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Walls Can’t Keep Out Consciousness–Finishing America’s Revolution

Over the eons of time countries have built walls in hopes of saving, protecting or just plain obstructing someone or Fist breaking old concrete wall, focus on fistsomething from another someone or something.  We now walk the Great Wall of China and see it as an historical and architectural symbol.  We see walls all over the world as a testimony to a person’s idea of “saving” someone or something.  It’s only a matter of time before they weaken, dissolve or crumble away.  They are still looking for the Walls of Jericho.  Remember the Berlin Wall, it wasn’t brought down by guns and bullets.  It was brought down by consciousness and it will be consciousness that will go over, under and through any wall, new or old along the Southern border of the United States.

America continues in the clean up of her first American Revolution.  We are dealing with issues that have to do with the principles under which this country was founded.  The turbulence that we are experiencing and will continue to experience as we finish up this period will not completely end for another 13 years, until the end of the 2020s.  The breakdown of old systems in the political structure, the threats from climate change, the old white male leadership model, the challenges to wealth, the challenges to our supremacy, the challenges of our land ownership will continue to play out over the next 13 years.  Reversals begin in the year 2024 so we have some messy 7 years ahead.

Trump is a symbol of the shadow side of America.  He represents all the old stuff we have tried to avoid looking at in our personality, our ego, our appetites and our prejudices.  He is perfect.  If he hadn’t come along, who else would be there to rattle us out of complacency, apathy and blindness?  Who else can exaggerate, provide alternative facts, provoke, bully and delight in not knowing what he doesn’t know?  America must now look at its focus on individual freedoms, how it economically gains and how it isolates.   He is a necessary step for America’s evolution.  Once we have progressed more and completed the transit of Pluto in Capricorn by 2024, we will be ready to make the changes that will compel us to add amendments to the American Constitution.  We are not ready to have the rebirth of the United States as a “member of the world” rather than just the “leader of the world” as we see ourselves today.

Which brings me back to the “wall” with Mexico.  In the last 20-30 years, our relationship has been a very positive and growing relationship.  Billions of dollars of trade benefit both countries.  Many of the products that Mexico exports to the United States contain US made parts.  To start a trade war with Mexico and dictate to it that it will build a wall and pay for it is somewhat akin to telling your feet that unless they walk better, you will cut off their toes.  The toes will miss the foot and the foot will continue to experience constant radiating pain.  Believe me, if we place an import tax on Mexican imports, the taxpayer will pay and prices will rise in food, cars and various other products–most importantly tequila and beer.  Unfortunately Trump doesn’t drink so he can’t appreciate the pain and suffering with higher prices on these products.  Maybe he likes avocados.  That is only one fall-out effect of a tax imposition.  I am sure he and his group have other punishments up their sleeves to help him win his fake battle.

Immigrants will still keep coming through Mexico.  They are coming from all over the world.  (We have a much bigger problem with legal visitors outstaying their visas)  If Mexico loses any reasonable amount of income from trade with the United States, they can pull money out of their work along the Southern border of Mexico that is currently trying to stop Central America migrants trying to get to the United States.  Not only are Central Americans trying to reach the US but so are immigrants coming from the Middle East and Africa.  This is a key time to have full cooperation with Mexico  and not try to throw mud at their houses.  Besides, they are helping us hold back the enormous drug trafficking that sits on the border.

Consciousness will always find a way to seep through governments, towns and businesses.  Dictators, Emperors and other strong men will always try to hold power through intimidation and blackmail.  It can only last so long before it collapses.  This wall extension is more to flatter Trump and play to keep his base.  His popularity at this writing is only 36%.  I would be worried if I were he.  The question is what damage will be done during his reign?  Last Saturday’s Women’s March was the largest march in modern history.  Not only was it local but it became international as a show of solidarity for positive change and a rise in consciousness.  It is now only a matter of time before this protest takes on solid action and will change the power base of both parties.

