of Medicaid services.


Expect more unrest regarding the education of America’s young. As we fall further behind in essential areas of learning, the volunteers of America will continue to fill the gap.

More women will come into power in 2011. This is a huge, long-lasting, world wide trend. Expect to see the male dominated countries harshly resist the trend. It cannot be stopped. In order for a country to flourish, it must respect and honor the female in its society. Wherever there is a country that diminishes the female in that society, the society cannot do well and will never thrive.


Overall, it is not a time to be gloomy in America. We are still buying cars and Ipads, just not as much as before. Many jobs will never return and there will be very long-term unemployment. A big group of entrepreneurs is being created and from this will come many positive outcomes. There will be cheaper electronic goods—or what I call electronics for the poor—more information available to more people and a nation of savers. Waste, fat and excess will be diminished. Homemade, handmade, made in America will be greatly appreciated and will do well. Since many retirement baby boomers did not save enough for retirement, they will probably live longer as they will have to go to work and stay relevant. Since working requires some sort of schedule and routine, you can expect that they will take better care of their health. 70 is the new 50 as people have to make changes in their mind about careers, taking on a new job or starting a new company. Who would have ever thought America and its citizens would ever be in this position. It was programmed in at the birth of America’s chart.

Do not worry, America will be fine and more grown up once it gets through the next 14 years. She has a fabulous chart for itself but she also has to mature and clean house.

Happy New Year

Remember to stay close and in touch with friends and family as this Aquarian Age will focus on distractions, detachments and loneliness. For all our connectedness through electronic gizmos, Americans hunger for community and will find it in various group—be discerning!

Do you need a private session?

Most of you realize that I work with individuals and corporations in helping them with their personal blueprints. It is very important work and so I continue to do it as long as I am able to do it. Each of us arrives here with a wonderful guidance system. We create it before arrival and work with it all our lives. It is important to know what you created and what is your timing in this life. Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who starts his new term at 72.

Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.

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In the meantime—Remember that the power within you is greater than any power outside of you. Keep blessing each situation no matter how awful. The picture screen is descending—you cannot see the entire picture.

My best to you always

I look forward to hearing from you,


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