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Your House Number–Heaven or Hell

Over the years I have heard many people say to me–“ever since I moved into this place, everything has gone to pot”.  “All I do is work, or I don’t have friends over very much any more, or business had dried up, or I never have enough money any more to have any fun or I feel so lonely now or I make a good income, but it is eaten up by unexpected expenses”.   This list goes on and on.   Did you every stop and think that the place, the energy of the house or apartment has something to do with your situation?

Buildings and their addresses are critically important to us.   The addresses of where we live and work will impact our lives as long as we work or live at that address.  The numbers themselves set the stage for what you are walking into when you move into a building with these numbers.

Buy or Rent Carefully

Never rent or buy a place without understanding the implications of the address and how it will affect you

A number 9 address (3 + 6)

personally.  The most beautiful home in the best location can turn out to a nightmare for you.  The best office space can be really good rent, with a great view but your business will not prosper there.  To feng shui a place is also very important but the biggest impact will be the house or office number.  When you are figuring out the address, total up all the numbers of the address of the house or the apartment unit.  Do not use the apartment building,  just the unit itself.  The same with the office building, you want the suite number of the office itself.  The general office or apartment building is important but it just sets a tone or the area, not the individual space.    Use letters as numbers–apt. 2B–the letter “b” is the 2nd letter in the alphabet so it is the number 2 as well.  If you live in apartment 2B, you live in a No. 4 apartment in Numerology.  Total the house number together and reduce it to a single digit.  For example 10508 Smith Street reduces to a 5 house.

Each House Number has it Own Personality

Each number has its own personality and energy.  A one number would be very entrepreneurial, independent, innovative, competitive, a starting number.  A number four would be disciplined, hard working, orderly, methodical, step by step, structured and productive–work will be the emphasis, frugality.  The number five would be lively, great place for a home business, always changing, heavy emphasis on people coming and going, always experiences of lots of change.  Not necessarily peaceful but lively.  The number seven property is your quiet, cerebral place, good for retreats and to get away, hide from the public.  This is the house that is good for reflection, developing your inner self, focus on developing of your inner faith–sometimes testing it, not an entertaining house.  People are invited in versus dropping over.  This is a good house for recovery.  Not at all good for business.

The interesting thing about numbers, we all have blueprints created prior to our births.  For the most part most of us don’t know they exist.  Within these blueprints are time passages which change every 9 nears.  As these change, they directly affect our behavior and our thinking.  For example, if i am about to enter a passage under the number seven, I would have an unconscious tendency to locate and move into a 7 house or apartment unit.  Gradually as I live in this space, my life changes to quieting down, business slows, I see or need to see less people and I begin to live a more inward prosperous vs an outward prosperous life.  The focus is less on business and more on rest and study of the self.

If the same person moving into that 7 house, has a high powered, time consuming job, the person might find herself less and less productive and more tired or choosing to get home and just chill.  During that 9 year period, the social life quiets down and the person could complain that I just don’t meet anyone any more or words to that effect.

Karma and Your House or Office

Now to make it even more interesting, if the person who moves into that house, has a karmic balance to

Office Building Number

correct with the issues revolving around the number of the house, the karma will be activated while living in that house.  This is very common.  For instance, if a person is missing the number four in their chart, the number of hard work and productivity, bingo, the person finds herself just working all the time, working on the housing, working on the weekends etc.  Hardly any time to play and always having to be frugal with money, time and energy.    Missing numbers in a name always signify past life issues that the person is working on in this lifetime.  The house or office number will intensify these issues.

I always ask my clients the address of their house and office when I do a private session with them.  I need to know the environment they are living in and how it is impacting their lives.  Based on the several issues in their charts, many times I have to suggest strongly that they move out of the place they are living in and I also recommend the best address numbers for their individual blueprint.

