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The Birth Chart of Michael Bloomberg

Out of curiosity several years ago, I did a simple chart on Michael Bloomberg.  He was quite

a philanthropist and successful business man.  I wanted to see some of his background.  I remember just a cursory glance at his chart was amazing.  Now that he is running for President, I decided to go into the blueprint and see who and what he is about.

One of the first things you notice is that he has a number 5 life path from his date of birth. Important agents of change for the United States have had number 5 life paths–think Abe Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt.  It is very rare to have a 5 life path president.  They are always here when America is launching a new version of itself and important changes must be made.

I would have thought coming into the primaries this late in the game would be a mistake but then it might be a stroke of genius.  Over the next few months others will get to know who he is and acknowledge him as a legitimate candidate.  We do have a few Democratic candidates running in the primaries with 5 life paths (Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williams) but their charts are loaded with karmic challenges in this life time.  Not Michael Bloomberg.  He came in with no karmic challenge in his name.  He has no missing numbers that can create a downfall.  On top of all that is the powerful personality of the number 8 –from his consonants, the hardworking soul of the 4 –from his vowels and the charming, happy 3 from all the numbers in his name.

It is also the astrological chart, or his energy package, that startles you.  He has the sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Aquarius.  In America’s birth chart, her moon, which represents the people of the United States, is also in the sign of Aquarius.  This is a powerful match for a leader of this country but also a leader for the times of the world.  As we march into the Aquarian Age, it is no surprise to have a leader with all this Aquarius in their chart.  To top it off, his Saturn, Lord of Karma, is in the sign of Taurus.  This is the common sense placement.  He has more common sense than the average leader and can see through pie-in-the-sky ideas.  My sense is he was here during the birthing of this country back in 1776 through 1789.  He chart is very similar to those who were here to birth the nation.  I believe it is no mistake that he came into the race when he sensed that the cast of characters running for office will not be able to defeat Trump in the 2020 election.

For those who will say he’s not a Democrat, he was, actually, up until 2001 when he ran as a Republican to become Mayor of New York City.  He became an Independent in 2007 and stayed Independent until 2018 when he returned to the Democratic fold.  He did not inherit his money, he built it himself.  His father was an accountant for a dairy company.  He did get an MBA from Harvard and and a BS degree from John Hopkins.  He is definitely a brain and he took this power into the financial markets.  First he was an employee but eventually, he formed his own business and the rest is history.  People with 5 life paths always do better when they are their own bosses.  They need to work for themselves–especially if they have no missing numbers.

His greatest challenge is not in beating Trump; it is in getting through the primary.  There will be resentment from the existing candidates and the supporters who cling to them.  If common sense prevails–which is a big “if”–they will give him a chance or at least hear him out.  When they realize all the money and expertise he has provided numerous Democratic candidates over the years, his climate-change and anti-pollution programs, his gun control programs and more, he is truly a force for the people.  His philanthropy list is long and he has signed the “giving” pledge to give the bulk of his billions away (the same list signed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet).  You will not see him being sued for fake charities or fake universities.

My concern with all these elder candidates, Trump, Sanders, Warren, Biden and now Bloomberg is their mental capacity.  I would love to see laws passed that require Presidents have not only a physical check up each year but also a cognitive examination by a neuropsychologist.   In that way, we can see what is going on with cognitive skills from year to year.  We will continue to have aged candidates as we have people living longer and we cannot risk impaired leaders running the Presidency.

Let’s see where this horse takes us over the next several months.  California will be the deciding factor in March–its’ primary is only 3 months away.



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  1. Victoria says:

    Just saw his card is Jack of Diamond, the same card for the Birthday of America, in Robert Lee Camp Love Cards

  2. Lee Snarr says:

    Bloomberg is a refreshing “calm” in the middle of this chaotic political atmosphere. I though Elizabeth’ Warren’s “allegations” were way off base. She’s not going to be the candidate anyway. I wish she and others would depart graciously – soon. We need to get focused on the goal of removing this dictator in our midst. I now have hope Trump can be kicked out along with Moscow Mitch. Bloomberg is sharp – he can kick Trump to the curb.

  3. John Sacelli says:

    What a great proposition: vote for your choice of election-buying racist misogynist billionaires. I’ve been doing astrology and numerology for 40 years, and one thing I’ve learned is you don’t read a chart, you read a person. The potential of any system can’t overcome its own misuse. Character counts.

  4. Mary B. says:

    He is the best candidate to lead this country out of the horrible division that has transpired. I have not seen this silly rascim in years and years. Futhermore, he has business and political experience.
    An Aquarious I am for. Thank God. He came on aboard this political nightmare of the last year’s.
    I like the other candidates but feel they do not stand a chance.

    It will take. Someone like him.

    Thank you..

