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Where is America’s Volodymyr Zelensky?

I read several years ago, Wallace Wattles book on the “Science of Being Great”. I look around at the US leaders and wonder where are our great leaders? Going back in time over our recent presidents. I don’t see any great leaders. We have Biden, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy and finally Dwight Eisenhower, Truman and Roosevelt. What a bunch. Out of all of them, only Eisenhower and Roosevelt were really great. There seemed to be a presence within them that people knew they were beyond just holding office or getting elected. When Roosevelt died, the average man on the street wept. Can you imagine anyone weeping over our current leaders? How did we become so complacent that we enabled expensive-suited politicians to lead us? Exception goes to Jimmy Carter who did try to bring peace to these shores. This is especially hard to do since America has been involved in some kind of war since the war of 1812.

Our leaders in modern time continually serve their own needs or the party’s needs prior to the people’s needs. I can’t see one of them not leaving town when the shooting started. I would bet each would pack up with their entourage and bunk in some safe place and spout platitudes about how important is was to save themselves for the good of the country. None is great. Successful, yes, clever, yes, shrewd, yes but great, no.

What is greatness and why does Zelensky touch such an authentic nerve in each of us? Deep down we long for leadership that we can trust, that has our backs, they won’t dessert us when it gets tough. We long for that heroic figure that we have read about as children. Someone who will give up themselves for us. Can you imagine any of our politicians doing that?

What did Putin think that would steer him so far away from understanding both Ukraine and Zelensky? Zelensky is a sleeper hero. The best kind!. He never wanted the role, he was a political novice but he was smart. He was a lawyer first before becoming a comedian. Being a comedian he learned how to read an audience and understand how to be heard and deliver so people listen. He took command of his audience and eventually the whole world. He was willing to die for his country. The last time I heard that from a famous person willing to die for this country was Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary hero who said before being executed, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

I just can’t imagine any of our modern presidents saying that and going through with it. They would first have to check in with their donors, their party members and their financial planners. In short, they would escape and call it smart.

America is dragging its heels with this Ukrainian situation. Does it really matter if we give Javelins or Stingers, various weapons of war and then say we are not going to allow Poland to send them their planes that Ukrainians would fly? Yes, we would backfill Poland’s donated planes with used American planes and so??? Couldn’t an humanitarian Airlift be created to bring in medicines, food supplies such as was done for Berlin. American’s don’t have to fly the planes others can do it but isn’t that possible? Why are we fiddling while Rome burns?

In looking at Zelensky’s chart you can see that he would rise to the occasion. He was born in Ukraine on January 25, 1978 and just turned 44. His life path is the number 6, the cosmic Father. Six people are very responsible and are very family oriented. They need to be needed and they take care of others. They make great counselors and may go into the law profession as a judge or attorney to bring mercy and justice. This war presidency was made for him. He will never dessert his country. I call them the Mother Theresa’s of numerology. They always think they know what is best for you. Also, the first vowel of him name is the letter “o”. These people want to lead and be the boss. Perfect opportunity here for him. He has a long birth name Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. Notice there are 4 “o”‘s in his name. This role as cosmic father and hero is old stuff from past lives. There are no missing numbers in his name. He has reincarnated many times to this earth plane. Nothing would surprise me that this was always his assignment as he didn’t need to return here. He is very psychic and very smart, born on a 25 day. He has spent lifetimes perfecting the superconscious mind and developing the intellect. He is also an Aquarian and an example of a new type of hero. Never seeking recognition but very connected to the invisible world. The West needs to support him and this war is a test of not only his leadership but a test of the world’s democracies. Will they recognize the test?

America argues over wearing face masks, makes up conspiracy theories. Yells louds, tries to suppress voting rights, looks asinine fighting over petty grievances, gotcha laws and pretending that they have the best interest of their citizens at heart. Really, 80% of the covid relief packages intended for restaurants went to huge corporations like Subway (over $300 million, Ihop, McDonalds etc. while 20% went to small restaurants.) 4 lobbyists for each member of Congress? What’s a citizen to do?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on the other hand, has no numbers missing in his name as well. His life path, if we can trust his date of birth, and I question that, gives him the number 7 life path. The thinker, the critic, always wanting to know what is going on underneath. It is the number of the “self” and not the masses. The spy profession is perfect for him. He would always be suspicious. Numbers can go to a higher version or lower. Sevens like alone time. They like to be in nature. He can disconnect from the masses without much thought. He is inside himself quite a bit. He is not crazy but he can and most likely is outsmarting himself. To make him more of a loner, he is born on a 7 day, October 7, 1952. He will be 70 years old this year and is of a different generation than Zelensky. Putin is fighting a 1980’s war.