Avoid Karmic Debt Numbers

We need all the help we can get and that includes living in places that benefit us and do not delay or prevent

Karmic Debt Number is Activate

us from prospering.  For all of us, I would avoid the pure numbers of 13, 14, 16, and 19 as address numbers.  That means if these numbers are stand alone, such as Apt. 19) and not part of a larger number like 1932, avoid them.  They are karmic “debt” numbers and you do not want them as your address.  That is a another story in itself.  Just walk away.  Each means something unique and you do not need it.

If you would like more information on your own blueprint and the location in which you live, please contact me for a private session and I will be glad to go over it all with you.  It can save you much short and long-termed heartache.












105 responses to “Your House Number–Heaven or Hell”

  1. Errin says:

    Hello Gail,

    I am moving into a unit number #110. Do I refer to it was a 2 or an 11? My name number also adds up to a 65/11/2. The most recent time I lived in a solid #2 apartment, it was broken into, but thank the higher power I was not at home. I am worried. Did I make the right choice? Will the #11 with the 0 be better for me this time around?

    I hope this makes sense! Thank you Gail!

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Nishima,
    Gosh, lots of questions around your lives and where you live. I would suggest investing in a private session. It will clear up much of what you are asking about. You can pick and choose on my website Thank you for your interest.

  3. Nishima says:

    Hi Gail
    I have life path number 13/4 and destiny number 8
    My husband has lp and destiny both 6
    I have tried all numbers but didn’t work.My house number is 158 which adds upto 14/5.My husband has soul urge number 14/5 so it didn’t effect him in negative way.Now for money can I give my house 8 number though it’s karmic lesson of my husband

  4. Jolanda says:

    Hi Gail I want to buy a house with number 376. It adds up to 16. Is this an unlucky house number?

  5. Jenny Leavey says:

    Hi Gail, I am moving into a house no 7004 my birthday day is 1st July 1955
    How will this affect me please
    Kind Regards

  6. PC says:

    Hi Gail,
    We are getting a house number 1717. It adds up to 16. Is this bad?
    Thank you,

  7. Daniel Smith says:

    Hi Gail, After alot of research i cannot find a clear answer, my birthday is August 11 1975 and my wife is August 11 1976 we are looking at a 11 house(address 641) how will this affect us both bieng born on 11th. Thanks

  8. Radha says:

    I have purchased a house of number 4.
    My date of birth is 19 June1978, 7:45 pm
    My wife 11 July 1980, 2:30 pm

    How can I make this home good

  9. Shruti says:


    We are planning to buy a house with address as 7315 .
    My DOB is August 5 1989 , 08/05/1989 & my husbands as 21st July 1986 , 07/21/1986 . Please let us know if it’s good ??


  10. Gurpreet Khatkar says:

    Hi this is gurpreet
    My date of birth is 12 jan and i want to b an artist n want to go in defence. I am recently moving to new apartment whose building number is 256 and door number is 205 . Do u think i can achieve my life goals here?

  11. Gail Minogue says:

    Please reach me at or 800-600-0256.

  12. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you for connecting. I cannot answer the many numerous questions that come to me regarding a house number or an apartment number and your own destiny number. If you would like to know more about how your name, date of birth and timing relate to a house purchase or rental, please sign up for the “location session”. It is very valuable and can save you much grief regarding purchasing or renting the wrong property. Again, I will need your exact, registered birth name and date of birth as well as the house under consideration. IMPORTANT. It is always best to do this in advance of purchase rather than after you have already made the offer or down payment. The horse has left the barn after the fact.

  13. Orthodoxia says:

    I have a question. Does it matter if our expression number is the same as our house number? I have 11 expression number can I also have an 11 house ? I do have 2 on my name and my surname. So that means that I can still have an 11 house?

  14. Sharad says:

    Hi, Can you share your contact number? Thanks

  15. Adarsh says:

    I had purchased a house numbered 62. My date of birth is 10/09/84 and my wife is 04/05/1984. Is it ok..

  16. Gail Minogue says:

    The information you are seeking is in your name at birth. Here is where the karmic corrections show up. Not in the date of birth.