Consciousness will continue to rise and it will permeate the cities, towns, states, houses, jobs, relationships and eventually Washington, D.C.  Before we can be a United States of America, we must expose the shadow to the light and heal our self-righteousness.  Pride goeth before a fall.  36% popularity will not save a Trump administration.




12 responses to “Walls Can’t Keep Out Consciousness–Finishing America’s Revolution”

  1. Karen says:

    Trump has filled his cabinet with the biggest swamp dwellers and the Koch Brothers are behind them. He is not for the American people and they are in there for greed. They already took away the discount on FHA insurance… so much for helping the little guy get or stay in a home. When Rex Tillerson worked for Exxon he made an agreement with Russia for their largest portion of land to drill, over 64,000 acres, and the U.S. sanctions stopped them from drilling. Exxon did research in the 80’s and when they discovered climate change was real they became climate deniers. I just hope our government is solvent and our earth is still stable when they finally leave office. They’re already dumping coal water into our rivers and where there were oil spills, the oil remains decades later. We are in a fragile place, more than I want to admit to myself, but I see it, the evidence is there.

    You wrote: “The breakdown of old systems in the political structure, the threats from climate change, the old white male leadership model, the challenges to wealth, the challenges to our supremacy, the challenges of our land ownership will continue to play out over the next 13 years.” Why 13 years? I thought things would start shifting to a better place before the end of this 9 year cycle.

    The only thing that gives me comfort is that your blog indicates to me that when they’re finally out of office we will still have a democracy. Thank you for that bit of hope.

  2. Anne says:

    I wonder if Donald Trump has ever heard of drones????? They can go over a wall and dump dope on our side of the border. Or tunnels. Has he heard of tunnels?

    Better yet, if we would stop using the drugs, there would not be a drug trade. Imagine that.

    Scary times!

  3. debbie says:

    its very possible the talks back and forth with the Mexico guy/is he a dictatorship/president, don t know what they call him, anyways, it means the idea is up for conversation and not closed . This about , they are helping us hold back the enormous drug trafficking that sits on the border, i disagree. They come over and sell the drugs to the homeless, when they get the money from the VA or Soc Sec. No one know s this. I have personal experience seeing this happen.
    its easy money. Something needs to be done, til the situation is under control. Many are not aware, but when Pres Regan did that amistry in his days there was an agreement with the Democratic s to build a wall…..why back then. Google this, you will find out more…. Why did that not happen….could it be for political gain? I think Trump is in need to yes shake up the USA/government and people. Does nt mean it will last what he does,but he is on a mission to bring back the USA and if drastic measures are needed , then here we go. If our government took more action way back, would we be in this situation? We all remember Nixon, he announce Earth day…..but he was also told not to push any bill regarding the Automotive business about cleaner Fuel. Would put many out of work and so on. Was all a political move. We are on this slow journey, but we are way behind. Its going to cost every one .

  4. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail. This is an inspired and important blog, as an awakened consciousness is the key to well being. I believe mountains are going to move by people of heart and consciousness , as witnessed last Saturday in unprecedented numbers worldwide and continuing this week.

    Trump put his hand on the Lincoln bible when taking the oath of office, but his daily actions and appointments have been totally divisive and self-serving. When his chief strategist tells the NY Times that the media should shut up, we can bet that Americans are going to react. When an administration serves up “alternative facts,” it is a red flag to the very soul of democracy. The silent majority is not going to remain silent as consciousness awakens and rises up and the divine feminine comes into play. It’s our time and our turn.

  5. Cindy says:

    Great observations of the shift in consciousness and how it looks in the world. I also consider, not unlike you Gail, that Donald Trump is to be the President of the time. He is shaking things up so that there is fertile ground for the Millennials to build on. I really don’t know anyone who could have done this other than him. And yes he does represent the egoic self, and in some ways he is also representing the greater Intelligence. Just possibly he is building a bridge from one consciousness to the next, but one has to become enlightened about where they have been to see what’s next. Thus the enlightenment and evolution that spiritual leaders has spoken of since the year 2000.

  6. Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, it’s great entertainment!

