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The Deeper Meaning of Floods, Fires and Earthquakes

All these random acts of Mother Nature!  It is hurricane season.  It is fire season here in California and Flooded village in lowland of Great riversomewhere around the world an earthquake has happened or is about to.  This goes on and on and has probably done so since the planet was in formation.  Truth be told there is scientific proof that ocean temperature is rising and causing heavier rainfalls.  Droughts consume parts of the planet and trees in these areas burn bigger and more dangerously.  Earthquakes cause more damage to human life as we continue to inhabit all parts of the globe with humans.

There is, however, deeper meaning to these three natural events.  Fires, floods, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions are Mother Earth’s way of cleansing herself of negativity.  She also gets rid her drones this way.  I don’t mean those who fly around and drop bombs or packages.  I mean those who continue to reincarnate here on earth and do not grow in awareness or consciousness.  It is a privilege to be able to come here and experience the lessons of living as a human on earth.  It may not seem so and it seems the human condition is very fragile and filled with suffering.  Nevertheless, we take the opportunity to reincarnate here so that we can grow in emotional energy and awareness and understand how to work with free will choice.  Both of these qualities are the grand advantages of planet Earth.  Grow emotionally by working with emotionally charged situations and learn how free will operates by making choice and living with your choices.

We forget that higher laws control this environment and through our arrogance we mistakenly believe we control it.  We forget that while we are changing from the watery age of Pisces, the Age of religions and control through fear to the air age  of  Aquarius, the Age of mind expansion, we cling to outdated teachings and controls.  At a more finite level we watch this play out in our culture, religions and politics.  It is simply a matter of time.  Our poor planning of cities and disregard and disrespect for Mother Nature in these cities will be corrected by Mother Nature in the same.  She will always be right and will always have the last word.  We will probably not realize this until she has taught us some more tough love for her.  For ions Earth has drowned herself to cleanse herself.  Ancient civilizations have disappeared as part of the cleansing process.  Currently, we are seeing various cities and countries disappear as she is doing the same.  It sounds dramatic but it makes much sense in the bigger scheme of things.  Practical too!  How often have you heard to soak a wound with salt water to heal it.

Michio Kushi in his famous book “The Book of Macrobiotics speaks to the 7th and last stage of sickness “arrogance”.  “Arrogance is the most developed sickness and also the one that most universally affects people’s lives today.  Selfishness, egocentricity, vanity, self-pride, exclusivity, and self-justification are some of the common symptoms.  Arrogance is the last stage of sickness and, at the same time, it is the cause of all previous stages.  Because of the arrogance that has prevailed among many populations, the entire world is full of sickness, misery, and unhappiness, not only physically and mentally, but also socially and ideologically.  To cure arrogance takes from a few years to an indefinite length of time of proper practice in a more appreciative and natural way of life.  However, arrogance can also be cured instantaneously through strong emotional or spiritual experiences, especially in the face of great difficulties and failure.  The cure of arrogance immediately produces a spirit of humility and modesty…..”

This is something wise to ponder in our righteousness and anger and especially in these times of great difficulties and failure.





11 responses to “The Deeper Meaning of Floods, Fires and Earthquakes”

  1. Kayce says:

    I agree with your assessment in this Blog. Too many people who have come here prior to birth wanted to come to grow in consciousness and right the wrongs of the past thinking. When they get here they see themselves as victims and even though there is much information that comes their way to change that concept, they like being a victim and a martyr. It only makes sense that there has to be a cleansing from time to time. History shows that to have happened many times over. It is time for people to wake up for themselves personally and see themselves as made in the image of God (not a person image for heaven’s sake) and start creating a new life for themselves and also to start demanding that the people we elect to make decisions for us are truly doing the job we put them in. Otherwise we need to complain until they do. People have given away their power to others and have never held them accountable. Now is a time for change. The new energy affecting our money will make another big shock to our country and all over the world. I do wish our church leaders would teach people how to not be victims instead of just praying for help. Oh well, time will tell if that changes also. It is long overdue.

  2. Karen Walsh says:

    I see.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    The article cites the cause of illness as being arrogance. Re-read. It isn’t just about drones.

  4. Karen Walsh says:

    The ones who will suffer the most and die are not the arrogant, selfish, greedy drones, but rather the poorest and most humble especially, along with many of the rest of us folks. The real drones have enough power and money to keep themselves safe and to hoard whatever resources are left over after the
    floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. That’s my problem with this theory.

  5. Cathrine Glashan says:

    What a great mind you have Gail. Thank you for your insights.

  6. Rev. Lowell K. Smith says:

    Great article, and yes Mother Nature is trying to show humankind that she will simply follow the “Natural” laws that can interfere with what humans have attempted to “claim”. Native peoples cultures learned ages ago that “land” is not to be owned but “used” in cooperation with Mother Nature, and accepted that when they did not, Mother Nature “reclaimed” that which is naturally hers. Humans get upset when Mother Nature interferes with what they want, which is ludicrous.

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Big changes start when Saturn, the taskmaster and Lord of Karma, enters Capricorn, it’s natural ruler, in December. Once next May comes and adds to the mix with Uranus, sudden upheaval, enters Taurus, the markets, money etc. change will begin. Hang on to your hats as things will start to become undone at the top–meaning Presidents, Kings, big money men etc. even buildings themselves–perhaps those building with faults. It will affect tall, tower buildings. Sets up the big changes coming for the status quo as it cracks and weakens during this strong 3 year period. After that it really takes off. Stay tuned.

  8. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Karen,
    No, I do not think lawmakers will be held responsible. There are many parts to making the conditions as they are. Certainly developers, corporations as well as lawmakers bear the responsibility. Freewheeling ways result in exploding fertilizer factory killing 15 people. Since no zoning, the plant was next to a nursing home. Currently corporations, developers and government rule the show. It won’t be that way for much longer. Big changes start to come in by next summer. It will seem slow at first but speed will pick up and finally the people will push back. As long as the public would rather look the other way, covet cheap housing and lots of jobs in dangerous air environment, things will stay the same.

  9. Debbie says:

    Indeed, when the ocean levels rise against the pressure of land….the water goes somewhere.
    Stay Safe, Everyone !

  10. Karen says:

    Interesting that you wrote “Our poor planning of cities” because they said that in Texas many areas have big slabs of concrete in lots that don’t need them and because of that their is less earth exposed to absorb all the excess water and there would have been less flooding if the earth was exposed. (The builders were warned prior to them being placed.) The news also said that they allowed a lot of construction in flood zones. Texas Republicans voted to stop transparency for chemical facilities and as the Arkema plant has continual fires they don’t even have to tell the residents what they are breathing in. It seems a lot of innocent people are paying the price, including all of us that will be paying for rebuilding through our taxes, because of lawmakers. From what you wrote, do you think the results of the flood will hold the lawmakers responsible and force change for the better? Meanwhile there’s another storm brewing off of Florida. Hope it moves out to the ocean.

  11. Excellent article. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces will be joined with its own ruler, Neptune, for the 1st time in 168 years. LOTS of water energy and cleansing, perhaps in preparation of Uranus changing signs in May from Aries to Taurus? (Apologies to the non-astrology types for all the mumbo jumbo). We live in interesting times, and the most interesting is yet to come!

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