  17. Lynn owen says:

    I have multiple 8s in terms of name, birthdate etc. for example, my birthdate is 9/8/62. For some reason I keep being drawn to “3” houses. Are 3 houses good for me or is their some lesson to be learned here?

  18. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Maritza,
    Please know this is 77. If the house was 14, it would be the karmic debt number.

  19. Maritza says:

    My apartment number is 7G.
    Is this a master number 77 or 14/5 karmic debt number?


    Dear Gail

    I’m hoping to get your opinion. I am thinking of buying a house with number of 35(3+5=8). However I read that number 8 houses are not suitable for people born on the 31st October. I born on 1983 and my name is Anunitya. Should I invest in this or different property? If i still want this property which is number 35 , can i add on “b” .. So it will be 35B which total will be number 1.

    Looking forward for your reply.

  21. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Tracy,
    I cannot answer your questions just looking at your date of birth. The issues are in your name. The date tells you about your timing and your life path. Thanks for asking. You might want to consider the 30 minute location reading I offer for clients considering a change of address. My website link is

  22. Tracey Crawford says:

    Hi Gail
    My dob is: 24/01/1969 and I’m deciding between two places to live in. Which would be better?
    Unit 3, street number 7 OR Unit 3, street number 15?
    Thank you! Tracey

  23. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Ceely,
    Thanks for commenting. The number 11 is excellent for a house number. It is the number of light and inspiration. Zero’s give protection. The only time it might affect someone is when they are missing the number 2 in their birth name.

  24. Ceely says:

    Hello Gail.

    Will a house number 803 be good? It adds up to 11 but I’m not sure if the zero makes any difference? If it does. What difference will it make? I’ve read some conflicting things about house number 11. Inline articles say that it’s good and gives more insight however, YouTube videos are saying it’s not and it’s difficult due to duality etc. So I’m quite confused. Any help will be appreciated.

    Ps: I’m a life path 5. Born on the 16th. Thank you!

  25. kelly says:

    Hi Gail,
    I am looking at a house with the number 202. I know that 4 is unlucky.
    My question is would you reduce this house to four or with you not mind the zero and classify it as a master 22?

    Also, if my life path was a 3 what would be the best house number for me?

    Thanks very much


  26. Angela G. says:

    Hi Gail,

    I saw in a comment above where you said you cannot change the energy of a house, the answer is to move. What if you feel as though you have been trapped in a house and cannot get out? My husband, son and I are all 6’s. We sold our house and moved to what we thought was going to be a temporary (no more than 3 month) rental, which happens to be a 9 house, and over 5 years later we are still here and unable to find a place to move to, we prefer to buy, but we would accept even a rental at this point. We have been steadily looking the entire time. Also, while living here, our lives have deteriorated in many ways, but with the 6’s our family unit is strong – thankfully.

  27. Errin says:

    Hello Gail,

    I was born with life path #7. It seems to me that #7 apartments follow me. Currently, I am in the process of looking for a new place
    …I’ve looked at several, then today, I finally find “the one” and the apartment number is…..#502; needless to say, I am currently living in a #205. I’ve been here for 6 years and it’s been a lonely, but introspective one. I really like the #502 apartment, it’s homely and spacious, just what I’m looking for, I knew from the moment I walked in, it was perfect for me. But I am not sure if I should go for it because I am trying to meet someone special, I’m concerned the 7 energy might keep me from achieving that. I don’t know what to do.

    Please Help!

    Thank you!

  28. Karthik says:

    Hi Gail,

    We’re planning to buy a new house & it’s number is 13A… Is 13A also a karmic debt number? or Can we go ahead & buy it? Please advise.

    Thanks & regards,

  29. Anupam Gupta says:

    Hello Gail,
    We have recently shifted into a new rented villa. The no of the villa is 16A which adds up to 8.
    I have two questions please , the first is if 16A is a karmic debt number . and second is if house number 8 is good for us as a family. Mine and my husband’s life path numbers are 7 , my son’s is 8 and my daughter ‘s is 4.
    Also there is one problem, my husband date of birth might not be the right one, so in that case should I follow my life path number when it comes to consider the house number, although my husband is the bread winner of the family.