  7. William Dawson says:

    No mention of the social ills depicted in the movie Bordertown. Aren’t we leaving something out of this discussion or have we just forgotten the injustices.

  8. Jan says:

    I remember Robert Frost and “good fences make good neighbors.” Respect for boundaries is necessary for healthy relationships. The Southern border of our country is not being respected. Drugs and people who are not legal and often require taxpayer support, not to mention some who are dangerous. are flowing into our country. It is also true that visa overstays are a significant problem. We cannot afford to support the world, nor should we allow people who don’t follow the rules to have preference over those who do, and sometimes even preference over our own citizens. It is a shame how much manipulation is going on via the media. The picture taken that supposedly showed empty places at the inauguration ceremony must have been taken early in the morning before many people arrived. I was there and didn’t see any empty spots between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. People were packed in like sardines. I was also there during the women’s march and personally observed some very disgusting behavior….women wearing vagina hats and pussy hats, Madonna talking about blowing up the White House, an actress accusing Trump of being Hitler, etc. I also talked to many of these women out of curiosity about why they were there. There were many reasons, and quite a few that didn’t make much sense to me. Example: “Human Rights.” I asked her what human rights we didn’t have that she was concerned about. She didn’t have an answer. Another said she was concerned about global warming. I’m not sure what demonstrating in a pussy hat will achieve related to that issue. One person said she thought that a lot of women had made plane and hotel reservations because they thought we were going to elect our first woman President and when that didn’t happen they came to protest that it didn’t happen. Another person said she was there to support the right to abortion. Isn’t that already legal? Bottom line? Many of these women seemed angry, confused, and not clear about the purpose of the demonstration. I’m not sure what they accomplished, if anything. As women, I think we can do better than this by getting involved in our own communities and making a difference at the local level where we can develop real relationships with other people.

  9. Kate says:

    Well, this gives me more hope than I had. I almost get nauseated listening to him, it is a call to action, I have been apathetic. Good to hear this interpretation. Thank you Gail

  10. Elizabeth Preston says:


    thank you for your straight forward and wise commentary. We have indeed entered into a new period; the new tide of Love and Wisdom has washed ashore. There is no stopping this Love/Wisdom consciousness now. let’s remember to stand strong In the Light with compassion for those still stuck in Piscean thought. Trump and his cronies are providing the world fodder to act for the Good of all like at no other time!! There is also a great invisible force of Love and Wisdom encircling our planet and we can all tap into it through meditation or silent communion. It is just as powerful as marching down Main street of our cities and towns.

    Thanks Gail for your articulate and inspiring thoughts!


  11. Karen says:

    I hope you are right and that we survive this. Without insurance millions could die, and without programs like Medicaid and Medicare many could become homeless. His eagerness for nukes and his ties to Russia, along with his disregard for the environment (they even want to take over public lands for oil drilling and fracking — OH has had close to 450 earthquakes from fracking, and he approved those pipelines which could destroy our water supply) has had scientists move our doomsday clock to 2-1/2 minutes before midnight. The last time it was close was I believe in the 1950’s when it was something like 12 minutes to midnight. They’ve taken away programs like the endowments for the arts, but in 2013 when Obama signed defense legislation for the Defense Department they slipped something in there to have the broadcast for the “Voice of America” for the first time, include broadcasting within the U.S. and Obama noted that he was opposed to that. They have an $800 million budget for this program and they’ve put two twenty-something Right-Wing guys from T’s campaign in charge of it to further his agenda. The vote was stolen through Crosscheck where they deleted millions of VALID minority votes (called “Lynching by Laptop” or bleaching the voter rolls) but his obsession with illegal votes seems to be more of an agenda to make it difficult for everyone to vote. The big oil Koch Brothers pay Republican Kris Kobach to purge these voters and they aren’t matched by social security numbers. Our current president wants to control everything and we are in dangerous times. I pray we come through this with a framework of democracy still in place. To learn more see

  12. Judy Lucas says:

    Hi Gail!!!

    Fabulously written! Insightfully on purpose;
    Loved reading this and hearing your promising notes.

    Continued grace my friend,

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