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The Invisible System is doing it’s job!

“The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult.”  Winston Churchill

If you watch the tweets, the fake news, the gnashing of teeth over the electoral college, the heavy white male dominated cabinet appointees, the brash sound bites coming from Trump and other pit bull antics, you would think that the world is just coming off the tracks and we’re going with it.  I haven’t seen so much righteousness and self-righteousness since they invented religions.  Maybe we should have reconsidered leaving Africa in the first place.

All the prophecies and channeling basically comes down to how are you doing with your own personal situation?  Are you able to enjoy your life?  Are you able to maintain a roof over your head?  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Can you get yourself out of bed and to the bathroom first thing in the morning–on two walking legs.  Let’s get back to what we can do and stop scaring ourselves over what we cannot control.

The electoral college is not going away.  It’s in the Constitution.  All the emails and cut and pastings aren’t going to change that.  We’re going to have President-elect Trump at the helm.  Let’s see what happens with these cabinet appointees.  Not all of them will stay that long anyway.  Many of them are over their heads, others will feel frustrated that they can’t get what they want done as easily as they can in the business world.  You cannot, repeat, cannot turn around a large ocean vessel–the US 19 trillion dollar economy–with a tug boat–no matter how strong the tug boat is.  It takes time, cooperation, help from other tug boats and  good weather.  Many of the changes that Trump wants to make will take years to bring about, if they can be done at all.  We’re still in post election.  Remember too, that the civil servants that run the government in all the agencies will be there long after he is gone and they pretty much are in non-fireable jobs.  You can move them around but it is extremely difficult to fire them.  Then you have those who can undermine or sabotage your plans.  It will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.

We must never forget that there is an unseen force at work here.  The United States is a progressive nation that is a catalyst for the world.  Trump has to make corrections to its direction without overcorrecting.  We tend to over-correct and that may be in play now.  Whatever the outcome, the US will become more progressive, less religious (less affiliations to religions), more integrated.  Like it or not, smaller cities are beginning to absorb minorities.  More women are poised to come into power.  It doesn’t look like it and Congress is still at 19.6% female.  There is a force in play and it is quoted today in the Wall St. Journal that “women who took over from male chief executives increased sales per employee by about 14% in companies where women comprised at least one-fifth of the workforce, according to new research from economists in the US and Italy.  Also women CEO’s also narrowed the pay gap between men and women, lifting salaries of top-performing women by about 10%.”

Since Trump was elected, more younger women have committed to preparing for a run in politics.  New websites and groups

Pouring Knowledge

Pouring Knowledge

have sprouted that will help prepare women to run and help fund them for office.  Trump was such a lightening rod for women, particularly younger women, that they are stepping up for the first time to change the course of history.  It takes about 6 years of networking and prep to run a successful campaign.  This puts women in line to run successfully in 2024 and that’s just about the right time for the power positions of the current millennial generation.  Most of them were Bernie Sanders supporters and they will change the face of politics.  Had Trump not won, it could have been a less passionate response to increased women in office.

We have entered into the Age of the Female.  (2000-2999) This will only increase and more women will become visible.  The name of the game is visibility.  Women will be seen in positions of authority in all aspects of our society.  This is essential. Besides political office, you will see them in the boardroom, running hospitals, coaching sports, running police departments, serving in the military on the front lines,  deliverying the general’s briefings, producing and directing the films, negotiating with foreign powers, heading up our cities, our states and our defense department.  Trump, in some way has done women a favor.  He is helping to end the old Piscean, patriarchal society led by fear, guilt and force.  He represents the old male authority figure who marginalizes women.  He knows, as many men know, that women on the average are wiser, smarter and a powerful force in men’s lives.  When soldiers are on the battlefield and approaching death, they seldom cry out for their father’s, it usually their mothers.  This is a powerful, unconscious force.  Women are considered the conscience of a society. Where they do well, the society shines and prospers.  Men, over the eons, have always been afraid of them and have kept them covered and invisible.  That period is over.  The invisible system is at play, the movement of the ages, in particular this new Age of Aquarius, cannot be stopped.  It is moving forward and with it equality, the rights of the individual and huge advances in technology and science.  It is bigger than the US, Trump or our fears.



8 responses to “The Invisible System is doing it’s job!”

  1. dick tippett says:

    One thing that should not be lost to sight is that every one of Trump’s former wives as well as his daughter have/had major roles in running his businesses and his campaign. There may have been crude sexual actions towards women in his past, a la Billie-Bob Clinton, yet he has done much to advance the role of women in the world and will continue to openly do so as President.

    Merry Christmas, all!

  2. Hello Chris,

    There is an element of truth to what you are saying. Throughout history, one seemingly small event triggers a world-wide catastrophe. We (the world) is poised again for the perfect storm. It repeats itself but humans do survive.

  3. Chris says:

    I can only hope this is true…I know that once things are “let out” into the ether…they can’t go back in…I am sad for the losses many will face and how many will be hurt before we can progress (the verb) into 2020 and 2024.

  4. Jodee says:

    I like hearing that Trump had something to do with women in power. I thought his Presidential presence would send us back eons, but sounds like just the opposite. I too, would like to know what will happen about the Russian involvement (hacking) with our election. Thank you Gail

  5. TMac says:

    Always insightful Gail. I was just reading anotherreport on Russia, and those observers would agree 100% with you, Russia will bluster but at its heart it is weak and probably will not survive the century. But a wounded Bear is still dangerous!
    Also very glad to hear once again your insights on the rise of women in all systems. May feminine strength and positive energy helps us through these trying times.

  6. Hi Khelly and Anne,

    Great to know about the crowing of the 2017 Year of the Rooster. Very fitting!

    Anne, please see today’s video on YouTube. I was on Facebook Live yesterday and spoke for 30 minutes on the state of the Union and included Russia. Russia is much weaker than we realize. Not strong in defense or in domestic areas. It tries to undermine other nations through their political systems etc. It also will try to extricate itself out of Syria while leaving it’s presence at it’s naval base there. It will stay in Crimea but would not be able to hold Ukraine.

  7. LOL, you must have been listening in on my conversations considering your 3 and 4th paragraphs.
    We are going into the year of the Rooster. A lot of crowing but will there be action?
    In the coup, the old, elegant crowing rooster is so busy crowing that he doesn’t notice the
    young frisky dudes are getting the job done.

    I keep asking what can I do to heal myself, family, friends, patients and strangers? I mantra is to
    stay vigilant, stay conscious, be ready for opportunity to create community, wear my safety pins
    signifying that I am a safe harbor and carry the You Matter Marathon cards.

    And I am keeping an eye out for future leaders, especially the girls and women.
    Many blessing for all of the holidays coming up.

  8. Anne says:

    Dear Gail,
    Please tell us where Russia comes in to all of this.
    Blessings, Anne

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