    Warm Regards

  30. Gail Minogue says:

    The middle 0 changes it.

  31. Ingrid says:

    Hi Gail,

    I found a lovely house and I am considering placing an offer. The house number is 104, and I read that a 14 stand alone is a karmic number. …. but would this 104 number be karmic number, or does the zero in the middle change it.

    I would be so grateful for any help.

  32. Gail Minogue says:

    Michelle, regarding your house number 7. You cannot change the energy of the house. It is what it is. Introverted, quiet and can be isolating. Solution would be to move.

  33. Michelle says:

    Hi Gail,

    My flat number adds up to 7, a spiritual home, relaxing and private.

    I read it isn’t a good home for single people and there is a tendency become more introverted and isolated. I’m finding this is true- how can I change the energy to attract new love? I’m becoming too isolated here and thinking too much its getting me down!

  34. Rina says:

    Hi Gail,
    We are about to buy a house unit no 11A…….by right the unit no should be 13 but developer changed the number to 11A….so I am not sure is there any effect of no 13 there….by the way my husband DOB is 9th Novemeber 1983 and my DOB is 25th June 1983 tq. Pls advise.

  35. PK says:

    Hi Gail,

    I am about to buy a house with house number 40, my DOB adds to 1 and my husband’s adds to 8.
    I want our home to be blissful and full of love & laughter. Would this house be good for us in future ?

    Please advise.


  36. Melane says:

    I’m planning to buy a house and lot but I don’t know what’s lucky house number
    My birthday 10.26.1981

    Thanks you,

  37. Orthodoxia says:

    Dear Gail

    Me and my husband we are so close to buy our house and the number of the house is 8.

    My life path is 11 and my personality number is 3.
    My husband’s life path is 7 and his personality number is 13/4 which is karmic i think.
    Our maturity is 22/4 for me and 13/4 for my husband.

    Is that a good house for us or we activating something that is not good at all?

    Thank you for your time x

  38. Arsh says:

    Hi Gail,
    Really need a big favour from you in choosing my house number.
    Okay my husband and myself have karmic debt numbers in our life path which is 16/7. Both are the same..
    D.o.b :24.02.1988
    so I have choose two house number to go to, house number 16 & house number 8.
    Which is the best number for both of us to go to? I’m so confused.. Need your assistance.. tq

  39. Sally says:

    Dear Gail

    I am thinking of moving into an apartment no. 15-11.

    My life path is no. 4 & my personal year no. is 9.

    Mum’s life path no. is 9. & her personal year no. is 9.

    Is this a good house – esp for health?

    Thank you so very much!

  40. HAZEL M PEPPER says:

    Is 2732 = 14, or is it 5? Unsure if this is a Karmic residence or not. Thanks.

  41. Kavita Uppin says:

    Hi, iam kavita my date of birth is 22.11.1983 and husband’s is 22.07.1979 we r renting an apartment no 404 totals it will be lucky or unlucky.

  42. Samuel says:

    Hi Sharon I recently moved into an 8 home. My life path is a 3. My current personal year is a 9. I’ve read that if you put a number on the inside of the door of your home it’ll add to the whole creating the corrext vibration you need. What would you recommend for me at this time? Thank you

  43. Emma says:

    Hi Gail,
    We are looking at buying a house number 16. It had a wonderful feeling when we walked through. It is a renovator and has roof problems that require fixing (which will be done) but I am concerned about having debt issues. I was told placing a number on the inside of the front door will remidy this. Is this correct? Or should I walk away from the contract? My life # is 9, hubbies is #7, both children and grandma are #5. How can buy whats right with so many life path numbers under one roof? Thanks.

