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Enjoy the Holidays-Be a Cheerful Giver & Receiver

Enjoy the Holidays-Be a Cheerful Giver & Receiver

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes

December is the finale for 2013.   It is the wrap up month for the year.   The energy is contracting as is the light of day in the Northern Hemisphere.  Allow yourself to spend inward time with yourself.  It is the “cave” time.  Time to go into your cave and contemplate you, your habits, your values.  In all your getting, get time and rest for yourself.  Follow nature and hibernate a bit this month.  Pace all the holiday activities and do not fall victim to the “herd mentality”. The general energy is still contracting worldwide.  Take this into consideration when making your decisions.  The clean up of everything marches on.  Do not get into debt due to holiday shopping.

Step back from the commercials and listen to your own commercial.  What are you promoting?  What are you buying?  What are you selling about yourself? How much do you value peace of mind?  Without it, life is a continual search filled with worry, fear and anxiety.  If you value peace of mind, do everything you can to cultivate it.

From the wise words of Alexander Everett, ” I never teach anything unless I have done it myself.  I teach you how to center because I do it myself.  I teach you how to become a vegetarian because I am one.  We learn from each other–by examples, not by what we say.  To make a difference in the world, you need to be an example.  You teach your children, you teach your friends, your neighbors, by how you live.  They do not remember what you say, but rather who and how you are.  Lead by example–that is the best way to teach living in balance.”

Demonstrate calmness this holiday season.  Be the voice of reason and non-judgement.  Do not go into depression or sadness for who or what is not with you.  You are here and you are gifted with time.  Use it wisely and lovingly.  Focus your thoughts on joy and generosity.  Give and remember the abundance of the universe.  Nature is rich in supply and so are you.  When everything is going too quickly, purposely slow down.  When money is tight, give more.  When depressed, help someone else.  Say a kind word, help carry parcels to a person’s car, be polite, be patient and do onto others as you would have them do unto you–no matter their age, gender, background or culture.

Ponder This:

“No man is an island unto himself; we are all a piece of the continent.”

John Donne