August 2013

More News on the Way

More News on the Way

August 2013 – Vacation Month?


1) The 8th month of the Year—August

Although it seems as if it should be vacation time for most of us, the number 8 indicates this is a power month. Many schools across America are going back to school by the middle of the month. People are buying school supplies and working on their own plans for their businesses. It’s a busy month. Yes, it is a vacation month in the old sense of the word but Americans are continuing to work even on vacation. We are on cell phones and laptops even out of the office. The thought of having the old-fashioned vacation where you were out of touch for a week or two is becoming hilarious. I am still in favor of being disconnected but I am not sure most working age Americans could handle it. We are wired and addicted to being wired 24/7. My suggestion for this 8th month is run with it. Take your vacation in October during the next Mercury retrograde. For this month, keep being productive and organized. You are heading into the home stretch of 2013—get as much done as you can during August and September.

View from the Freeway

The dirt under the dirt continues to be exposed. Each week we are seeing more unbelievable behavior, bad Anthony Weiner jokes and all. The dirt keeps flying and we just keep ducking. As I have said for a long time, it will only show you more. The point of this polarized period of celebrity worshiping, politicians grandstanding and media grabbing, huge overcharging for hip replacements and other medical devices and other absurdities of the culture is to show us ourselves and what we have created or allowed to be created in our name for a long time. Certainly, the widening gap of the middle class and the upper class didn’t just happen since 2008. It has been going on for at least 30-40 years. It finally reached the point of WOW in 2008 and now you are seeing our creations. Surprise!

If you don’t like it, then better get involved in the civic process and start to change it. People are so polarized, righteous and angry

Looks like this all needs cleaning!

Looks like this all needs cleaning!

that common sense is almost a dirty word. There are errors on both sides of the political parties. Some of the Republicans’ ideas are good and so are some of the Democrats. Neither one should be demonized. Alas, due to the righteousness and need to be right by very vocal factions, we have the standoff and nothing gets done. We must remember that we put these ineffective people in office. Most of them become entrenched and glorified because we let them. The seduction of a month’s vacation, free medical care and all other perks one gains from political office is sponsored by us. We allow them to become revolving doors for lobbyists. We let them be the front for corporate controls and then we let the appointees of important committees formed to protect us (the SEC, FDIC, FDA etc.) go to work for high salaries of the corporations they were regulating. We make them wait one year for the official employment (tsk, tsk). What have we become—idiots?

Where is our civic duty? What is it costing us in our city services, our Federal programs and our standard of living? The longer we just complain and say we just can’t stand politicians, the more air is wasted. You might as well save your breath to cool your soup. Choose an area that you will commit to improving, invite others who are interested in doing what you believe is necessary and start the process.

Or—you can keep complaining and watching reality TV, watch your local services deteriorate and the price of existing services go up. Remember, the politician who promises no taxes without your say, is the same person who can favor higher fees, license requirements and more regulations. In the end, you will pay.

Are term limits a reality or a pipe dream? What if Congress was limited in how long they could stay in office? The concept has been run up the flag pole before but never went anywhere. What if a new movement was formed that limited both the House and Senate terms? Would 12 or 18 years of being in the Senate be enough? How about the House? Would 3 or 4 terms (6-8 years be enough)? Why not push out of office those who can’t seem to be effective for America. Don’t we fire employees in the private world when they refuse to work or even worse, sabotage the company? Our country is going to need really smart, dedicated and wise leaders. We have much head wind and it requires better management. Between 2015 – 2018, we will be tested. Get involved now!

TRENDS in the making

Volunteerism. We are a nation of volunteers. We do so in our schools, our hospitals, our police departments, maintain our neighborhood streets, read for the visually impaired, help at our animal shelters, our senior citizen Meals on Wheels, our food banks and our parks. In California we even donated money to keep the state public parks open. Who is recognizing the portion of our population who volunteers? This is an enormous trend in America and growing. Some of the services for our communities would not exist unless volunteers stepped up to the

Is anybody coming today?  Does anybody know I am here?

Is anybody coming today? Does anybody know I am here?

plate. Jobs are shrinking as budgets tighten. Volunteers are filling in. I don’t know the percentage of our population that is replacing the paid worker but it is growing. If volunteerism collapsed, the economy would be quite dysfunctional.

Eventually, the government will be recognizing this large segment of our population and provide incentives for people to volunteer. Watch the next few years for these perks for volunteers. Volunteers have become the 4th leg of the chair. Never mind the stool! Work as we knew it, is being turned on its head.


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“Remove and dissolve every obstacle by blessing it and being willing to understand it. Mark it no longer a stumbling block, but a stepping stone, leading to your highest good…….Blessing calls forth the highest good within you. The highest good within you can only attract the highest good from another.”

“Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell


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