  5. shoshi says:

    Well done – thank you!
    I voted by mail in ballot last week, and although I liked them ALL – I voted for Bloomberg.
    Right now this country desperately needs good leadership – As we head into the USA’s first Pluto return – the next 3 1/2 years will be crucial to the USA’s future and how we define ourselves.
    Bloomberg seems to have the right blend for what we need . As I write this TR Saturn is @ 27 Capricorn, conjunct the USA’s natal Pluto placement.

  6. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Sally for commenting. His numerology chart is great for the US. It is best to look at the larger picture of him not limit him to only astrological aspects. The political process is going through major changes as we have less need for the ultimate middle man, the politician. All of our institutions are in a disruptive period, including democracy. As we advance into the higher elements of the Bronze Age, we will come out of our own ignorance, including how we govern and treat others.

  7. Sally says:

    Hi Gail,

    I think your take on Bloomberg is politically naive.

    HIs Aquarius Sun & chart ruler the Moon are very balsamic and in the 8th (not much light there). All those Aquarian planets by sign (Venus by degree) are opposed Pluto. That new Moon of his makes a belligerent square to Mars (in detriment) in Taurus. His Sun / Moon conjunction all square his Mars / Uranus / Saturn conjunction in Taurus (which describe how he made his billions – innovating technology for Wall Street).

    His chart is about the acquisition of wealth and the consolidation of power – his philanthropy, like many billionaires is NOT selfless.

    Like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton he’s a serial womanizer (40 sex discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits brought against him and his businesses by 64 women). Add to that Stop & Frisk (for which he’s offered half hearted apologies).

    Bloomberg is now using his personal wealth to circumvent the political process – that’s not democracy.

  8. Pavani Ganga says:

    As I see it, the major obstacle for Bloomberg is the notorious sexism of his personal history and corporate culture, which has eventuated in numerous law suits. (Easy google; lots to see.) This is the “Me Too” era. Even in their current distress, I’m wondering how much the Democrats can forgive their would-be savior. Who admittedly has much to commend him. Plus, y’know, they also have to swallow stop and frisk. Popcorn.

  9. Elizabeth Roddy says:

    I am a PA resident and amateur astrologer. I believe Gail is dead on with her analysis. Bloomberg is what we need to bring our country together. He has the ability to bring in Republicans and Independents to vote with Democrats. It’s his age that likely brings in past issues with women. That male-dominant era is ending and believe Bloomberg has evolved away from that old thinking. Hopefully, we all evolve away from 20th-century thinking and embrace the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Liz

  10. jenz panagaris says:

    Pluto conjunct saturn in Capricorn might explain the number of older candidates. Buttigeig is relatively young, but he has pluto conjunct saturn in his chart. Not sure why you suggest Neuro test for older candidates? How does that fit in astrologically? Not sure that would achieve anything, who chooses criteria for age to be tested and why? Anyway, the likes of trump just write their own medical report, and his doc admits this happened.

  11. Pavani Ganga says:

    72y o AA female hobbyist astrologer. Very much appreciating your remarks re: Michael Bloomberg. And dear God, I do hate to say this– having been a socialist since fifth grade–but I believe Bloomberg has a shot at the presidency.

    As you likely know, Jupiter and Saturn have a 20 year cycle that constitutes a key factor in political/mundane astrology. This 20 year cycle will complete and restart December 21, 2020. So far as I’ve checked, Bloomberg and Buttigieg are the only candidates who would have natal planets near to the recently conjoined Jupiter and Saturn.

    Because we have a reliable birth time for Bloomberg, I pulled three bi-wheels:
    1. Democratic Convention (July 13, 2020 4 pm, Milwaukee)
    2. Sunrise Election Day (November 3, 2020, 6:38am, Washington DC)
    3. Inauguration (January 20, 2021, 12 pm, Washington DC)

    First of all, there’s the interaction of the transiting stellium of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto with Bloomberg’s natal stellium of Mars-Saturn-Uranus. Other candidates have comparable interactions with the transiting stellium. However, in addition:

    Democratic Convention: The degree of natal Jupiter gets stimulus from transiting Mars at the Midheaven, plus transiting Uranus, Venus, and Ceres.  

    Inauguration: This is one month past the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  Transiting Jupiter is less than 30 minutes from exact conjunction with Bloomberg’s natal Venus. Transiting Saturn is three degrees from conjunction with natal Venus. Transiting Mars-Uranus is near exact square to natal Venus. Transiting Sun is six degrees from natal Venus. So, I doubt it’s an ordinary day, even for a multibillionaire.

    Best regards to you, Gail Minogue!

  12. s.j. jones says:

    Black female opinion here…… Suddenly does sound like Bloomberg is the one that can handle Trump on multiple levels and hopefully would make WISE VP choice, as in knowledgeable regarding “insiders” national and international dynamics, as well as respect for Civilian employees, long serving, loyalty to this country, wisdom and expertise!