  44. Nilesh says:

    My life path number is 1 (birth date:3-12-1975)
    and that of my wife is 3 (birth date:29-9-1981).

    Our flat no. is 904. Please suggest remedy.

  45. Sarah Bradnam says:


    Flat number 14!! Does all karma have to be bad? Can karma be useful sometimes?

    Birthdate 08/04/1991



  46. Natalie says:

    Really interesting article. My family and I have been house hunting for ages and just can’t seem to find anything. I’m life path number 1 and born on 22nd; my husband is life path 8 born on 24th. Which house numbers should we avoid, and which would work best? We’re really struggling to make a decision! Thank you for your help.

  47. Shireen says:

    Hi Gail

    I stumbled upon your website by my google search – I am looking at a house address #17 that equals to 8 – but I am born on April 4, as I was searching I read somewhere that a house that sums up to 8 is not good for people born on 4th. Please please can you let me know if I go ahead and put in an offer for the house, I like the house. I really really hope you would be able to respond to me quickly.

    Thank you kindly, Regards, Shireen

  48. Danielle says:

    2018 has been the worst year of myself and my families life so far. We are moving in 2 weeks to an apartment with the number 306. I have never really paid much attention to numbers or anything like that but for some reason the question popped in to my head, is that apartment going to be a good change for us? We can’t take much more and I’m wondering what you could tell me about that number. We are moving out of a house with the number 9527 and to an apartment with the number 306, will things get better for us?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  49. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Laura,

    41/5 is NOT a karmic debt number. Thanks for your interest.

  50. Laura says:

    Hello, would 41/5 be a karmic number also? Or is it just 14/5? Many thanks, Laura.

  51. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Kathryn,
    The only way to know if house or office numbers work for you is to know your exact, registered birth name and date of birth. Also to know your timing. The names reveals your karmic corrections. House of those numbers will activate the issues. You might want to consider doing a session with me and I will go over the information and answer your questions. Again, you can order on my website Thank you.

  52. Kay says:

    I am house hunting and missing Number 6 in my full birth name… which house numbers are bad and good for me?

  53. Wisia says:

    I am but to put an offer in on a nr 4 house.
    My life path is 5. Am in year 1.

    Current hs nr is 11. Lived here 17 years
    Current home is a sanctuary n warm nurturing environment.
    Howevery it can be too much a castle which I withdraw into.
    Its been a good investment n haven.

    Nr 4 is by the sea…needs a complete inside renovation. I thought after renovation it would draw me outside to sea. Inside a creative happy space.

    I would stay put if I can draw liveliness into home. Activate personal energy.

  54. Estelle says:

    Hi Gail I’m hoping you can help me please. I am thinking of moving into a number 35/8 house and I really like the energy of the place however I read that number 8 houses are not suitable for people born on the 13th and I’m born on the 13th of October. This has really threw me off and I’m paranoid now. Should I invest in a different property? Hope you can reply 😉

  55. Geetika says:

    Hi Gail,
    We have recently bought a property which is number 13. The article says 13 is karmic debt number. Will things get bad for us if we move into the property. Please advise.

    Thanks !!

  56. Linda says:

    Could you elaborate on 16 and karmic debt numbers? I just found a house no. 16. Chose it because I needed a pet friendly place and the place is lovely with everything we need. My life path number is 7. The last place I lived in is 1/96.

  57. Jodie says:


    My life path number is 11 and I have just purchased a house which adds up to a number 7. Will this house be a good match for me, I am a spiritual person but do feel lonely at times.

  58. Anjana Arora says:

    My husband is buying a house no G -166. His date of birth is 16.01.1971.Is it ok according to his zodiac sign

  59. Sarah C says:

    Hi Gail,
    I just bought a car and collected it today,
    I’m really superstitious about the number 13 and asked the salesperson what the VIN number of the car is to make sure there was no 13s in it. There weren’t. The number plate doesn’t have 13 either. But today when I went to pick up the car and wa signing paperwork, I noticed the engine number is 465713, and all I can focus on now is that there’s a 13 in the engine number. Is this bad luck for me??!! I know it sounds a bit pedantic, but somehow it’s really bothering me, hence me googling and eventually finding your page. Would love to know your thoughts.
    I’m born on 24.01.1986
    The numbers in the engine number add up to 8 in total (it’s 465713) and I see 8 as a lucky number.