Wallace Wattles speaks of greatness in that “wisdom is the essential basis of greatness. Wisdom is the power to perceive the best ends to aim at and the best means for reaching those ends. It is the power to perceive the right thing to do….any man who develops the power to perceive truth, and who can show that he always knows the right thing to do and that he can be trusted to do the right thing, will be honored and advanced; the whole world is looking eagerly for such men.” Where is America’s Zelensky? Take a look at our leaders, who among them has such wisdom to be great?

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  1. Gail Minogue says:

    The difference with Zelenskyy and Trump. Trump really wanted the position and was unable to unite the country, in fact did more to divide it. Zelenskyy never sought the role and his gift is the ability to unite the country and keep it united under dreadful conditions.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    They are all through history and relevant today. Call by another name but they are still the heroes and heroines of our deeper story. Strong countries need allies and a good military. We can all idealize the world and let somebody else take care of it. The world is full of autocrats who would love to see America weak and lazy. Iran, Russia, China, No. Korea and others would love to see us go down. A fools game.

  3. Kayce St James says:

    Wow, a very insightful piece about the differences between the two leaders, as well as the lack of leaders in America. I don’t know why we don’t pick stronger people for our leaders perhaps it is because real leaders can see too many obstacles to overcome in our setup. Everything seems to be who is going to pour money into the party you represent and not what you are going to do for the people. Maybe it will change if we ever get a strong woman in the mix who will care about the people. We can always hope.

  4. Elaine says:

    Wonderful perspective. America lost its way decades ago. Exceptionalism, white privilege, racism, misogyny, greed, patriarchal tyranny has whittled a once noble idea into an oligarchic farce. I personally see no happy ending.

  5. Elaine says:

    Wonderful perspective. America lost its way decades ago. Exceptionalism, white privilege, racism, misogyny, greed, patriarchal tyranny has whittled a once noble idea into an oligarchic farce. I personally see no happy ending.

  6. David Wasserman says:

    I personally thought JOHN KENNEDY was a great President, inspired Country with his youth, style, wife and family, resolved Cuba missile crisis, would done important thing had he not been assassinated! Best President in my lifetime! Agree otherwise rest of modern Presidents not inspiring! FDR great ahead of my time! Agree as you write in past, America has to live its professed values!

  7. As time goes on, more is revealed. We are learning how much our “dedicated public servants” are in bed with our foreign enemies: compromised, bought, and paid for. No one is perfect. The Bible is full of examples of “imperfect” men and women God chose to work through. The error, I believe, is in looking to others in authority, aka “Big Brother,” to be and do what we the people are too lazy to be and do. Half the country had eyes to see with, ears to hear with, and a long public record of lying and corruption to consider in selecting a new president over “mean tweets.”
    I’m willing to bet those “mean tweets” don’t seem so bad anymore.

  8. JerryK says:

    You are looking at this through 20th century eyes. You still think we need a hero. The age of Heroes is over. This needs 10 or 20 million Europeans to take charge of their destiny and March into the Ukraine and lay down in front of the tanks like Black people did in the 1960s in this country, laying their lives down in front of Bull Conners deputies.

    Let Europe solve this one. We’ve bailed them out of two world wars.

  9. I was hoping you had the answer to your last question.
    All too true.
    The heros are in the movies.

  10. Renate says:

    Thank you for speaking what needs to be said. I long wondered where are the Leaders of this diverse and amazing country. Has political correctness and cancel culture made our “Leaders” impetend? Gail, you hit the nail on the head, thank you.

  11. Judy Ferrig says:

    Thank you once a again for the incredible insight you provide. I am signing off now to think. Judy

  12. Michele Lynn Schwartz Bailey says:

    Wow! feeling so stunned that The World Is Watching but why they are they Just watching from sidelines makes me feel uneasy. I don’t trust GOP one bit. I feel stuck and VERY angry.. Congress gave Zellenskyy a Standing O after his speech this am.
    however 147 members of Congress decided to NOT Impeach trump over his Ukraine Foolish BS. Wrong Then Wrong Now.

    Could this be the beginning of WWIII?

  13. lors spicher says:

    Thank you for giving us this insight to these men

  14. Carol says:

    If you want the actual Zelenskyy here in America, just go to his multi multi multi million dollar mansion in Florida. But you should not want another tyrant similarly committed to the ruination of the US from within and without. If you want one who is the true patriot that you believe Zelenskyy to be, you are in luck as you have President Trump.

  15. Virginia Levenson says:

    Thank You. Your knowledgeable analysis
    Is so valuable to those of us trying to stay grounded and useful with all the misinformation and outright lies that are coming from our government and news agencies.

  16. Meagan Lawler says:

    Thank you Gail for your brilliant and forthright blogs.

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