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These Are The Best of Times

“THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES” is an excerpt of a  talk I gave 9 years ago.  It is still relevant and applicable for today.

“Normally I speak to groups regarding my work with Numerology and the cycles and trends that impact peoples’ lives. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to speak to an audience regarding the differences we can expect between the old Piscean Age and the transitioning Age of Aquarius. I made the observation that although it appears we are experiencing really rough patches in the road of human experience, if viewed from a broader perspective, one can become excited in thinking these are some of the best of times. This statement counters what you read in the average headline or view from the “talking heads”channels. Remember, FEAR SELLS. The question should be asked, are you buying it?

Fear is one of the old Piscean Age teaching tools. We have been using it for so many lifetimes that we forgot it doesn’t work very well any more. What you see both locally and globally is the manifestation of this old teaching tool. The Piscean Age also used the teaching tool of OUTER AUTHORITY. We learned to respond to outer authority and to look outside of ourselves for the answers. We have been very effective in creating all kinds of outer authorities. It is easy to see them clearly in religious authority figures, medical authority figures, financial authority figures, political authority figures and an enormous assortment of personal and professional authority figures.

What is so wonderful about these times is that these two old Piscean Age teaching tools—fear and outer authority— are being exposed for what they truly are—relics of the past. Once something is exposed, we can then begin to see the truth of the matter. That doesn’t mean it is necessarily an easy thing to do. Sacred cows and old patterns are deeply ingrained. It does mean that we are being given the opportunity to see things for what they really are and the means to make corrections.

It is my belief that all things come from the Spirit world or the Divine Intelligence—including us. Therefore, we have the ability to completely change our situations. Look how wonderful our present times are. We are waking up to our own free will. We can CHOOSE how we will think about a situation. It’s all in our own power. We are seeing things exposed right and left, from Enron to the Catholic Church, from financial crazies to political crazies. We gave our power away to outer authorities and we are awakening giants to our own personal inner authority. Once we get it, and we are getting it, we will move on to creating healthy and balanced lives for ourselves. Change takes time and requires patience as we wake up.

In the meantime, we get to experience many changes as these old Piscean Age tools rust out. We are cleaning up ourselves, one by one as well as cleaning up our environment, our bodies and our thoughts. Clean up your own life. You have the power, the essence and the Divine Intelligence to change your life. What new life would you like to create with your own authority? Numerologically speaking we are intended to live to at least 120 or more years. Mid-life actually begins around 60 years of age and we really don’t start becoming effective until we have integrated ourselves around the age of 49-50 years of age. Remember the Soul never came here to retire. That is a man-made phenomenon. Most of our Numerological Blueprints show success beginning in one’s 50’s and beyond. The first 30 years is about childhood. The next 30 is about establishing ourselves through grooming and training ourselves so that we can really come into our power in our 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Listen to your own authority and your own intuition. These will be your guides to a “true” path rather than the right path. Isn’t it wonderful? These times can truly be the “best of times”. It is all in your beliefs and in your own Blueprint.”

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  1. Wynnette Nichols says:

    This is a wonderfully clear definition of what is happening and how EVERYBODY can wake up and take charge of their own lives!

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