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The Third Commandment–Thou Shalt Not Speak the Word of Lack

It is during times such as these where it is essential that we remember that we not take the Lord’s name in vain.  No, I am not talking about general cursing or “blasphemy”.  I am using the “Third Commandment” in such a way that we are continuously creating difficulties in our lives through making wrong use of the name of God.    This commentary is posted as a reminder during these seemingly difficult times that we must remember the Third Commandment–Thou shalt not speak the word of lack or limitation.

Georgiana Tree West, the author of the small book “Ten Commandments of Prosperity”  gives us some very sound advice  “If we are faced with a situation that fills us with fear and thoughts of lack, we need to use our common sense and set about remedying the situation, rather than talking about it.  We need to revert to the principle involved–that there is an ever-present divine source of supply for every need–and let our thoughts and our words conform strictly to this principle.

The wise have learned that life is like an echo: it always returns the call sent out.  Like the echo, the response is always the same as the call, and the louder the call, the great the response.  When we talk of poverty, we get a poverty response in our circumstances.  When we become frantic with fear and talk louder and longer about it, we only intensify the condition. …….Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.  Always remember that your words are forerunners of your circumstances.  Be careful to speak only those words which you are willing to see take form in your life.”

6 responses to “The Third Commandment–Thou Shalt Not Speak the Word of Lack”

  1. Hi Coleen,
    What a great idea to flip your words. If it works for you great. I will try it and keep it up.

    Thanks for commenting

  2. Coleen Lumly says:

    Thank you Gail! Glad this article is recirculating; needed now more than ever!!! Few of us realize the words we use are just habits we have inherited from our ancestors and institutions. For years now, I have been practicing the art of flipping my questions or statements upside down when I realize its negative tone. It has made a BIG difference on every level!

    As always, thanks for sharing your insights and your authentic Self.

  3. Linda says:

    Ann B if you are still there I should like to say yes to you, it is THAT important.
    Gail is absolutely clear, and correct, about the vibrations of numbers, the number vibration of each letter, and the combined effect of each vibration of a word. It is our words that put these energies into motion. Think of something that has been built without using words. From the vibration of the colour green that you find in a blade of grass, to the social structure of the world’s societies. It is all built with words. Oh my, yes, it is that important.
    I try to think of the garden of eden before I try to speak. I get better at this every day.

  4. Greta Morford says:

    Hi: Your messages are such wonderful reminders in our everyday lives. Truthful and full of wisdom. Thanks with blessing and LOVE.

  5. jamie b says:

    Here here! It seems that at every turn, I am met with stories of woe ad nauseum, including my own. All of a sudden I realize: This is boring and stupid! Every word, every self-deprecating ( albeit funny and empathetic) disparaging story, tale or remark is affecting my life. forgetaboutit! Now, i’m consciously speaking (energetically fueling and funding) about the positive. I know I will be magically, wonderfully and abundantly provided for – that’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it.

  6. Annb says:

    Does it really make make a difference??

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