  13. David M Birr says:


    Take a close look at Tom Steyers chart !

  14. Gala says:

    I was happy to learn that Bloomberg got into the race. Finally, I didn’t need to think, consider, analyze which one of the candidates should I vote for. Of course, for Bloomberg. And…I have no doubt in his mental capacity. If most of the people on the planet had a quarter of his brainpower, the world would be in a different place now.

  15. Gail Minogue says:

    Thanks Pat. His blueprint, name and date of birth is very real. Of course, in any lifetime, we have free will choice as to how we will play it out. His chart is most unusual and unique to the times.

  16. Pat Steinberg says:

    I already did. This is my third time. He sounds like the second coming. No dark side. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have one. Like control issues. My way of the highway. Got to look deeper into this man. Sounds like you are promoting s
    a candidate. But if all you say is true then we will take an honest look

  17. Pat Steinberg says:

    ready sent a comment.
    Don’t know whT happened to it.
    I remarked he sounded Ike the second
    Coming. Is there any one that perfect. You never mentioned a dark side. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have one. E careful Gail sounds like your promoting someone. Too perfect. ???

  18. Pat Steinberg says:

    Gail he sounds like the second. Coming
    Be careful here that you are not
    Using your ability to promote him. What’s his dark side never heard of anyone so perfect to

  19. Omega Edwards says:

    I wish him all the luck in the world he sounds like a perfect candidate thank you for sharing

  20. deborah says:

    i would consider him after reading this…i don t care if Dem or Repub runs, just some one to get us back on track and continue with out a fight with there
    opponents…which i think is very disrespectful, name Bernie…if not….then who…..some one needs to stand up and take carry on the touch…
    Warren, scares me….

  21. Carol says:

    Hi Gail, this is very timely and I’m grateful you posted it. I have had a good feeling about Bloomberg since I heard he was throwing his hat in the ring. My fellow Dems/Progressives on Twitter are dead-set vs him, they want Bernie or Warren – not a billionaire. I tweeted that I would vote for Bloomberg and was roundly criticized. But he doesn’t seem like the typical billionaire to me.

    I think I sensed his energy and what you have shared here blows me away. I can’t believe he has no karmic numbers in his name! I have never heard of such a thing! And all that Aquarius. As an astrologer, I know what that means for American (Miss Aquarius) and for the transition into the Aquarian Age. Wow. He is well-suited. I understand that his treatment of women is an issue, but then I think of Clinton and trump and realize that, relatively, it might not be so bad.

    The biggest thing w Bloomberg tho: he has the money to truly challenge and match Trump – and the white evangelical trillions backing him – like no other candidate. He comes from the same ‘turf’ as trump (NY) and is not the least bit threatened by him. And trump knows it. Perhaps Bloomberg will get under trump’s skin, the same way Biden did, but even more. I would vote for Bloomberg for that reason alone tbh. But now I see there are many more ‘energetic signature’ reasons as well.

  22. Ruth Hart says:

    As a Canadian follow what is happening below our border. I think is it wonderful that a kind, educated,smart Gentleman has decided to run for the
    highest office in the land. When you truly become very successful and help out the common man, that shows great character.He has already proven he can make Changs for all of us and I pray he wins the nomination.I know the others are all great but my bet I for him.Ruth Hart BC,Canada

  23. Ruth Hart says:

    I am a Canadian, that like many follow below the border.There are smart, gentle, Statesmen who will come forward to help the country and the
    world. This gentleman is one of them. Being a success in life is not wrong, it shows what one can do when you have the right dreams.
    Think about it, all the changes he made in New York, not for the Rich bu for All. I for one are praying for him to win. Ruth Hart,Kelowna BC,

  24. N Marjorie Porta says:

    The fact that he has a lot of money is a big plus since the GOP is pouring tons of money into the crucial senate races and the Democrats are not accepting any money from big corporations.

  25. Terry says:

    I had already had a positive feeling for him as a presidential candidate, and this confirms that feeling! Thanks Gail!

  26. Gina says:

    Gail! …very insightful as always, all ways! Worked a Vanguard Event where he was a guest speaker and I fell in LOVE — Said that I wished he would run. Thoughts become things and I chose a good one!
    A very big fan!

  27. Ruth Deutsch says:

    I hope that he would do what Warren and Steyer promise: take on the big corporations

  28. anne says:

    He sounds good on a lot of fronts, but wondering about his record with women and treating them respectfully.

  29. Caroline LEBAN says:

    Love him and hope he gets the nomination.
    I was glad he came In to the race.

  30. Lauren Cole says:

    Well that’s very interesting. Glad to know that he’s got a lot to offer, because he certainly is bucking a headwind!

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