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Americans live in what is considered a No. 5 country.  That means all of us require freedom to be able to create and move forward.  The five is the progressive number.  It sits in the middle between numbers 1 through 4 and 6 through 9.  It can, therefore, see backwards–the past–and forward–the future.  It is unique in its ability to transform the past into the future and move itself forward.  This is the essential ingredient of progress.  Freedom to make change, learn from the past and move ourselves and humanity forward.

In our quest for progress, there is a tendency to do and over do.  We run marathons, iron man races, pump iron, push ourselves to exhaustion, do stomach crunches, yoga on steroids, take steroids and fill ourselves up with supplements without reflecting as to whether our bodies really want or need the supplements.  In short we pressure ourselves and compress ourselves in the mistaken belief that the body will do what we want it to do.  No questions asked.

Weight lifting extreme


Then one day, along comes some symptoms.  Our backs don’t heal and the surgery doesn’t work, our hips give out, our knees give out and we chalk it up to stress, aging and modern medicine.  We do cardio for our heart and weights for our bones and we think we can achieve a youthful old age.

What we don’t usually do, though, is really listen to the body and observe how energy really moves through it.    We tell the body what to do and insist that it do it.  When all else fails, we go under the knife or we load up with pain relievers.  Our body stays with inflammation and we try to cut down the inflammation.


Enter the body!  What does it want?  How does energy move through it?  What is it talking about?  Why won’t it do what we want it to do?  What can we learn by listening to it?  Does it really want cardio treatment, does the liver really thrive with all those supplements it has to process?  What does it think of cortisone shots?  How about harsh chiropractor adjustments.  What about traction?  Does it really want it?  What is taking all those digestive enzymes doing to your own body’s enzymes?

Being a 5 country, the name of the game is keep moving at all costs.  Don’t limit body function and maintain and control the body–force the will upon it to do your bidding.

THE WAKE UP CALL                                                      

Americans go to the chiropractor and body therapists and swear they were helped.  Then some time goes by and guess what, the pain is back or it has moved to another part of the body.  Sometimes the surgery only begins the series of surgery one can have to correct the first surgery.  This is very common in back surgeries.  What could we have done that would have helped us in the first place to avoid the final destination of surgery and pain?

I am not addressing accidents that result in crushed or broken bones.  I am talking about the every day stress we put on the body under the name of exercise and diet.  I am addressing the need to step back from your life and look at what you are doing to and telling your body in the name of good health.


Easy Movement

Energy in the body moves like a jelly fish moves in the water.  It pulses and flows through the body.  It undulates.  Its need is to be unblocked so it can flow.  Consider that every time we place compression on it (such as running, weight lifting, stomach crunches etc.)  we take the risk of adding pressure to it.  Our early ancestors did not run marathons, they did not go to a gym and try to lift ever more weight.  They sometimes walked very, very long distances and rested the body as needed.  If they were chased by tigers, they ran or were eaten.  Some of us were.

There are many businesses and practices out there that will gladly take your money to “rebuild” you.  Weight loss, weight training, body work (notice the word work in our vocabulary) is our life style.  Nobody talked to the body and asked it what it wanted.  In short, we IMPOSE upon the body what we think it should have.    Our competitive lifestyle encourages quick fixes, easy formulas and regiments. What if all the body wants to do is just walk?  Can you handle that or must you impose upon it a 6K run or an iron man competition?  How about all those runners with blown knees?  Did anybody ever ask the knees what they would like to do?  Do we every listen to our feet, our backs, our necks?  Will we ever see that our “pressurized lifestyles” have dumped exercises of pressure on the body.


Typical Day at the Gym

Go to a gym about 5 pm on Mondays and you will see the warriors trying to make up for an indulgent weekend.  Who is asking the body if that is what it wants.  Maybe it just wants to walk home or nap and then walk or get a massage.  The body knows what it needs and it will heal itself if we allow it.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Where is it written that the more repetitions, the more supplements, protein drinks, and gym equipment we own will keep us healthy and well.

There is no marathon for the body.  It will flow or not flow.  It will compress if we compress it.  The energy will be blocked and joints will hurt, inflame and let you know you never consulted with it before you engaged in your next fix.  Remember the movement of the jelly fish as it flows and pulsates in the water.  We are all working with the same energy, it doesn’t change itself for us.  The key to a healthy body is to listen to it and be wise to what it tells you.  It will take good care of you if you honor it and take it into consideration for all your physical activities and your dietary habits.  It will save you money and time in the end.  Decompress yourself.  Walk and listen to nature.  You are with the flow.


  1. gail says:

    Thanks for commenting. Maybe we can just all lighten up a bit from all the pressure placed upon us.

  2. Patricia Wells-Wright says:

    I loved this article Gail! I listen to my body, always wanting to push it because I like to be active BUT, I also have that side of me that wants to relax as well, and I skip a lot of gym, walking, etc. just to relax. It works for me. Thanks for the article!

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