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Theater of the Absurd–Iowa Primary Results



“In Matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing”. said by Irish writer Oscar Wilde

At last we can turn our attention away from the NON-nail biting results of Iowa.  As true to form with the majority of

Be an Informed Voter

Be an Informed Voter

Republican voters in Iowa being Evangelicals, Ted Cruz was the winner.  No surprise there.  In the last two presidential primaries Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum won.  All three strong evangelicals.  Neither one won the presidential nomination of their party. All three are going in the opposite direction of the United States as a whole which is towards the progressive, the secular and the liberal.  You will not see Cruz win the Republican nomination.  Sanders and Clinton basically tied with just a 1/2 point lead for Clinton.  A yawn for it all!

So it was great theater.  Lots of crazy talk, adults acting like clowns and falling over each other to sound tougher, stronger and exhibiting no clear plans to support the citizens.  The name of the game is to get elected, nothing more.  The candidates will say and do whatever they believe will work–including lying–to get elected.  It is up to the citizens to scrutinize their background, their voting records, their connections, their spouses connections, the money behind them and their experience or lack of.

Where are our “great” leaders?  They aren’t in this bunch.  We’ll get by but don’t expect the best and brightest with the ability to lead for several years.  I have always said the elections of 2020 and 2024–especially 2024 are the big ones that really change America.

What Trump and Sanders are doing is going outside the scripted box of potential party candidates.  Trump’s job is to shake out the Republican party and Sanders is to inject ideas into the mix of the inequality in the United States.  In that respect they are successful.  I don’t even think Trump cares if he becomes President.  He’ll drop the act if he thinks he will lose and he will lose graciously.  He’ll go on to the next show.  Both of these candidates have prominent 5’s in their charts.  Sanders has a 5 life path and Trump a 5 destiny.  Catalysts of change–both of them.

More on the election as we move out into the year……


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  1. Caroline says:

    Havea comnent from my European
    Friends thr uh dsy. Is that the best the
    US can do for candidates. Non of them are concerbed about the Anetica.n People. At least not in the Repub. Ranks
    However, Trump has always come up
    With his closing borders and bombing the h____out of isis. Scary but guess we’ll
    Survive. Hillary and Bernie are my cjouces either.

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