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Growing Up After 50 - Aug 21, 2013

What we don’t understand is that the 30’s are not your peak of togetherness. Nor are your 40’s. Throughout your 30’s and 40’s we are continuing to develop ourselves, changing careers, laying platforms for future success and burning the candle at both ends…………..Once we have crossed over from the 10 years of our 50’s into our 60’s, we can really accomplish more, ow ourselves better, use our time more wisely and be more effective. Unfortunately, what we do in our culture is prepare for retirement.

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American Spirit–Caution–No Turn–Will Get Ticket - Aug 14, 2013

The merchants are doing what they can to fight city hall and they, both drivers and merchants are depending upon each other. Basically, they are depending on the human factors. Although this situation will really never make headlines, it is a reminder of how we do help each other and how America, being the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, will never kowtow for very long to the rules and regulations that punish its citizenry for its ability to make a legal living.

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