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Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation - Nov 21, 2013

This week in November honors Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the death of President John Kennedy. Even though these events happened long ago, they remain relevant to our country’s development. It is wise to revisit our history–both in our national life and in our own personal lives.
We may not be aware that it is Lincoln’s proclamation that gave us our traditional Thanksgiving Day in November. In honor of our great leader and guide, here are his words:

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Ending Ownership–What Does this mean for society? - Nov 18, 2013

I have often spoken of the shared economy and what that will mean for all of us. The words “shared economy” don’t resonate yet but you are beginning to live them. We are finding out that people would prefer “access” to “ownership”. Interpretation, I would rather have access to a car and its conveniences than having to own the car with its payments, maintenance, insurance and fees.

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