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What you want to do and be is in your vowels

It’s interesting to notice that the general population invests a great deal of its time dabbling in various NUMBERSprofessions, seeking direction and guidance from self-help teachers and enlisting friends and family to help in making the decision as to their life purpose.  This is one of my most frequently asked questions by my clients.  We have gotten so far removed from the natural world and the mystic world of vibrations that the ancients knew so well.  There is a great deal of silly out there when it comes to the occult world.  There is also a great deal of value in the deeper study of the mystery school information.

Our Aquarian Age has already begun and it will reflect a higher rate of vibration than the Age we have just passed through.  (the Piscean Age)  Looking ahead are turbulent and difficult times as the vibration of the earth changes to meet this new Age.  Korra Deaver in her book, The Master Numbers,  states that if we are to make it through “the transitional period ahead with a minimum of difficulty and maladjustment, we must get into harmony with our own vibrations, working with them rather than against them, and travel at the rate that belongs to each of us individually.”

Did you ever consider that you have an individual vibration rate?  How would you find out what it is?  The answer, of course, is that the vibrations that most closely affect you are determined by your recorded birth name and day, month and year you were born.  As we have discussed in previous posts, each letter has its own number and each number has its own meaning.  This ancient science tells you how to adjust to the things that cannot be changed.  It tells you also that by making changes that are within your power, you can attract to you the situations, people and events that will best help you.  What a simple idea!

The portion of your recorded name that contains your vowels is called, the Soul number or the heart’s desire.  This creates the desires and urges for activities in both the inner and outer worlds.  It expresses the highest part of you.  It is your motivating force, it is what you want to do and be.  It has much to do with your feelings, your thoughts and your actions.  It is really your point of view, your judgments and your principles.  Yet, we don’t have a clue  as to the importance of this aspect of ourselves.  Instead we go outside ourselves seeking, killing time, money and energy trying to find out the true reason for our incarnation.

Korra Deaver goes on to say that your birth name is a “record” of your experiences brought from past lives and these will influence you all of your life.  These are “the vibratory influences you were born with (or without).  They reflect your essential nature.”  Yes, you can use other names during your lifetime.  The additional names can accentuate other qualities, but the strongest underlying influence will always be the birth name.  So often is the case, even in adoptions, the original recorded birth name has to be taken into consideration.

If you have never studied your own recorded name, you are doing yourself a disservice.  We search all our lives looking for our true nature and the heart’s desire but we usually settle on something the ego or personality tells us.  There is the “right” path and then there is the “true” path.  Which one are you on?




5 responses to “What you want to do and be is in your vowels”

  1. Salena Navarro says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am a life path 7, and I am always seeking answers. I am learning so much more as I come across so much valuable information from you. Thank you.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Beverly,
    I am glad there is such an interest in understanding the numbers. Each vowel has a number i.e. the letter “a” is a one, “i” is a 9 etc. a,e, i, o, u, and y. The letter “y” can be used as both a consonant and a vowel. The trick is to know how and when to use it based on various aspects in your name. The vowels are added together and reduced to both a compounded number and a simple digit. Certain numbers should not be reduced, such as an 11 or 22 etc. It is important to know the compounded number to see what type of 8 is the soul number. Is it a 35, a 44, a 26, a 53 etc. This also tells more of the story of the soul. The vowels always signify past experiences and what drives you, what you love and what is comfortable for you. I suggest a private session to learn your Soul’s/vowels interpretation. Most people in doing their numbers simplify them, focus on a single emphasis (usually their learning lesson from their date of birth). That doesn’t tell me who you really are. It just tells me of experiences you will have here and the atmosphere your are working in. Yes, it gets complicated. Most people miss the master numbers when they do their own work. They also miss karmic debt numbers when they simplify. I always recommend the private session. It’s as important as getting the correct diagnosis.

  3. Beverly Wood Back says:

    Gail, please embellish your comments regarding the vowels article. Please tell us how to help ourselves re: the vowels attempt.

  4. Barbara Lauger says:

    Your article would have packed more punch if you had shared the vowel info. I know where to get it, but not everyone will.
    if you share you make faster friends. Just a thought. 🙂

  5. Pam Hale says:

    Gail, I wish you had explained more about how we find out the Soul number or heart’s desire. I’ll look it up in your book, but this article could have been more directive.
    Thanks for your work!

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