  60. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Poo,
    Thank you for contacting me. Actually, struggles with careers, relationships and other challenges of life can’t be figured out by just your karmic number not matching your address. You might want to consider a private session as there are so many parts, including timing from your date of birth. Sometimes, the careers are not in sync with your chart. Best wishes.

  61. Gail Minogue says:

    This is definitely not true.

  62. Dee says:

    Hi Gail,

    I am about to purchase a house number 98=8 but have read it is unlucky for aqaurians and people born on 4th of the month. Is this true?

    Thank you

  63. Poo says:

    Hi Gail,
    Apt number or house number has always effected me.we are trying to buy house one house number is 9044 which is 8 and other house is 8721 which is karmic number is 7 and my husband is is 3 .we are struggling with our career had not settled down.plz need ur guidances

  64. Gul says:

    Hi Gail,

    My missing name numbers are 4 and 6..
    5 years ago i moved in a 22 number house..
    Do this affect me ?

    I attracted a karmic relation and have money issues and also isolation ..

    How can i change this ?

    Thank you ..

  65. mary says:

    Hi, my question is about karmuc debt numbers is it inky stand alone i.e. 13, 14 etc, I thought it also meant house number that total a karmic numbers i.e housee number 925 adds up to a karmuc debt number Am I wrong on this?

  66. Bindu says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thank you fro sharing such useful information. My house number totals to the number 8. My date of birth is 11/26/1970. We have been in this house since the last 3 years. However now we are in a bita a struggle after my husband lost his job. Just wanted to know what you think about house numbers that total to 8.
    Thank you,

  67. Sue,
    A 6 house is usually a welcoming place, domestic responsibility goes with it. If you or your husband are missing a 6 in your name, the person’s responsibilities will increase quite a bit here. Watch out for overwhelm in that case. It won’t stop.

  68. Sue says:

    Hi, both my partner and my life path numbers are 6, and we have bought a house with the No 5. We have 6 sons between us, 5 of who will be living with us, and possibly a stray or two (friend, boarder, etc). Will this be a happy home for us?

  69. It is never a good idea to live in karmic debt numbered houses. Debt numbers are 13, 14, 16 or 19. Regarding 16, it is always a test of faith over fear. Things happen to continually test your faith. It can be very challenging to live there

  70. Barb says:

    My parents live in a karmic debt house #16. My dad has been paralyzed for almost 40 years and not able to work since age 40. They have lived in this home for 52 years. My mom and dad have both had cancer, always constant health problems for my dad and forever struggles with lack of money. Maybe this is the 16?

  71. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Storm,
    It’s in your birth name. You have to know missing numbers and excessive numbers as well as timing. What numbers are missing?

  72. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Richel,
    Thanks for writing. No way to know if this address is good for you. Much depends on what is in your birth name. Also you are in an 8 personal year and will be going into a 9 year. The number 13 is considered a karmic debt number.

  73. richel mante lim says:

    hi im born on sept 25 1983. i like to buy a house facing west, facing a small park and playground with small trees , nice view. the house number is 13 is it compatible to me?

  74. Storm Steele says:

    Hey great work I really appreciate the information. I am born on the 14/01/1993 a 1 life path and currently in a personal year of 7 ,living in a 7 house and it has been testing. I must of activated my karmic debt. I was wondering what house number would be compatible with me ?
    I am also preparing for my personal year of 8 would there be a certain house number ideal for that year ?

  75. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Myrgie,
    No way to know how this property would work for you. A house can be auspicious but not for the particular person. It all depends on your chart. Is this the actual address? Block 4 Lot 2. Will it eventually have a street name and number? If so, you would need the address on the house. Again, it still has to be judged against your own chart. What if is one of your karmic numbers?

