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We Really Are Taming Ourselves

We Really Are Taming Ourselves

We Really Are Taming Ourselves

We Really Are Taming Ourselves

Do not lose heart!  When you see and hear these dramatic headlines, soundbites and truth twisters, there is the normal reaction to think that nothing is changing.   It consistently appears that one group of humans is destroying another group of humans.  Hasn’t it always been that way?  The answer to that question is no; it was actually worse.

We are getting better and we are taming ourselves.  As we look back over humankind’s time on this earth, you will see that as society changes, develops systems that favor trade, law, commerce, education and improved standards, evolutionary changes in the genes of behavior are taking place.   Scientists have found that there is a genetic mechanism for bringing about quick evolutionary change in a gene for behavior.   Remember that the peaceful Scandinavians of today were once the fierce Vikings of the tenth century.

People will not remain the same as they are today.  They will differ because their environments will differ.  People will either adapt or perish.  Geneticists will also be active in modifying certain characteristics.  We already have artificial cells, artificial intelligence, artificial blood, and robots.  With all the gene work taking place and all the possible breakthroughs to come, why would we think that we will remain the same.    When you study those who came first out of Africa, we already had made a sharp reduction in the size of the male compared to the female and that continues to this day.   Smaller jaw size as well.

A Sample Adaption

Nicholas Wade in his wonderful book “Before the Dawn” talks about a geneticist at the University of Utah who wondered how African populations had all acquired the same version of the melanocortin receptor gene.  Everyone living under the African sun has the same version of the gene.  Before human ancestors lost their body hair, their skin was pale.  With their apelike hair gone, their skin was dangerously exposed.  “Any mutation in the melanocortin receptor gene that led to a blacker, more protective skin would have conferred a great advantage on its owner.  In several generations the new version of the gene would sweep through the population.”

Lesson of 2000 to 2999

As we go deeper into the one thousand years of the number two (2000 to 2999) a feminine number, we are being taught how to become more receptive, more cooperative and forced to be interdependent.  Look at the world today.  Our money is becoming more interconnected.  Our weapons are spread around the world to diminish one power from taking over the place.  Our trade, improved standards of living and economies require cooperation.  We are sharing in the foods of the world, the music of the world, the social media, the fashions and the love of freedom.  The more countries are involved in this action, the more they have at stake.

We have evolved over millions of years and we will continue to do the same.  We once were hunter-gatherers and now we are members of today’s advanced human societies.  We will continue to grow and develop ourselves and in the process tame ourselves.    Keep the faith, it takes time, but it is working.

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  1. Greta Morford says:

    to Gail: Your message is an inspiration with wisdom and the + focus. Thanks

  2. Donna-Lee Powers says:

    thank you for the much needed reminder that we are progressing!

  3. Jan Peppler says:

    Thank you for that positive reminder!

  4. sierra says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom 🙂

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