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Young Male Power Beginning to Diminish

I have written several times about the rise in power of women and especially middle-

Power Rising

Power Rising

aged women but it hasn’t seemed to change–or has it?  You are experiencing the rise in her power every day and in almost every media feed.  The recent and continual exposure of unwanted sexual advancements by men both in and out of power will only get louder.

She is preparing for power and this is what it looks like as she learns how to use it and work with it.  Her preparatory years are 2004 through 2024.  Her power hits its stride in 2024 and increases in strength through 2044.  This is especially true of women who are now in their 30’s and will be in their 40’s and 50’s through this big time.  Women in their 60’s and 70’s will be included as they age into their performance.  All this media coverage of Harvey Weinstein and friends is new and relentless.  All women at some time in their life have experienced workplace harassment or general cultural marginalization.  It has been the invisibility of women for thousands of years.

Not any more.  As I have said, once we crossed over into the year 2000 and the feminine age of 1000 years in length, women would start their ascent.  The acute  launch of this period is 2024 and is dictated by the Jupiter period of the I Ching.  We will be leaving this strong, young male energy of the Ken period to enter into the strong female, middle-aged woman called the Li period.  Wonder woman in all her success on the screen is another sign of things to come.

The young male period that has been in preparation since 1984 and been dominate since 2004 is starting to fade.    This period has given us the young Turks of Silicon Valley with unicorn startups and lots of phone apps.  29 year old’s making millions.  It has brought the young, zealots of ISIS and the young video gamers.  It has brought us artisan beers and male bun hairdo’s, young coders and movies that trend young male with audiences that include the Marvel comic book series.  It has also brought us young male gangs both at home and abroad.

The cracks in the young male trend show in the diffusion of ISIS in the Middle East, the government investigating Google, Facebook, Twitter looking at how our social media has influenced all facets of our society.  There are less phone apps and investor angels are more cautious in what they are funding.  There is a stronger emphasis to help girls code and a more public shaming of companies with mainly all male workers.  There will be more law suits regarding equality in the workplace.

Another signal of the rise in the female power is the number of women preparing to run for public office.  They are learning how to run a campaign, raise funds and handle questions.  They will add more females in 2018 but the bigger year for the rise in very public female faces of power will be 2024.

I can’t help but think that once women have a bigger presence in the political process, we will have less military involvement.  Currently, our political and military cultures are masculine and a leftover of the last 1,000 years of the number 1 and a strong male energy.  At times the planet needs the male energy to build and strengthen but then it must learn to cooperate and come to peace with itself.  Enter in the year 2000.

This is not just a USA phenomena.  It is a world condition.  Those in power now are the last vestiges of a dying age and will exit the state once we have prepared the women for their roles in leadership.  You are watching it happen.






7 responses to “Young Male Power Beginning to Diminish”

  1. The only problem that I have with the females complaining about male sexual harassment, is that at least from my experience, females make claims that sometimes don’t have a basis other than being miffed, and at least in the past, leaves the males at the mercy of the courts and public opinion — an example is the Duke Basketball team. CLEARLY, that is/was an unusual case, but it ruined the reputations of those young men and that “accusation” may prove to haunt them their entire life. This case does NOT minimize the exceedingly high statistics of men sexually harassing females, especially in the work place. I am delighted that more and more women are speaking out and truly exposing the magnitude of this social “problem” and am glad that you are speaking about it from a Metaphysical perspective.
    Rev. Lowell K. Smith

  2. Terry says:

    Up lifting to see you say it! Thanks Gail.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the glimmer of hope in 2024. So glad to hear that the young male power is at last waning – what a relief! I’m of the same opinion as Debbie.

  4. Candyce says:

    For those of us in middle age, the sustained power of young males has been particularly harsh. The advent of feminism in the 70s was an inspiring and heady time. From this springboard, the world turned away from championing women, culminating in the vast hatred of Hilary Clinton and the overwhelming young male support for Sanders.

    Encouraged by the recent loss of support of misogynist bullies like Milo Yinopolous, the demise of the young male power is most welcomed. From it, may more women realize the damaged caused by internalized misogyny…also known as shooting ones self in the foot.

    Bring on the rise of the mature woman, thousands of years in coming. Thanks for the info Gail!

  5. Excellent article, as always.

    I love being a spectator and watching all the drama unfold. With the big transits moving toward Aquarius after 2023, we are in for a renaissance. I DO hope enough of the deep state and corruption can be pruned by then.

  6. Debbie says:

    I can’t wait.
    I just didn’t want it to be the last political woman that was offered up-Too much baggage & She played too many masculine GAMES to get where she got.
    Hoping for a real woman to step up & yes, that includes not putting up w/ a philandering husband in her personal life.

  7. Coleen says:

    Thanks for your insight Gail! Your writing really helps me stay positive about the future! Bless you!

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