  76. Myrgie Casem says:

    Hi gail. My birthday is 8-10-1981 and im planning to buy a house with an address of block 4 lot the house auspicious?


  77. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Maria,
    In order to tell which house would work best for you, I would have to know your exact birth name. Your issues are in the name. In order to do that, I would have to do a session with you. If that interests you, you can order that on my website. There is no accurate way to tell which numbers work best without looking at the name. A house could have great numbers but they might not work well for you. The best way to counter negative effects is NOT to get into them. That’s why people do their name before they go and look at addresses.
    Thanks for writing.

  78. Maria says:

    I’m looking for a new house for rent and the number of the house is 5351. My date of birth is 9/16/1970. How will the numerology of this house affect me? If there’s negative effects, how do I counteract them? Thanks.

  79. Lynda says:

    Hi Gail,

    I have two houses under contract as my husband is quite ambitious and is trying to thrive as an investor. The first house under contract is 1316 (11) and the other is 1519 (16/7). Originally, I thought we would be moving into 1316 and did not expect the second house. My husband thinks we could rent one of them out. I have two young girls and everything I’m reading about the 16/7 house is kinda worrisome.

    Do these numbers/energies come into play if we don’t live in the home? Or does that not matter since we’d own it. Any insight would be really appreciated.

  80. Alison says:

    Hello Gail!
    Thank you for your insight into karmic numbers! My partner and I intend to make an offer on our first house with an address of 3715. A friend who is more familiar with numerology than I says to reconsider because of it being a karmic debt number. From your posts, it sounds less strong than a 16, but I wonder what it could mean for us? I’m 3/22/82, so an 8 and he is 3/28/86, a 1. Any feedback would be welcome and valued!

  81. Sarah says:

    I’m closing on a house on the 28th of March, and I didn’t start reading on numerology after the fact. The address is 104 and equals to a 5. I have 2 little boys. Is this a bad move. My birthday is 4/26/1980 if that helps.


  82. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Did I do a session with you? If not, I have no information in your birth name to know how this house or any house effects you. I would recommend a private session to go over your chart. I can then let you know about any address. Knowing a house number is not enough. It must be considered in junction with your chart.

  83. Nicole says:

    Hi, I currently live in 4693… I have been having a hard time in this home, always feeling tired or stressed like there is no fun and always something on my to do list. We have been looking at moving and a seemingly perfect house has come along but the address is 259 which has me worried, however this house is located near a lake and I hear having water nearby is good. Also I’m born on the 16th, does that incorporate into anything?

  84. Gail Minogue says:

    HI Kelsey,

    Your ex-boyfriend is not correct. All numbers interact with the person and can be negative for one and great for another. Your house happens to be a 22/4 considered to be in numerology a master number. This house should inspire you to attain really solid, inspiration growth. Yes, it requires order but unless you have some particular karma in that number (22) and I doubt you do, it can help you get many things done. Judging numbers in isolation such as 1 is bad or 2 is good is quite ridiculous. Everything should be considered in context. Keep thriving.

  85. Kelsey Oldershaw says:

    Happy New Year Gail,

    I was recently told that the number of my home (which makes me feel happy every time I come home to it) is not “good” (by an ex boyfriend who actually really has my family’s best interests in mind.) The address is 9652. Ironically, of all the places I have lived, this space feels the lightest and the most energetically peaceful to me at least.
    That is not to say I am not still facing the challenges (financially and as a parent of two older children with addiction issues) that I faced in other spaces…but there have also been some incredible opportunities that have arisen both professionally and personally, while living in this home.

    I also found my son not breathing (miraculously, in the middle of the night after waking from a dead sleep) in one of the bathrooms here..and was able to bring him back to life…

    I know it is a four space..but is it possible that is not all bad?
    Energetically, it feels good here.

