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Women Are The Conscience of Our Society

I have often spoken about the role of women in society and the countries that honor her, respect her and cherish her wisdom will prosper, grow and thrive. Just the opposite are those countries who dismiss her, abuse her and, more or less, treat her as a piece of property. Take a look at the countries of the world which remain underdeveloped, abusive and in poverty. All of them have marginalized women. They are continuously fighting and are riddled with the uneducated and the angry men.

There is a verse in the Bible that mentions the female as being “the Queen of the Heavens”. She is the conscience of the world’s society. The question to ask is does she really know the importance of the role she plays in the forward development of humanity. It is time for her to walk around the block and meet herself.

She once was a warrior and helped defeat the enemy on the battlefield. She was an excellent sniper using her size, bow and arrow to pick off the enemy from trees, behind bushes and rocks. She was able to walk amongst the dying and wounded on the battlefield and finish them off. At times, she took trophies of body parts to hang on her belt. She was fierce, smart and important. She joined the animal hunts and helped drive them over the cliff to their deaths. She was not a weak soul who worried about neck lifts, botox or dieting. “Blood Rites” by Barbara Eirenreich.

As time passed and we became domesticated and stopped hunting and gathering, woman’s role changed from a warrior and important person for survival of the group to one of planting crops. Men now went out for the hunt and women stayed in more and more. Over thousands of years, she has been marginalized to the role of wife, partner, Mother, career woman, cook, child caretaker, taxi service and currently making $.70 of the dollar compared to the male $1.00. It used to be a better percentage but covid has kept her home as the child caretaker. Gone is the group “village” idea of support for her. In undeveloped countries she is hidden. She is hidden in the USA but in a different manner.

Somewhere inside of her is still the sniper. She also is advanced in awareness and intuition. That is powerful. What is she doing with it? This is her time now to come out of the “following” phase of her life and stand on her own two feet and remember her warrior experience. It is so much more than marching and yelling. It is being effective, an influencer, a great negotiator and remembering her courage and past bravery. It is gathering others now to “hunt” for better representatives, better justice, care for the sick and old in our society. It is no longer acceptable to just yell at rallies, buy a T-shirt and say you support this or that person. Smart women follow the money trail. They expose corruption and make them be accountable. They take no prisoners. They stay calm and deadly and know that their time is now. They become the Queen Bee with a sword under her cape.

They know that in order to create a better society, they have to step up their game and see themselves in a different light. They don’t allow physical and emotional abuse from their partners. They stop drinking the Kool Aid from those who are wasteful of their tax dollars. They network and show up. They stop allowing representatives to stay in office for 50 years living off the public dole. They check for the fairness in a society when so many have no pensions and see how it compares to public employee pensions. They insist on audits of various departments of the government. They know that there are those in society who can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps. They know the difference and are willing to use their wisdom and intuition to correct a situation. They are engaged in helping society advance.

It is an important time for women as she is gaining back her power during these new 1,000 years of the number 2–a feminine number. 2000 to 2999. She has been seriously preparing for her role since 2004 when the important Li Period of the the I Ching Jupiter period began. It hits its stride in 2024 and strengthens her leadership in the years 2024 to 2044. She will be replacing many of the men now in power. It is imperative that she prepare, be disciplined and have courage to be disliked, envied and admired. Men know at a deep level the power of the female and many are afraid of her.

It is important to start at the underbelly, the local level of your village, your town, city or state. Politics and government are key areas where women will be impactful over the next 26 years. She needs no degree or credentials. Men now in power have various levels of education including some with no degree or experience. They just believe in themselves and they want “it”. “It” influences, gains power, contacts, inside information and control. There is an old saying that behind every successful man is a woman (be it wife, partner, mother, grandmother, aunt etc.). You do NOT hear this being said about women. Because of her powerful intuition and awareness, her ability to multitask, her ability to run households, adjust to sudden emergencies and her personal network, she is a natural for leadership. She just doesn’t know it.

It is important that women put a priority on helping to lead us to a better society before sitting down with the book club group, the cooking club group, the self-help group, the travel club group and all the various social groups. It is a serious time as America is undergoing transformation and old systems are dying or are dead. The new systems are in formation. How will you be part of this new society? There are loud and misguided citizens who are more interested in personal sovereignty than the collective good. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Women are the healers, the wisdom keepers, the Queen Bee with the sword beneath her cape. It is time to step back into warrior mode and lead this nation so that the nation can continue to assimilate and export assimilation to the world. It is time for women to be brave, courageous and strong again. Complacency and hope are not effective. Leadership comes from the people. Participation is essential. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Do it now!

