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The Dangerous and Vulnerable Ages 14-21

Most of us look at numerology, if we look at it at all, as being concerned with a certain number called your life path. This is derived from your date of birth. For the average person it pretty much stops there. But, once you begin the study of sacred geometry and numerology, you learn that your life is guided by cycles and times. One of the most important cycles is called your Soul Cycle. This cycle is 7 years in length and is activated as soon as you take your first breath. We continue on our path of life experiencing Soul Cycle after Soul Cycle until we leave this life. Each Soul Cycle is bringing the Soul to a new level of awareness.

We begin with ages 0 to 7 years of age. This first cycle is intended to get the body here and get it accustomed to the family of origin, the earth plane itself and the imprints that will stay with this Soul the entire length of its life. At the age of 7, the Soul downloads all that it learned the prior 7 years and moves to a higher state of awareness. This age of 7 is your first Soul Cycle and will last one year until you are 8 years of age. Each Soul Cycle is one year in length.

Now the Soul, in its second Soul Cycle from ages 7 to 14, will pull away from the family of origin and begin to explore the world around it. This is the time that children join teams and try on their independence. They sleep over at friends’ houses and go on trips with their class. They are basically learning to operate in their mind. They test making their minds up. They make goofy jokes and do silly antics. Overall, they are developing their own minds.

The third Soul Cycle is activated at 14 and will, again, take one year to download what it has learned from the previous 7 years. This third cycle is treacherous as it begins the journey of emotions. As it is activated, so are certain glands, this can create various mood swings and a great deal of emotional turmoil. This third cycle will go until age 21. It is during this period that the Soul is learning how to handle emotions. It can be very volatile as hormones are raging and emotions can take over the developing Soul’s personality. These ages from about 14 through 21 are fraught with landmines. You can see all kinds of unusual behavior. This wonderful sweet child is now an acting-out teenager, trying drugs, sex and rebellion. It can feel like a war is in play. These are the years when the child needs lots of emotional support, understanding and patience. It is also the years when boys in our society are supposed to act like little men.

Over time we will need to learn that boys are at least as sensitive as girls if not more so. In our society, however, they are not allowed to express their feelings such as crying when they are sad, bullied or disappointed. Over time this builds up a great deal of resentment and anger. It is acceptable for girls to express their emotions. They can cry when sad or hurt and they are more apt to be comforted by our society.

We wonder why these mass shootings have a similar pattern. Angry young men, in these last two large shootings, were in this tumultuous 3rd Soul Cycle, both age 18. The Sandy Hook shooter was 16. The Boulder, Co shooter was 21. The El Paso shooter was 21. The majority of your shooters fall into this age bracket.

By the time this 3rd Soul Cycle is completed at 22, the Soul will have learned how to adjust the body, the mind and now the emotions. The 4th Soul Cycle activates the integration of the body, mind and emotions. This takes another 7 years before the three are integrated. By the age of 29, the Soul has completed childhood, is integrated enough and can start its adult life.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of providing emotional support and encouragement for this vulnerable age cycle of 14 through 21. Unless we wake up to emotional needs of young boys and young men, we will continue this pattern of unexplained and sudden rage and anger. This needs to start quite young, particularly during the first Soul Cycle. I know grown men who still have their stuffed childhood animal and would never share this information. They also keep their childhood blankets. We need to get past our own comfort zones and get active in helping boys navigate these treacherous waters. Yes, recognize symptoms but also educate ourselves in the needs of young boys and men. Money needs to be budgeted for mental and emotional health care. We need to make it a priority. Sensible gun laws help but we must be aware of this 3rd Soul Cycle. There are other boys out there who will take the place of our current and sad mass shooters.

Young angry, sad boys become older, angry men who may abuse partners or shoot masses of people in Las Vegas. We must look at ourselves and improve the lives of our boys. Both girls and boys will go through this emotional cycle but you do not hear of girls going out, buying assault rifles and shooting up a school. Help those who are lost. Adults need to learn to help others, get involved and be aware of problems in the making. Learn to care for each other–especially our children ages 14 through 21.


8 responses to “The Dangerous and Vulnerable Ages 14-21”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Women throughout history get blamed for the wrongs of society. T’was ever thus.

  2. Wm king says:

    50 years of feminist driven emasculation has produced this social catastrophe. These boys losers have lost their self respect. Without self respect there is nothing to prevent acting out like a savage. Expect more nihilism in the future as the society transitions from Patriarchy to Matriarchy.

  3. Deborah says:

    Excellent insight. Thank you!

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Too true. The entire country is involved in this angry, sad, anxious society. Our children are our mirrors.

  5. Sherry says:

    Thank you for this very important topic. We don’t do enough to help our boys through their sensitive emotional time. My ex-husband expected our son to be a man when he was playing tee ball; hence, the “ex”.

  6. sue davis says:

    great message
    thank you

  7. Heather S, Holmberg says:

    For the last few days I have been doing research on the development of the frontal cortex, and the onset of mental health issues like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. These conditions can begin in the teens, but also well into the 20s. That is why we can’t be putting AR-15 in the hands of someone with a burgeoning mood disorder or undiagnosed mental health problem. The dates of maturity coincide with your 7 year plan, in general. Thanks, Gail – always love these!

  8. Flo Selfman says:

    Thank you, Gail, as always. AND don’t forget Kyle Rittenhouse, age 17 when he blew away two unarmed men and wounded another — with an AK-15 bought for him by his mother. AND was acquitted!!

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