    Please let me know thoughts?
    Thanks in advance, and here is to a vibrant and blessed year of love and growth!

  86. Hello Davina,

    Skip this house. I would not recommend it. It is a karmic debt number.

  87. Davina says:

    Hi I need your help, I seen a house by the motorway junction, it’s handy for work etc but it is no 16
    I thought it was lucky but then I add it up to 7 and now I read here that it is a karmic number
    Should I just leave it and not even view it. I’m so gutted it is an unlucky number cos I really like the house

  88. Yes, it would be a karmic debt number although not as strong as the simple number 16 address.

  89. menley says:

    Hello! Love the info! If the house number is 4327 (adds up to 16)..then wouldn’t this be a karmic debt number?

  90. Fav says:

    Perfect – Can you tell us what each 1 to 9 mean

    Like what about :2, 3, 6 & 9 ?

  91. gail says:

    A number 4 house requires its inhabitants to really work hard at their work and also to work on the house itself. The focus of this house is work and order. If any person living in this house has the number 4 as a karmic challenge, it will get activated in this house. If someone is in a four pinnacle–time zone, their life focus will be on work. House wants order and practicality. Although it has a tinge of the 13, it is not a pure 13 so I wouldn’t worry about that. I would question the restriction all about work.

  92. John says:

    We are signed a new home for a new development and we got address assigned as

    8104 Spring Lake Dr

    Just wondering is this Ok or it is any karmic debt number 13 .

    Any help in this regards is greatly appreciated .

  93. Anndraya says:

    Hi Gail!
    Our apartment number is 306 = 9 and we never entertain. I like it just fine (for now). However, the neighbors do not like that we don’t socialize, although we are always very courteous and kind when we do see them in the elevator (#9!) and around the building. Unfortunately, a neighbor immediately below our unit is having/making horrendous problems with the neighbors: above, below, and on either side (including us!) Her unit adds up to 8. Why is that?
    Great stuff Gail!

  94. Gail says:

    We do not add the city number to your house number. City numbers are large blocks of energy and not focused on the individual. We use only the house or unit number–not even the street name–which is another large block of energy very generalized.

    Regarding a life path number moving into the next number –say a life path of the number 1 moving into the life path of the number 2 during a particular life, the answer is no. You work only with this life path number during this life. You always have a destiny number that the life path is taking you.

  95. Barb says:

    Hi Gail,
    My question is about my offices. I own 4 suites,
    Suite # 205,301,302,303= 22=4
    Do I sell one suite to change my number?
    Can I rent out one to a different business ( will this help my business number ).
    I use Suite 301 as far as address contact=4
    Should I use a different suite number as an address number?
    Help, Barb

  96. Regina says:

    Have you ever considered adding the city number to the house address? I have an address that adds to “3” (my birth number is also three). But when I add the city number which is “1”. IT is a “4”. Very stable and very stagnant as well. I think it is important to add the city number.

    Question: As we develop in life do we move into the number which follows our birth number? Does the “1” find their life lessons, (the hard knocks), make them more aware of the need to be in relationship?

  97. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Sharon,
    House number and workplace number strongly influence. It all depends on your missing numbers and also what you want to accomplish inside the space of the numbers. Ex. No. 7 is not a business number. If it is a business in the house, it will have a harder time.

  98. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Jeimy,
    You have so many questions within your comments and not enough information regarding the names and dates of birth of the people involved. If you would like a consultation with me please let me know. The 16555 is not a karmic debt number. A pure 16, standing alone is.
    Thank you, Gail

  99. Jeimy says:

    My house number is 16555. Does this mean that the 16 is part of a karmic debt number? I have issues with the bank regarding a loan mod at this time. Will the loan mod ever go through?

    What info can I read to know if the numbers with my family members are also ok so that we all live in harmony? We have very strong personalities.
    Thanks Jeimy

  100. Sharon says:


    What if your house number and your workplace number are different numbers? Does one number override the other or do they both equally influence your life?

    Thank you,

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