14 responses to “Women Are The Conscience of Our Society”

  1. Kate Merrick says:

    I agree with Marie…the truth is very close to coming out about the shots, which were not tested enough to be called a vaccine. It has been a plan from the beginning by the global elite to reduce the population & assume full control. Don’t believe it? Just watch…truth cannot be surpressed forever.
    Nonetheless, love your shared wisdom, Gail.

  2. Kayce St. James says:

    Great piece Gail. I am on board with you. It is my understanding that more variants of Covid will show up so it is important to stay alert with the vaccines available. I know people who refused the vaccine and have suffered severely. Hopefully, what you predict for women will come sooner than later. So many wonderful authors are coming out to show how to step up and step out. “The Way of Integrity” by Martha Beck comes to mind.
    Keep writing your thoughts to inspire us all.

  3. Cheryl says:

    This jab is not a vaccine by definition. We are the test bunnies. The virus has not been isolated. No proof it exists. I am standing up against it. And am proud to say I’ve been escorted out of several businesses for not being able to show a vax passport. This is where my standing up has begun. I am tired of those in power believing I will give up my rights. I have had mild symptoms. Diarrhea, exhaustion and a, horrible, cough are symptoms I have had. And no fever. None of my symptoms lasted long. My dentist takes blood tests in order to keep his door open. According to him I have enough anti-bodies for an army. Yet this proof is not acknowledged.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Hundreds of thousands of people have died from covid, most of them unvaxed. It has been headlines on the news everyday for the past 2 years. Haven’t heard of a single person dying from the having the vaccine unless maybe they asked for it on their deathbed after contracting covid, but then it would have been too late to save them.
    Thank you Gail for always being the voice of reason.

  5. Sherry Dixon says:

    Excellent blog. It’s relevant and timely. Thank you for the work you do.

  6. Debbie says:

    I agree with Marie’s position regarding the Covid vaccine, which, according to my RN friend is not actually a vaccine it’s a shot. I would like our public leaders and healthcare agencies to become more enlightened. Differing opinions are considered misinformation. Valid studies/data are dismissed, there is little said about boosting our immune system, and proven treatments such as Dr. Joseph Varon’s (who was on the front lines of Covid for 291 days straight) are no where to be found in mainstream media. I see power and money behind big pharmas push to get everyone vaccinated and now they want to give babies and young children these experimental doses. I believe in people’s right to choose.

  7. Sarah says:

    Sorry Marie, but I have to disagree with you! I know of many people who have died from Covid because they were unvaccinated and those who have been vaccinated may have had breakthrough cases, but haven’t died. I have never gotten a flu shot, but Covid is different. Of course, time and science will tell us more. Personal responsibility for one’s health is key, especially now!
    I am so happy that women are finally getting their due! I am excited to do my part in any way that I am able!
    Thank you Gail!

  8. Kris Saba says:

    I agree Marie, the vaccine is genetic modifier and it is toxic. I know one person who died from the jab. He was just 27 years. He had just gotten a job and the jab was required. Another friend died from heart failure as well, she was 66 years old.
    The jab doesn’t even prtoect you from getting COVID. It shouldn’t be called a vaccine. My dr told me that the jab doesn’t necessary make COVID less severe. I wish we could sue the companies that create a mandate.

  9. Gail Minogue says:

    Maybe form a group and discuss Many thanks.

  10. Gail Minogue says:

    As we lean more into the Aquarian Age, we will become more enlightened, reason focused as well as science focused. The science data is supporting vaccine. Study the data on deaths from the “jabs” as well as deaths from covid. MRNA has been around for years and will be the basis for more medicines as well as over the counter products. We’ve been using them for years. We will continue to make rapid advancements in medicine versus the past where years and years of prep that went into vaccines. Remember, Washington vaccinated his soldiers from small pox using the pox itself to prevent spread. Hundreds of years later we have a vaccine. Fortunately, we no longer will take as long to bring vaccines to market. Science is supported by Aquarius. It will move away from superstition and fear.

  11. Evelyn says:

    Bravo! Thank you Gail count me in.

  12. Glory Heyde says:

    Thank you for this magnificent article!

  13. Ingrid says:

    Excellent! Wonderfully phrased! Thank you!

  14. Marie says:

    If you mean that the taking the vaccine as part of the collective good , I can’t disagree with you more . Wow . There are no long term studies as to what it will do. And if you are in fear take it. I can’t tell you how many people I know who have died from the jab. And not one person I know who died from Covid . Whilst I know many who got it and are fine. Misguided citizens. ???

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